Wednesday, July 18, 2018


It was the distant video call from the grand parents. The Little boy of 6+ who was after the gadgets of communication, in no time took the call..

"Hello, Dear.. What's happening?"

Asked the grandma..

"I'm busy!"

Replied the boy without lifting his head..

"Oh! Making google maps? Okay.. Can I see what you are drawing?" 

"I'm busy making the maps!"

"Okay.. It's quiz time now. Tell me.. Which is the hottest planet in the solar system?"

"Venus the 2nd nearest to sun! Do you know.. What is beyond visible spectrum? They are called.. Ultra violet and Infra red rays!"

"Oh.. You know all this.. Okay.. Leave that.. What's 7+8 minus 3+9?"


"No it's 21.. See 7+8-3+9=21!"

"You asked 7+8 minus 3+9. That's different.. Okay..Now, I've a question.. What's 14/15?" 

"What's that?"

"It's .9333 up to infinity!"

"God.. You know so much? Okay.. Name 3 places in Africa!"

"1...., 2...., 3....!"

"No, They are 1...., 2...., 3....!"

"Why should I tell only those in your book? These are the other cities!"

"Okay..Okay.. Can you quickly sum up 1 to 10?"

"9+1=10; 8+2=10; 7+3=10; 6+4=10.. It's 40+5+10=55!"

"Oh! You know this much?"

"It's nothing.. I can sum up to 100.. 1+99=100, 2+98=100, 3+97=100,... 49*100+50+100=5050!"

"Your learning is fantastic.. Can't think of anything less.. Okay.. Where's mommy? Call her!"

"Shh! Talk soft.. She is inside.. It's already 0610.. 10 mts my study time over.. She forgot to call me!"

Meanwhile the mom came from inside. She smiled and said,

"Dear! I heard you.. Already 15 minutes gone.. Yesterday also you studied less. You can't do that today!"

"No.. It's my quiz time and I want to make my google maps!"

"It's final.. 10 minutes more and we are on our studies.. Okay?"

The mom firmly said and went inside again. The grandpa remembered the age old saying..
  • "With a genuine scientific temper making use of 6'W's and 1'H' Viz; WHAT, WHY, WHERE, WHEN, WHICH, WHO and HOW one can sure explore the entire Universe if wishes so!"
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