Saturday, August 4, 2018


"You see dear there..
That bright red setting sun in distance.. 
Wait a minute.. Now you see here.. 
I captured Him in my phone.. 
He has gone there and has come to my phone.. 
See, here.. 
How He looks?"

Asked the man proudly 
Showing his picture shot to the little boy!

"Oh! Then from tomorrow morning 
We'll be having no sun.. 
And it'll be dark all over..
I don't like that!" 

Said the worried boy! 

The boy's worry expressed in such a meaningful way instantly prompted me to redefine my 

Everyday Morning of my life..

Daily, as I rub my eyes and look outside my window, in the distant horizons I see the morning twilight with the chirrup of birds very much confirming that nothing had gone wrong in Nature and the precious Rejuvenating Gifts of Hers are intact around me.. 

In few minutes, as the Sun God appears on the horizon, instantly I come to full attention and folding my hands, Offer my Morning Prayer thus..

“God! You do the Eternal Job of keeping me at peace by heating my surroundings enough for the day so that my energy levels are brought back from the earlier day’s cooling in which I took so much relaxation.. 

The eco-balance is perfectly maintained and the timely rains are guaranteed with the right evaporations that took place around thru’ this heating alone.. 

The so called man made life extending into night with so many lights and sounds around became possible only from the basic energies that You had passed on to all so generously.. 

The fuels one burns in moving around many times where the free movements are never questioned are again part of these energies that have come from You alone.. 

And you daily without resting for a second having completed your job on one half globe, go to the other half to continue doing Your Job allowing me freely reap the benefits of your energies.. 

I hereby bow down and offer my Salutations to You!"

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  1. It is always a pleasure to read your posts Sir. This one was amazing as well.
    Sonia from

    1. Thanks Sonia for leaving such a nice compliment on the Post.. Wishes!