Sunday, May 6, 2018


The fans of the Master of the modern poetry were pouring out praises after praises about his poetry thru' words thus..

  • "The beautiful mind pours out those thoughts non stop like a running stream!"
  • "The ever energetic hand pens down that flow of words endlessly!"
His mind and the right hand without a second thought were claiming 100% of that praise and applause with humility seen no where in the vicinity as the 5 fingers of his right hand were the silent spectators of all that with a certain murmur within..

The index finger:

  • 'I who often help my man in giving directions everywhere is straight away taken off from the scene!' 
The middle finger:
  • 'I who often respected by my man by tying a leaf around me in many ceremonies too is straight away taken off from the scene!' 
The ring finger:
  • 'I who often receive gold rings of my man is also straight away taken off from the scene!' 
The little finger:
  • 'I who often help my man's children for their basic need of expression is no exception and is straight away taken off from the scene!' 
The thumb:
  • 'I who often is made use of by my man for giving 'thumbs-up' for an achievement is no way recognized and is straight away taken off from the scene!' 
That in no time picked up tempo and the next day morning as usual as the man got up, refreshed and was into his job,
  • The mind readied to pour out the best of it's content extempore 
  • The right hand too readied itself to pen down the stream of those highly valued words.. 
Instantly, all of its fingers

Together refused to hold as well as support holding the pen!

Thus the mind and the right hand for the first time lost their importance which otherwise sure was theirs

With the 5 fingers together refusing to support for not sharing with them part of the benefit and recognition accrued in the process!

The man suddenly got up from his strange dream, rubbed his eyes and as he slowly started pondering over the the same, it instantly struck to him..

'Never say 'NO' and ever try passing partly the benefit received at the end of every success to those too who contributed for that indirectly and silently off the stage as without their unfailing support therein, you couldn't have achieved that!'


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