Wednesday, December 6, 2017


  • The Boss never praises me easily and if not uttered a word for the moment, that itself is the biggest praise of my life. If really praised a bit longer, there's sure another meaning to it.. 
I'm soon going to be replaced!
  • Many times, I am cornered by my Boss for no fault of mine. But that's nothing compared to the double cornering my boss faces from the Top..
I'm sure the privileged individual in my Role!
  • The Boss' scoldings are two way blessings for me.. 
No more major scoldings in my personal life except the routine ones and forever I'm capable of smiling in times of many difficulties of my life!
  • My Boss can max scold me that too only sometimes.. 
I'm unharmed with no visible signs of physical damage all along!
  • Whenever I am singled out at my work by my Boss, I should smile heartfelt within because 
My job is intact!
  • The Boss is always in office before me and I shouldn't feel unhappy for that earlier presence because the other way, 
I've to play that Role too in addition to mine for a while!
  • The Boss is never happy with myself leaving office in office hrs on many of my personal works except very few.. The indirect message here forever is
'Delegate.. Delegate.. Delegate!'
  • I may work all the 24 hrs of the day but in the end, the Boss invariably demands another hr of work from me and
Sure corrects it to 2 in no time!
  • When the Boss puts my Colleague along with me in my work, it never means that I'm helped out at my work.. 
That's the best place to train my Colleague of course, sure to takeover reins from me soon!
  • From Boss, forever the worst and the best comments are
'OK, leave it.. Call (so and so)' and 'You got to improve a lot!'

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes the Write up.... Out of my 38 yrs of Work Experience.... Thanks for the appreciation!

  2. From me - Its Such a nice post Sir.... but guess what .
    . "still ,you have to improve a lot" (BOSS) :)