Friday, August 31, 2018


Two men were more straight forward in expressing..

  • "Be Wise.. The world is never supportive to extreme people. Be in the middle path!"
People around used to advise both of them..
  • "God will take care!"
Was their unique reply with a smile..
  • "Frankly speaking, before God takes care of you, your opponent may set right things. Once the damage is done, it's painful get up and move on!"
Was equally the people's caution..
  • "Let us see!"
Was their reply too there..

On a day, as expected the tiff went beyond, a rowdy sheeter surfaced and roughed up the 2 men beyond. Subsequent to that, the men were recovering slowly. There were many enquries..

  • "Where's your God now? In what way you got the help here?"

  • "Because God had taken care, I am left at this stage!"
Were the replies of both.. Of course, 

One with true humility justifying his wise doing 


The other with pain within but covering up his unwise doing! 

Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter III Sloka 35 forever reiterates,

'Shreyan swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanusshthitaat
Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah.'

'Ever safe is one’s own duty than the duty of another even well discharged. Better is even death in one’s own duty than the duty of another full of fear!'

Thus the determination in me should always be truly knowing my level of endurance and start living at that level in the first instance. This is called one’s own Dharma (Swadharma)..

But few times, I may express initially with all emotion but end up somewhere in between from where I find myself not able to move this way or that way. Thus my freedom is lost and I become helpless the next moment. They are the situations when I face

A few of relatives and friends who create compulsions in my life,
A man who creates nuisance in my neighborhood,
A rowdy on road coming in my way, 
Some of the traders of bad ethics in my interactions etc.. and finally 
A man in power making note of my talk and action!

A tough situation, no doubt..

The Great Man when confronted with rowdy elements, hid himself in the Police Control Room and subsequently on the advice of the Chief there escaped in disguise in front of the protesters..

Making it evident that protecting oneself becomes the primary duty and in that context anything done stands the right!

But the same Personality made it clear subsequent to the incident saying,

  • "I don't know why I did that way at that point of time but this moment left to me, I am ready to surrender to my protesters and face their wrath rather than escape discretely!" 
Making once again clear that none should act less when truly imbibed with an inner strength to face certain threat!

Thus truly speaking selling off myself or escaping are not the right solutions. And straight fighting too is equally ruled out here. Then what is the way? 

Fighting but in the right way alone.. 

i.e., with an initial discipline of remaining alert so that I myself will not create this in the first instance. But as some of them are already created, I necessarily have to wind down those.. And that way of winding down is nothing but..

‘Incessantly doing the right interactions with right people all the time and remain humble all along!’

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt..

Silence is not always a virtue. When there are serious wrongs happening, it is our duty to speak up. Otherwise we become part of the wrongdoing. Do you agree?#DangerousSilence


Thursday, August 30, 2018


Long ago, a saint was in deep meditation in certain area of a forest sitting under a tree. As he continued meditation, he experienced a feeling of total Serenity and Tranquillity with him..

But right at that moment, an iota of pride too entered him without his knowledge. He thought that he attained Realization, got up from meditation and decided go to the world to preach Truth as that was his duty there afterwards..

Accordingly, he travelled in his usual saffron robes to the neighborhood town to continue meditation and preaching and thus help the world at large..

As he approached the town, it became mid day noon and as he felt hungry, he stood in front of a house and requested for food as that was the practice followed by the saintly personalities..

For some time, there was no response from the house but soon the door opened, a lady with full meal in her hand hurriedly came out, bowed to the saint and said,

  • “Reverend Sir, excuse me for the delay. Please take the food and bless me!” 
The saint felt a little uneasy for the delay and as he was about to leave with the food given, the lady smiled and said,
  • “Honorable Sir, I was ready with your food the moment you called. But right at that time, my family needed my service. I took care of them and then immediately brought the food for you.This way I feel I did no mistake of making you feel uneasy!”
The saint wondered at her remark and requested her how she maintained her calm and could sense his uneasiness. She replied,
  • “More than any Penance and Meditation, as we do our sacred duty attached to our living with 100% devotion, this peace sure stays with us!” 
The sage instantly felt that he should learn more from her. At his request, the lady said,
  • “There is a person in this town who can teach much more than me. Your remaining doubt will sure vanish with his talk!” 
Saying thus, she guided him to the particular place.

The saint started moving to the given address and as he began locating the place, he was taken to a narrow lane and finally he was in front of the man's small shop whom the lady referred.. 

Having seen the saint, the man immediately bowed to him, got confirmed that the lady had sent him and requested him to seat. Subsequently, he closed his shop and took him to his house..

There, he introduced his old parents to the saint and said,

  • “Sir, for me my parents are the Living Gods. I sincerely serve them and take care of them apart from doing my work given by my father..
  • The Calmness and Peace in me today are purely out of this simple living and doing my duty the right way and more than this, I don't know anything about 
Sacred Books,

Extensive Prayers and
Elaborate Meditational Practices

  • Often talked of!” 
The Saint at that stage truly understood the meaning of True Tranquillity beyond what he had seen. Doubtless, he returned to forest further to meditate and attain the Highest!

It may be just a story of ancient times retold here in today's context but the important message embedded in the story is

The moment praise and achievement are attributed to my hitherto pursued humble actions whatever be, pride surfaces instantly and rules thereafter without myself knowing a bit of it..

And that pride overpowers even a Saintly Personality who is evolved to a High Level in the line of Spirituality and an ordinary man like me is nothing in front of it at any point of time..

But once I continue doing more and more my duties to the core without partiality, the same pride drops off and humility prevails again..

Thus alone my life goes on this earth with minimum conflict and here any other involvement only raises certain sure confusion in me and leads me finally nowhere as

Sloka 6, Karma Yoga, Bhagavad Gita says

'karmendriyani samyamya ya yaste mans smaran
indriyarthan vimudhatma mithyacarah sa ucyate'


'Any one who having controlled the sense organs remains thinking within about sense objects, that individual is known as the hypocrite!'

And Sloka 7, Karma Yoga, Bhagavad Gita equally says

'yas tv indriyani manasa niyamyarabhate rjuna
karmendriyaih karma-yogam asktah sa visisyate'


'But any one who regulates the senses by mind and begins the science of uniting individual consciousness by the actions of working sense organs without desire for results, that individual is superior!'


Sunday, August 26, 2018


I firmed up on 29 activities listed below Viz.,

  1. Taking extra care of health,
  2. Giving out max on job for good name, 
  3. Improving educational qualifications to be at top, 
  4. Taking care of family out of an emotional state of mind, 
  5. Planning making the best own house,
  6. Selecting the best interior designs for the house, 
  7. Selecting the best furniture for the home,
  8. Spending quality evenings with family,
  9. Concentrating on consuming good nutritious food,
  10. Celebrating festivals, 
  11. Celebrating birthdays of family members, 
  12. Reading good books, 
  13. Traveling far and wide, 
  14. Taking up a good hobby, 
  15. Seeing award winning movies,
  16. Investing in real estate, 
  17. Concentrating on growing finances,
  18. Attending Philosophical discourses, 
  19. Visiting temples, 
  20. Going on pilgrimages, 
  21. Involving in meditational programs,
  22. Dharmik chintan,
  23. Devoting time for artistic expression,
  24. Listening to classical music, 
  25. Advising and counseling the young, 
  26. Specific social interactions in the neighborhood, 
  27. Taking long evening walks,
  28. Week-end outings with family and friends and
  29. Visiting friends and relatives!
As part of my life to make it truly meaningful and happy and started living myself thus fully expanded..

But strangely a certain unrest was seen simmering in me in spite of myself surrounded by all those very much loved activities of mine..

As time passed, that unrest started pounding me more and more in my heart and that soon reached a level wherein I could no more take it and sincerely started looking out there for a genuine solution..

I searched and searched everywhere and in every direction to find an ultimate meaning to my that well-defined life in front of me and that search soon became endless..

But my determination too was no less there and it soon settled at a point wherein on a day it suddenly revealed to me

That Sacred 30th Activity

When existed with me all along will make my life truly wholesome and meaningful..

In no time, I redefined my priorities in respect of all those 29 activities foregoing 

A certain percentage of involvement 

Which was very much possible for me and

The time, money and energies saved in the process were totally catered to the 30th activity all along, sincerity and honesty remaining part of that allocation..

That straightaway perfectly set right my state of mind wherein I could see 

Instant Peace 

Everywhere driving out the earlier unrest simmering within.. And that 

Single Noble Activity

In my life happened to be nothing but..

Helping the man next to me in my life at any instance wholeheartedly!

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Saturday, August 25, 2018


The Great Man said,

  • "The purpose of marriage in one's life being basically meeting the procreation need of Nature, any physical intimacy beyond that is really not a fundamental requirement of living thru' the relation if both the parties are in mutual agreement for that!"
Having proclaimed thus, He with full concurrence from His spouse totally practiced Brahmacharya thru' abstinence from certain stage of His married life involving Himself fully into the family responsibilities to the core and doing other services to humanity..

Seen in that context, it is very much evident that physical intimacy in a relation forever has the sacred purpose of continuing the progeny on the earth in tune with Nature's requirement..

Beyond that stressing more on bringing up the offsprings giving max attention for their betterment is ever seen as the higher responsibility of both the partners of married life..

In this context, age matters a lot and it's better, the young adults to a large extent remain in tune with Nature's requirement of physical intimacy everywhere stringently sticking to the laws of land governing the relation between the individuals..

With advancement of age, as taking care of children assumes a prominent role in the parents' life, it's ever right the partners look at this responsibility with greater attention and firm up to dedicate themselves for the betterment of family in general thru' a service attitude wherein the Saying,

'Care for the other as you care for yourself'

Is constantly upheld..

The path needs to be treaded carefully as Nature's forces are no less and many times devoid of physical intimacy, the relation may look almost dry and unacceptable and equal number of times may come under threat..

In such situations, it's better one sticks to the primary force in Nature of continuing the physical intimacy rather straight away take stringent pledges to live further life devoid of that intimacy..

Here, it becomes highly essential for the partners to test themselves repeatedly in continuing their life devoid of this intimacy all along taking the higher role of caring and supporting the needs of the family thus indirectly growing within themselves higher and higher

Which seen from a different angle is what our Mother Nature expects from us having taken up the human birth..

In this context, it's ever worth one remembers that stringent forces for ever surround married life such as

  • The saying may go that marriages are made in heaven but the actual married life is be physically lived on earth with lot of push and pull a few times making the situation feel a hell like environment around..
  • Before marriage, friendship and wooing may look like a honeymoon experience but after marriage the couple definitely have to face the blazing sun of factual life..
  • Familiarity sure breeds contempt and here marriage is no exception as the parties are too familiar..
  • A few times, a marriage may become a great pain and separation looks inevitable and there, any deficiency in the physical intimacy can soon blow up and lead the partners to a total lost feeling.. 
In such predisposed cases, it's ever better the mid path of living life i.e,

Caring for basic self needs and working for the welfare of the members of the family

Will many times help continue the sacred married relation in tact!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Is physical intimacy the only thing which matters in a relationship? Can you live without it and yet be happy?#Physicalintimacy

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Thursday, August 23, 2018


In 20s..

  • “Yeah! I love my job.. A lot to do.. And handsome monies in pocket.. But love my evenings and weekends too.. Can't miss them at any cost.. 
  • Of late, the Boss is looking out for me almost daily.. He exactly comes with a problem at 5.. That way, there's no end to this work..
Just have to look up for few excuses; no go!”

In early 30s..

  • “I may be a Dy. Manager here but that doesn't mean that I've no family life.. Love to be very much with my people in the evenings.. 
  • Of late, the Boss is eyeing me a lot.. He expects me to stay back daily whether work is there or not.. Doesn't go home but stops those who are interested to go.. 
Just have to manage the situation; no go!”

In 40s..

  • “Am the Group Head here and my work is almost unending.. Want to spend evenings with my family on week days but not at all getting time for that.. 
  • Of late, the Boss is frowning, the moment I ask for a day to go early forget about leave.. Any way, that’s the life here and equally the job too can't be neglected.. After all, the same family will not be happy if my Career is put on hold.. 
Just have to put up with the present; no go!"

In early 50s..

  • “As Team Lead, my responsibility is quite high in my dept.. And equally important.. I need to set an example to my Staff.. 
  • Here, if I stay over daily for some time in the evenings, my people sure stick to their seats beyond the siren hrs.. Of course at home, the works are no less, only are of different nature as now a days the children manage many things by themselves.. 
Just have to put up with the present; no go!"

In late 50s..

  • “I am the HOD here.. A very responsible and dignified post for.. Any how at home, life is streamlined a lot except for 2 coming up major responsibilities from my side.. More important.. 
  • I have a code of discipline at my work and all my Team Leaders need to be strictly coming under the discipline of staying a few hrs extra daily.. I know, they don't like it, but.. 
Just have to manage the situation; no go!"

And during the last 2 yrs of Service..

  • “This is GM’s Post.. No doubt, my HODs are doing their best but I should forever keep them on their toes.. The only way here is.. I should have DRMs (Daily Review Meetings) on the day's progress of activities.. If I've to do this, I need to extend my stay here till 8 PM daily.. 
  • No prob, the children are grown up, are living with their own responsibilities and many times, the extended family now a days have their special evenings without my presence.. That way seen, can definitely go home late almost daily.. Let me go ahead with full swing with these DRMs.. Am sure my folks will be unhappy.. 
Just have to look up for few excuses; no go!”

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Monday, August 20, 2018


The boy of 6+ from abroad was on his school vacation at his grandparents' home. There he was everywhere along with his grandma continuously teasing and opposing her and as usual she was into taking all that with a big smile..

That day morning after the boy's wash, the lady readied him and said,

"Dear, you have to say your prayer to God when I say!"

"No.. You are too religious. I don't want to do that!"

"What's wrong in being religious?"

"I believe in karma. Religion is next. Don't disturb me now. I'm making my Google Maps!"

"Heh, you do what you want. But the story says..."

"Your stories are not fully correct. Sometimes they are wrong!"

"How can you say that?"

"Your story says that when the boy said 'tiger' third time, his dad stopped looking back and the tiger ate away the boy!"

"Okay.. That's right only.. You should never say a lie!"

"But why the tiger left the dad? He never saw back to run away!"


"And the angel gave gold and silver axes for just saying.. 'Iron axe is mine!' So much money for saying that?"

"Okay, leave that. But praying to God for what you want is a must.. Else how do you get it?"

"I can search thru' Google and get what I want. God is not needed for that!"

"Not that getting.. Suppose you want to....."

"You are there to help me!"

"Dear.. You are becoming too much.. Listen to me and now say this prayer!"

"No.. Never!"

"Then, I won't talk to you!"

"No.. You should talk.. Say something.. Don't look at me like that!"

Thus went on endlessly the grandma grandson conversation for the day..

Whatever said and done, the lady never used to leave her hold and the little boy had no go in the end as he never, never wanted to really oppose her deep in his heart..

And all that talk's ultimate is.. The next moment, the boy was seen closing the eyes praying to the God in front saying what all his grandma taught him till then and nothing a bit less of it there..

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Sunday, August 19, 2018


That evening as usual I finished my works and before visiting the Temple near my home as part of routine I phoned up my friend, strangely that call got connected to an unknown number and in no time a Celestial Voice was heard at the other end saying.. 

'Daily the Sun rises and heats you to the level you can put up preventing you freezing from the otherwise low temperatures around you.. 
  • Have you remembered this in the early morning hrs before start of your work and prayed to the Sun God to continue bestow that on you eternally? 
Mother Earth gives your food exactly in the form you need preventing you become extinct.. 
  • Have you thanked your Original Mother for that and started your work with a promise to be supportive there by not disturbing the ecological balance around and give back equivalent thru' your work? 
The winds, clouds and trees around you bring in rains to quench your thirst continuously preventing you from being dried up.. 
  • Were you aware of this Great Phenomenon and thus remained thankful to the Nature around you with a support to regain the balance lost if any thru' your work? 
The mighty oceans, the thick forests and the majestic hills around keep you cool and comfortable in your day.. 
  • Have you promised not to pollute your Environment beyond thru' the proposed enjoyments of yours for the day beyond your work? 
All the Creation around you work incessantly providing what you need and taking away what you don't preventing you from becoming unbalance in your life.. 
  • Were you thankful to the Creation for being supportive on various eternal cycles going on around as you finished your work for the day? 
The man next to you is positioned by Me to be taken care thru' a certain definite service from you in the day.. 
  • Have you with all sincerity extended this service beyond your work so that you become the right personality to live on Earth with the required stability of mind in all exigencies of life which are part of My Own Leveling built into the so called life on Earth? 

Your Prayer to Me at this point of time truly becomes meaningful only if you, with all dedication have taken care of all the above else never!'

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Saturday, August 18, 2018



In early times, untruth ruled max man's mind and man was equally happy with that..

Soon happenings in life around raised man's doubts on following untruth for the ultimate good. Thus Truth could secure a small place in man's mind..

Then onwards, as untruth started showing its enchanting colors and mesmerizing effects to man, Truth by the side standing as the symbol negating all kept the man under check..

Thus man became more of questioning type. That helped Truth to stress upon a bit more with an eternal question within,

  • "How much is the untruth correct in its assertions?"
That was indeed a big turn in the life of the man and Truth in no time was more established in the individual with sizable strength of questioning many things around..

The untruth soon sensed it's weakened position and quickly opened up its attractions more and more but under the influence of Truth, man equally started questioning at many places..

The untruth by then saw the real danger for it's existence and without a doubt leashed out an unimagined terror in man..

Man with the help of Truth became stronger by that time but still was not wiser and so straight away started attacking untruth on it's face directly..

That was the limit, the untruth's anger knew no bounds and soon with all its strength tried showing to man what it could do in the form of en masse damage if man didn't listen to it..

Man became doubly angry..

  • "You are really nothing here. I only made a mistake of nurturing and bringing you to this stage!"
But Truth in time awakened man saying,
  • "Have you forgotten that this is the game played by untruth in provoking you so that it can easily control you from its side. This's it's Master Plan!"
Man instantly got the message there and having become strong in a different style, he looked at the Truth for further advice.. Truth said..
  • "My Philosophy of life is to stay by the side of untruth, never yield beyond but equally never oppose beyond. Thus stay medium, I'll exist by your side and with this discipline you'll take care of yourself as well as progress in your life!"
Man had a final doubt.. He said,
  • "You truly opened my eyes. But my last doubt is.. I may be living this life like this from now onwards. But when do I start living with you in total?"
Truth smiled and said,
  • "From now onwards, your 
Right doing and
Taking care of the needy by your side

  • Alone make you stronger in your life driving out untruth as much as possible from you giving more and more space for me. But my 100% descending on you is never possible with your mundane body and mind as they too are part of this untruth only and you should continue this life thus with all patience and perseverance till 

The Ultimate Grace
  • Descends on you!"

Man instantly bowed down to Truth and prayed on lines of the Original Prayer..

'asato ma sad gamaya, 
tamaso ma jyotir gamaya,
mrtyor mamrtam gamaya,
om shanti shanti shanti.'
(The Pavamana Mantra of 
Brahadaranyaka Upanishad)

'Lead me from the unreal to the real
Lead me from the darkness to the light
Lead me from death to the immortality
Let there be peace, peace, peace.'

And thus moved 'RISING IN LIFE' eternally with the 'ENQUIRY SPIRIT ON!'

Our Education System forever should continuously support this enquiry spirit in the minds of young boys and girls around us without an exception in every field making them 

Truly investigate and find out as much Truth possible in their lives for their own betterment and for the betterment of the world as well..

If a particular system in this scenario doesn't encourage this at the root level and tries to impose certain forced learning, it's better every one of us soon take cognizance of that and firm up in our minds not to extend support for that system to exist around us endlessly!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt What's the most necessary change our education system need ? what's your view(s) in this issue?#EducationSystem

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Thursday, August 16, 2018


The son had to do certain rites for his deceased mother and the priest accordingly gave details of the whole program in chronological order for a year.. In the end he said,
  • “Dear! Some of these rituals are mandatory but not all as per our Sacred Books. It is left to the individual to do or not to do the unimportant ones depending on one’s convenience, engagements and other activities. Please perform the necessary ones and the rest as per your wish.. 

Now a days because of their busy schedules, people are skipping the non essential ones!”

The son smiled and took all the details. Days moved on..

A few rites were done as per the program, the same priest had associated with that and blessed the son on those occasions. A day had neared where the function was an unimportant one..

That day started with heavy rain in the morning with high speed winds and dark clouds in the skies. Soon roads were flooded and there seemed no respite from the rain for the day. The temperatures dropped and radios announced that the rain was going to be heavy for the day. People stayed indoors watching the rain and moved out only for essentials..

The priest was taking rest at home and as the downpour started and continued, he thought..

"The gentleman would sure drop out his program for the day as it's not an important one and so there would be no need for me to go out.. More than the job and money,

My health is important at this stage of my life and it's better I do not venture out today at any cost!”

Having decided thus, he bolted the door and was taking rest in the warmth of his home.. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door..

It was a little surprise for the priest and when he opened the door, he found the gentleman at door step partly wet, feeling cold but smiling.. Before the priest spoke, the gentleman said,
  • "Sir! My consciousness told me that I should do this function today even though an unimportant one and accordingly I came here to pick you up in my vehicle as you may not be able to come to our house in this rain on your own.. I brought a good rain coat for you to remain totally dry all along the journey.. 

Can you help me out in my task and bless me?”

The priest instantly was inspired by the devotion of a true son. He patted him and said,
  • “My dear! Earlier, I decided not to venture out today at any cost as I am tired of this incessant rain and my delicate health is to be taken care. But now I see here, in front of me a devoted son who wants to do the rites to his mother whatever be the hardships in front of him. I strongly feel that I would really be committing a sin if I don't help out such a devoted man..

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

  • “This is the sacred duty I have taken up in my life. Thru' this work, a great service is done to the humanity. God has truly given me this golden opportunity in my life. I' ll do my best here. Later in my life I sure have to answer the Almighty on this take care!”
Was the proud proclamation of the then man of thirties..
  • “These monies involved in the task are the sacred ones. It is said that in all these instances, one is a Trusty and one should work as a Manager to the Trust. I’ll maintain all the details of spending towards development. The records truly speak at any time!” 
Was his assertion at forties..
  • “Yes! it looks, spending these monies may not be that much advisable. But how about the chances of giving better life to those involved? The development is at crucial stage. Let me spend in all directions. One or two may go waste but it's still worth the trial. That’s where the true development lies!” 
Was the talk in his fifties..
  • “People may talk.. But to do this work, I know how much we have to struggle. Some times, my own monies are spent away because there is no point in waiting. Plus or minus, the welfare activities should go on forever. That’s the aim!” 
Was his defensive attitude in late fifties..
  • “I'm retired. I said, my task is over and the required is done. But you know.. They expect me to look after some of special tasks myself only. Actually, I've no energies in that direction. Since I was asked, I can’t say ‘NO..'
  • I just do the works from now onwards for a reduced salary. That's very much needed at this stage for my living as I don't have regular income from now onwards. More than that, I leave everything.. Others too can easily handle all these works well!”
Was the final soft talk of the fully grey haired man at the back of a broad smile!

Yes.. Some of the welfare activities were truly done.. The beneficiaries, the young adults of twenties were well placed in their life and society.. Really, well done..

But when carefully looked at the development taken place and the total cost of development incurred over all those years, there was a mismatch and the cost appeared to be more even though all that was justified towards the monies forcibly spent during the struggle and chance taking..

And the big figures in the accounts of the retired man were discretely smiling behind all that justification!

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Saturday, August 11, 2018


In late nineteen fifties at the age of 8 yrs, on one of the summer vacations, I was at my native village..

At that point of time, a rumour was floating around that on a particular day, the world would come to an end thru' rise of sea and water sweeping the entire land. And an unknown fear was lurking in me which I could never disclose and talk on that..

  • "It appears that it's our doom's day!"
  • "The bad in the world has gone up beyond. Leveling takes off now!"
  • "A few went on to the Himalayas to escape the flooding!"
  • "The sea is just 3 km from our home. No escape!"
  • "The max we can do is go over our roof tops. But how long can we stay there?"
  • "We can do nothing other than praying to God at this stage!"
  • "I don't know, what's all this talked of.. I still have hope that it's just a rumour only!" 
  • "That's one way of escape from reality. The news I read is...." 
Thus were going the talks around. I was totally at a loss not knowing what would happen and out of that confusion, as I often used to look at my mom and she just used to divert my attention saying,
  • "Don't worry dear! Our God is with us forever!"

That alone was my big consolation as it is said that when one is in difficulty, the mother alone will instantly be remembered and for me too my mom alone was my 100% assurance and confidence at that point of time..

Finally the D-day was at the door step and the next day was supposed to be the last on the earth..

I went bed a bit late but soon whatever it was, the sleep Goddess favored me in no time and I was soon fast asleep not knowing who am I what am I going to be the next day morning..

It was midnight 12 appears to be. I suddenly woke up as I heard some one saying aloud,

  • "The day had started.. Have you seen the sky? Totally cloudy.. The wind too started.. I'm hearing the sound of sea waves stronger now.. Something is coming up!" 
I got up fully and my mom was telling me to sleep but could sleep no more. The prediction appeared really true..
  • "See! The rain has increased and water level around has gone up!"
  • "Am hearing the roaring sounds of sea waves nearer. Are you hearing? Yes.. The sea level is going up and the waves are coming nearer to us!"
  • "Oh, God! Is it true? What shall we do now? The water is entering our house.. Oh! so much water.. We are gone.. Where can we go now?" 
Others around were saying..
  • "Oh, Come dear! We should hold on to something.. Take that wooden plank.. Sit on that.. Hold firm.. I'm with you.."
My Mom was saying.. I was saying,
  • "Amma! Be with me. Don't go far off. Where are my brothers? Oh, my wooden plank is going away.. It's going faster.. I'm not able to stop it.. Oh.. Amma.. Where are you? I'm getting swept off.. Water is rising.. It's coming near to my nose.. Ohhhh!"
I was shouting aloud at the top of my voice..
  • "Dear! What happened? Are you OK?Appears you have got a bad dream.. See, nothing happened! It's 7 AM now and the sun had come up.. Everything is fine.. We are all safe.. No ending of the world.. God is kind to us.. He is fully taking care of us.. There's still good in this world.. That's why we are all saved.. Now nothing will happen..
  • But dear, promise me whatever, you will always do good in the world.. Your brothers also will do the same. That good alone finally saves all!"
I was totally thrilled to know that it was just a dream, a very bad dream might be and nothing happened.. No flooding happened with sea rising.. Our God really had saved us!

Instantly I bent down in front of our Deity and said aloud..

"God, take care of me.. I promise.. I'll always do good and never do the bad even once!"

And as I said that, I saw my mom too blessing me by gently caressing on my back..

Thus ended my very much rumor filled-in

'Last day on the earth'

Never forgotten for a life time!

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Thursday, August 9, 2018


The Head of the family was constantly speaking on the importance of being 'Good’ and 'disciplined' in life and repeatedly used to admonish the grown-up younger ones for any lapse there in. The younger members were getting bored with the high doses of preaching but the man of principles continued doing that..

One day an elderly well-wisher, a man of deep wisdom and thinking had visited the family. He noticed the unhappiness of the members over the too many sermons given out. The well-wisher waited for the right opportunity and accordingly the next day evening said to the Head,

“Dear! I see some unhappiness with the members in this house and they seem a little against your forced discipline on them. Why don’t you relax for a while and allow them do what they want?”

The Head retorted,

”Sir! How can I do that? If I allow them freely, there would only be anarchy in the family and ultimately none will be happy. When I tell good, hope I need no permission to do that!”

The well-wisher said,

“I don’t say that what you tell is wrong. But the right way here is to tell these grown ups indirectly by making them work so that they themselves would see that good if not fully, surely partly..

Please remember..

  • The learning field in the young one's mind is like a rough ocean with waves hitting from all directions with max intensity. Such a roughness in no time engulfs any type of good advising and I can surely say that the final effect would be a zero whatever you try to thrust in that direction..

  • These waves are huge and if we get into them that is sure dangerous but most of the times they never cross the border beyond except remain in their usual limits but the turmoil continues. That turmoil is nothing but the jest and energy with the youth and here what you advice them is to remain like a calm sea and how is that possible with such a back ground? 
  • Nature is the best Care Taker of all of us and Nature alone had allowed this in youth as that has a purpose. The Epic story says..
The Sacred Nectar was finally gifted by Gods when the Oceans were churned thoroughly and the poison that came up in the process was handled safely!
  • In a similar way, if the individual is allowed to churn with all sincerity his/her ocean like mind, the nectar like product will sure generate from the ocean. No doubt in the process some hurdles do come up like the poison that came up during the churning of the ocean and they need to be handled carefully with all firmness. This will alone do the ultimate good to the youth and help them grow into full individuals..
  • In such a scenario, it's ever the duty of the elders to provide necessary facilities to the members with them to go ahead with this churning with all zeal..
And that 'TIMELY HELP' ultimately is nothing but guiding them in doing their works the best at the back of their own decisions and freedom!"


Wednesday, August 8, 2018


A man was surrounded by a set of problems. As he thought over, he could clearly make out how his peace of mind was disturbed and how his near and dear ones were subjected to suffering because of those problems. And he could clearly identify the people responsible for that state..

  • ‘Had that man not done so at that point of time, I would have been the happiest person today..’ 
  • ‘My own man created all this mess around me and it has become my job now……..’ 
  • ‘That man had become a constant headache to me in the last six months and….…..’ 
  • ‘In case he does what he said…….?’ 
  • ‘My that so called dear friend had disturbed me so much and because of that alone………’ 
Etc.. etc.. with all the related
  • Murmur, 
  • Anguish, 
  • Conflict, 
  • Misery, 
  • Shouting and 
  • Crying 
Within with a vexed feeling at the heart that finally brought the firm conclusion..

'Because of 'My the other man' alone, I am in this bad state!'

He instantly became angry and further was doubly angry in a short time. When the anger strikes thus,

  • A man forgets himself in no time, 
  • Loses discrimination and 
  • Quickly plans certain meticulous damaging actions 
Indirectly overpowered by hatred;

A phenomenon inevitable in Nature!

And in this particular context too, the man got agitated thus and was planning his own style of actions to hit back..

That rage is not very uncommon.. The self many times reacts thus!

He, in time had the great plans of bringing down the Kingdoms of his disliked ones. And the plans were too meticulous and no where it could go wrong..

Action No 1..

  • At one blow, the axe would strike where it was aimed at.. 
Action No 2..
  • The person will have no go but to retreat..
Action No 3..
  • Closes the master plan so meticulously without a single doubt in the minds of the people around about the originator of the plan..
Thus the viscous thoughts were ruling him strongly and at that point of time so to say..

The man was totally in a mad state and no one could stop him!

Suddenly, his son aged 12 years entered the room with an excitement clearly seen on his face…

“Dad! Today I heard from a visitor to our School that the whole world moves in the right direction because of the operation of 2 Truths..

1. Between a cup and a lip there are many slips.. and

2. Life is not a bed of roses!

How our world is controlled by these 2 Truths? Can you explain?”

The man was instantly speechless and dumb struck for a while. It took some time for him to come to his senses. Slowly it opened up in him,

  • "When nothing is guaranteed in this my life of small time compared to the Eternal Existence of Nature, what is that I am aiming at here?"
And as he pondered over again and again on what his son had mentioned, a certain calmness took over him suddenly..
  • "Why am I finding fault with others unnecessarily? Life has its own ups and downs as well as is favorable and unsupportive.. Let me simply do the right in the situation and forget the rest.. Whatever comes up in the process, that alone is my life and nothing else!"
And instantly he was cool and all happy!

From distance, the beautiful Sloka 65 from Chapter 2 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita was heard on Loud Speakers melodiously recited with the meaning explained in parallel..

'Prasade sarva dhukhanam hanir asyopajayate
Prasanna cetasohy asu buddhih paryavatisthate'

'When one attains the precious mercy of the Ultimate personality ( When the Ultimate Truth strikes) certainly the end of all miseries occurs ( all miseries end) and soon this happy minded person has his spiritual intelligence fully established (will be at Total Peace)!'

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Sunday, August 5, 2018


Sri Adi Sankara having seen a Vedic Pundit repeatedly insisting upon a student to pronounce a particular word correctly, smiled at the Pundit and said,

'Bhajagovidam bhajagovidam govindam bhaja muudhamathe
samprapte sannihite kale nahi nahi rakshati drukun karane.'

'Worship Govinda! Worship Govinda! Worship Govinda (limiting yourself to the ordained duties).. When the end approaches, the Grammar Rules (the craving for materialistic gain and recognition) will not save you!'

(The first Sloka of Sri Bhaja Govindam)

His Disciples followed the Master and each in turn said one Sloka revealing the importance of sticking to the Ultimate Knowledge in our life leaving the mundane aspects of living as much possible..

Bloggers too come into limelight here alone when they see a great thrust in them which necessarily

  • Should be brought out the earliest time thru' the channels of communication available around them..

But thru' Sloka 10, Chapter III of Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna asserts the primary duty with every individual as one lives thru' his/her life thus..

'saha yagnah prajah srstva purovaca prajapatihanena prasvisyadhvam esa vo stv ista kama dhuk'

'In the beginning of creation, Lord Brahma after generating all beings as a result of performance of sacrifice unto the Supreme Lord proclaimed: by performance of work (rising to the level of ultimate sacrifice i.e., self denial) may you evolve and prosper; let work (progressively rising towards sacrifice) bestow all that desirable for you!'

Thus, working and taking care of the self at the optimum or decent level becomes the parallel duty of every blogger charged with the keen interest of pouring out volumes of truth known at his/her level and he/she

  • Should necessarily divert part of those sayings to earn money and make a decent living.. 
In that context alone sets in the business interest associated with blogging and as every effort has a price in the market, depending upon the worldly use of that effort put in, certain returns do come in the process to the individual without an exception..

Again, Sloka 35, Chapter III from Srimad Bhagavad Gita says..

'Shreyan swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanusshthitaat
Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah.'

'Ever safe is one’s own duty than the duty of another even well discharged. Better is even death in one’s own duty than the duty of another full of fear!'

The existence consciousness when in close interactions of praise appears unlimited but when questioned, initially one may react and challenge those questionings and sooner or later as the questioning toughens, one may feel an imminent threat and would many times withdraw from the active field itself..

Here a blogger too is no exception and unless the blogger is sure of certain preparedness of facing the threat, he/she

  • Should be careful in safeguarding the basic self interests and accordingly alone express thru' the blogging platform!
Thus as every blogger tries to speak/write on his/her topic, sure that blogging

Does justice to the active blogging platform,
Takes care of the blogger's decent living and
Protects him/her from physical threats too!

Finally, that sacred activity settles at the point of a certain communication in the world where in the Saying Viz.,


Meaning.. In this world,

'The Speaker is a wonder and the Listener too a wonder!'

Remains truly upheld!

The Post is written in line with the this week's INdiSpire Prompt Is it correct to always convert a passion into a profession? Does this destroy the essence of blogging? Must earning money be the final aim of blogging? #EarnThroughBlogging


Saturday, August 4, 2018


"You see dear there..
That bright red setting sun in distance.. 
Wait a minute.. Now you see here.. 
I captured Him in my phone.. 
He has gone there and has come to my phone.. 
See, here.. 
How He looks?"

Asked the man proudly 
Showing his picture shot to the little boy!

"Oh! Then from tomorrow morning 
We'll be having no sun.. 
And it'll be dark all over..
I don't like that!" 

Said the worried boy! 

The boy's worry expressed in such a meaningful way instantly prompted me to redefine my 

Everyday Morning of my life..

Daily, as I rub my eyes and look outside my window, in the distant horizons I see the morning twilight with the chirrup of birds very much confirming that nothing had gone wrong in Nature and the precious Rejuvenating Gifts of Hers are intact around me.. 

In few minutes, as the Sun God appears on the horizon, instantly I come to full attention and folding my hands, Offer my Morning Prayer thus..

“God! You do the Eternal Job of keeping me at peace by heating my surroundings enough for the day so that my energy levels are brought back from the earlier day’s cooling in which I took so much relaxation.. 

The eco-balance is perfectly maintained and the timely rains are guaranteed with the right evaporations that took place around thru’ this heating alone.. 

The so called man made life extending into night with so many lights and sounds around became possible only from the basic energies that You had passed on to all so generously.. 

The fuels one burns in moving around many times where the free movements are never questioned are again part of these energies that have come from You alone.. 

And you daily without resting for a second having completed your job on one half globe, go to the other half to continue doing Your Job allowing me freely reap the benefits of your energies.. 

I hereby bow down and offer my Salutations to You!"

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Thursday, August 2, 2018


As the asura Hiranyakashipu, the hater of Sri Maha Vishnu was away to himalayas for meditation over the supremacy, Lord Indra raided his palace and abducted his pregnant wife as he was afraid that her child to be born would again become another demon under the up-bringing of the asura king. On the way, Sage Narada intervened and convinced Indra saying,

"I'll take care of both of them and make the child a better individual!"

For which Indra agreed and left the lady to the care of the Great Sage..

The Sage brought her to His Ashram, made her relax and as He started disclosing the Divine Knowledge in front of her, she soon dozed off and went into deep sleep. But the child in her womb in no time, responded to the Sage and got

The First Hand Knowledge of Divine Truth

Before himself taking birth on the earth..

As we look at the story, it is instantly evident that Sage Narada's Divine Knowledge was

  • Not acceptable to the asura as he had already tuned himself anti Divine,
  • Skipped by the asura's wife she being the normal personality with no great interest in that but
  • Very much accepted by the child Prahlada whose birth was for that purpose alone and he was ready to take it then and there from his mother's womb itself without losing that one opportunity too! 
The story goes thus but the important point to note here is..

Nature is truly an all time leveler in our life and out of that love for Her children She, forever

Keeps / brings similar mentalities together in a strange way and in a much stranger way

Provides max opportunities to them to exchange the right knowledge in an ever sacred relationship of the Master and the Disciple scenario! 

This happens at all Levels of the individuals around us and Mother Nature leaves no stone unturned in the process..

That's how the perfect communication continuously takes place in the world fundamentally through exchange of Specks of Original Knowledge between the right personalities for the purpose and continuation of life on the earth for betterment..

Here in again equal number of times, the communication becomes imperfect where the interests of truly helping out nature take a back seat with

  • Selfishness, 
  • Exploitation, 
  • Supremacy and 
  • Taking over reigns 
Predominately ruling all along..

It's forever the subtle duty with every individual where in they constantly become conscious of these 2 types of basic communications existing around and discipline themselves to be ever a party to the perfect communications with them and around and never welcome / encourage the imperfect communications to the best of their abilities..

Thus, this Sacred Duty ever bestowed on an individual indirectly if discharged well, he/she remains truly a hero in the Eyes of the Almighty for being the part and parcel of His Greater Plan for mankind for their ultimate betterment!

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