Thursday, January 11, 2018


“My people expect too much from me. Many times they put me under so much pressure and I'm confused on how to meet their demands. If I don't do that, they become sad and I too feel bad for them.

In such a scenario equally at times, they rebuke me saying,

  • 'What happened to you? Can’t you do this much for us?' 
That truly irritates me as I'm already struggling my best here but it's not clicking. I'm totally clueless and at times am wondering why I'm in this sad state!”

Thus poured out his agony a man of mid forties, to one of his well-wishers and expected him give a solution to the same.. The well-wisher comforted him for a while and said,

“I understand your state of mind, dear and I sympathize with you for the suffering you are undergoing presently in your personal life.. But I tell you, you should make a note of one important point here.. i.e.,

Whenever you interact with people around you, you should take special care to see that they don't get into an attitude of having too many expectations from or hopes on you.

That's because, when you start creating a belief in them that it's possible to possess or get more if things are done in a particular way, they soon develop a faith in you that you are their savior capable of doing anything and expect you continue your working in that direction to get what they want.

But since nothing is really guaranteed in life, it is not be possible for you to continue to provide that and soon you have to back out. That situation really produces a great unrest and disturbance in your people who are already charged to see that happen..

In such situations, people unknowingly get into blame games and the associated vengeance and enmities sure come up there without a say.

If they are closely related where vengeance has no place, a type of feeling that they have been taken for a ride or let down comes up in them. It happens at the core family levels too and makes our life unhappy all along..

Instead, if you constantly encourage your people to exert and get what they want forever remembering that your job is only providing the feasible environment for that doing in the situation and nothing more thus

‘Nipping the wrong hope in the bud stage itself!’

It may be a pain to do so initially depending on the person in our interaction but the dust settles soon and further activities in life will be streamlined in no time..

Remember.. It is said,

'Satyameva jayate nanrtam!'

And so at any point of time,

Promise what is just feasible and be done away with it!

As Lord Buddha the Prince turned Saint, soon after His Realization, walked thru' the streets of the kingdom along with His disciples and came right in front of His once upon a time Palace, the King unable to bear the suffering of seeing his son thus, came down and said to him,

  • "You, as a son gave the greatest pain to your father!'
The Lord said,
  • "I am not the cause of your suffering. You thought that being a king alone is the highest in one's life. Much higher is the ascetic life thru' renunciation of that very title!"
Thus seen, forever it's greater wisdom in me to live a life of Truth alone as applicable to me which many times looks so ordinary and uninteresting rather than try pleasing my people thru' false promises endlessly leading to nowhere!”

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