Thursday, May 10, 2018


Two close friends met after a long interval and they had a great time together. In the process, the one visited noted that his companion was not really well off. He felt bad for the same and firmly decided to help him out. At a convenient time during his stay, he gently made a suggestion..

His friend smiled but immediately enquired what the offer was.. The first one got stunned at this behavior as he never expected his best friend asking that way..

But then he felt it as challenge and said that whatever his friend wanted he would give.. The companion said,

“Can you give me lifelong what I'm going to ask?”

With this the first one really got upset and instantly admonished his friend saying that he never expected such a mean behavior from him whom he treated all these years close to his heart!

To this, the friend smiled, embraced him with all affection and said,

“I'm sorry dear, for hurting you this way. I meant nothing bad. Really to say, I don’t want anything from you. I should earn myself alone what all I need but never take free from anyone even from the closest!”

He paused and continued,

”See! Whatever you give me today as lump sum will be over in a certain time. Then later onwards, where's going to be the money with me to live with my habit that would have developed in me because of this free money?

Even if you start giving me a fixed amount for my entire life,

  • The life style I start living will not be acknowledged by my present circle of people as the same is not with them and they soon reject me making me the loner of my life.. 
  • The group which lives with this life style will see me as a stranger only as they know that I by myself, am not entitled for this and as such they also will not accept me in my life as their group man.. 
This way seen, whatever lifestyle you give me will not make me any better as soon I lose all my people. That's why I am declining your offer in total.. Whatever my
  • Ancestral transfer, 
  • Progeny support and 
  • Own effort returns
Together give me in my life alone are the right possessions I can claim as mine!”

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