Tuesday, April 10, 2018


A man used to say,

  • "Sharing helps all with everyone remaining plus!"
Another man used to confront him saying,
  • "Sharing helps all except the one shared remaining minus!"
Once, the 2nd man purchased a few bunches of bananas, decided not to share with any one and eat all by himself in which overall equal numbers were ripened right level, a bit unripe and raw..

He started consuming the the ripened bananas first and by the time he finished them many were over ripe and a bit unripe ones had become over ripe..

In order not to waste anything, he started consuming the over ripe ones and in the process, the last batch also became overripe..

The 1st man had a similar purchase but he started sharing the bananas with few of his friends and finished the whole batch in good condition one day earlier to the 2nd man..

He had to purchase extra for the day locally and in the process incurred an expenditure of Rs 100 extra..

The next day, the 2 men met in the market for their purchases.. The 2nd one said,

  • "See.. All along, I never shared and today I've Rs 100 extra in my pocket which you don't have. What I said is proved here 100%!"
The other one kept quiet..

They made their purchases and the 2nd man wanted to pay adding his Rs 100 saved. When he searched his pocket, it was found missing as it had fallen off from his packet on his way..

Both finished their buying for the next week and as they were returning the 1st one remarked,
  • "Now both of us are Rs 100 minus. But the way it became minus with us is totally different..
  • You ate all along overripe fruits which were very much disagreeable to your body even though the ripe ones were in front of you all the time and remain this moment unhappy with a lost feeling..
Where as..
  • I ate all along the ripe fruits that were very much agreeable to my body which were right in front of me all the time and remain this moment happy devoid of that lost feeling!"
  • "But that's because I lost my 100 otherwise never!" 
Reiterated the 2nd man.
  • "But any how you will be leaving your 100 when you leave the world.. All along it's an extra pain with you to protect it!"
Said the 1st man.
  • "But small monies like that added together become sizable in the end and will sure go to my kith and kin after me!"
  • "Small monies like that added together even if they become sizable in the end, make no great difference to the living of our kith and kin compared to the bigger monies they receive from us..
  • That's why it is truly said that charity of certain minimum percent forever retains a good balance and calmness in our lives which sure never accrue if not done!"
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  1. Wow !!!! very insightful post with banana...beautiful presentation.

    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy for the compliment.. Love the same!