Friday, September 28, 2018


God has given various occasions for men and women on the earth come together and express enabling many do that at an young age with each one finding certain unique expressions coming out of them while communicating with their listeners..

  • Some having 'many plus',
  • Some having both 'plus' and 'minus',
  • Some having many 'minuses' and
  • Many having different 'plus' and 'minus'
Being part of that Unique Communication

All instantly, carrying an unusual feeling in their hearts with the 'Sacred Love' taking birth by the side!

That spirit of communication between the couples sooner or later zeroes down essentially to stay at one of the 3 levels like..

  • The 1st level, wherein subsequent few interactions may take place but the parties remain just the acquaintances only for lifetime as the essence of communication soon fades off with 
Various materialistic factors acting as strong barriers..
  • The 2nd level, wherein the initial interactions may lead to certain closeness with each knowing more of the other, their like mindedness slowly bonding them together ever carrying an adoration for the other with 
That settling at close friendship breaking all the barriers..
  • The 3rd level, wherein the very first interaction blooms into the Entity called 'Sacred Love' and whatever be the status of the couples, 
That 'Love' standing unique in their hearts being the gift of God never finding an alternative on the earth!

Such a Love alone soon blooms into a relationship, over time bonds the relationship between the couples each forever going with a firm knowledge in respect of self Viz.,
  • 'Basically I have a bounden duty towards myself and I have to maintain the best of my health, safety and the basic well being..
  • Beyond, as I am interested in the physical/ psychological interactions with respect to the world, I should forever act within my set limits by the System around me as here, other people too are equally involved in their own way invariably myself using my skills/techniques there without disturbing the Order in Creation..
  • The family is the group wherein I'm destined to do certain special actions as I alone entered into these so called contracts knowingly or unknowingly. The family members have kept a trust in me and delegated certain responsibilities to me out of that faith..
  • Here I, forever truly disowning with a sacrifice feeling should remain a Trustee to all the assets of the family handed over in good faith and utilize them for the growth and betterment of the family members!' 
The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Does love pop-up as a surprise... or is it something that develops slowly over a period of time? #Love

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


  • Lord Krishna was about to take the 2nd fistful of beaten rice brought by His childhood friend but
  • Lady Srimathi Rukmini stopped Him saying that the Lord could never compensate His friend for the 2nd gulp as He already owed him a lot for the 1st one.. 
That was the worth the Lord was ready to give to honor His dear friend!
  • The Great Man decided to transfer his houses permanently in the names of his tenants saying,
  • "Here a natural right is automatically accrued to them thru' living in those houses and the ownership right is lost for me for not living there!"
That was the worth the Great Man was ready to forego for the benefit of others!
  • When the proud king offered massive wealth to the Famous Poet cum Devotee of Lord Vishnu if He dedicated His poetry to the king, the Great Personality refused it saying,
  • "Having know the Ultimate, how can I stop dedicating my poetry unto the Lord?" 
That was the worth the Famous Devotee was ready to decline to uphold the Truth!

These are no doubt, the great stories of ours which forever stress the importance of

Giving away,
Foregoing and
Not claiming beyond! 

It may so happen that some times, I too feel that I should do something in this direction but the self in me never allows that beyond saying, 

"Why do you do to the unconnected people? What will happen to you and your people? Who will really take care of you in times of crisis? See.. Equally what the Great Personalities alone had said and done..
  • The Famous Poet still continued doing His ancestral profession of agriculture for livelihood and never neglected there in spite of writing all those devotional songs that speak of Ultimate Relinquishing..
  • The Great Man too when asked a question, whom He would help if His son and another man exactly needed 1:1 help at the same time, replied..
"I'll help my son first and later the other man as I have more duty towards my son than towards the other man!"
  • And Lord Krishna thru' Verse 42, Chapter III of Srimad Bhagavad Gita equally said..
'O Arjuna by the sword of transcendental knowledge, destroy the doubts of self born of ignorance and taking the shelter of uniting individual consciousness with the ultimate consciousness, arise for the battle!'"

So be realistic.. Remember..

When the stomach growls, all philosophy ends!"

Yes, understood.. The distinction between 'Mine' and 'Not Mine' is a fact with me here
  • I may never be able to do beyond a limit and if forcibly attempted, 
  • I may do a little more than my usual limit and 
  • I would straight away be afraid to look further up..
That being the case, the ever golden mean path for me in this life is..

'Invariably let me care for myself and remain stable first but beyond

  • Let me not be too much self oriented, 
  • Let me control my 'self' at an appropriate point and 
  • Let me be useful to my 'Next Man!'
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Sunday, September 23, 2018

  • “What happened to that equipment you purchased last year? I'm not seeing it in your house!” 
Asked the man of many assets when he visited his friend of normal living..
  • "I just disposed off the piece as scrap as I don't need it any more!” 
Said the friend in a calm tone..
  • “What dear, you bought it only last year and without using it fully, you scrapped it? You simply wasted your money. You know, a similar set I too disposed off yesterday. But only after making use of the whole of it for the last 3 years nothing less. That’s how, you should utilize each and every asset of yours.. 
  • See, money doesn't grow on trees and my wealth with me today is because of this discipline alone. And that discipline alone made me buy my brand new car today!”
Said the man with a proud feeling distinctly seen on his face as he unlocked his car by pressing the unlock button on the car key bunch with him. The friend smiled and soon bid bye to him..

A day later, at the huge scrap area, 2 active rag pickers picked up 2 pieces of the equipment from one corner. Both with difficulty opened them in their own innovative ways..
  • “Ah! This one, I got intact apart from this hair clip I got by the side. Leave the clip, our man sure gives me Rs 100 for this one intact apart from 10 Rs for the cover. A good man had left this for me!”
Exclaimed one with an expression of explicit joy seen on his face..
  • “I got this colored paper cup, these 2 funny crumbled papers and this dented cover. The cover gets me only Rs 5. So less for so much struggle!”
Said the other with a sad expression on his face. In no time, the first one cheered him up saying,
  • “Don’t worry, dear! Luck may favor you tomorrow. Come, I'll treat you with full cup of chai today in place of our usual 50-50 shared. Okay?"
Instantly, the two boys happily moved towards their Tea Place seen in distance..

There was a Message from Above..
  • ‘Nothing comes with you when you leave the world. Knowing this well, why don't you just live a life of optimum utilization including what you pass on to your kith and kin and beyond, 
Share with the next man at every instance?'

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What I heard in my childhood..

*** Once 3 sculptors were asked on how they felt about their work.. The 1st one said,

  • “What else is there to feel other than continuously chipping out this stone!” 
The 2nd one replied with a smile,
  • “Yeah! Am bringing out a beautiful angel out of this stone!” 
The 3rd famous sculptor burst out with an awe on his face,
  • "Don't you see an angel imprisoned in this stone? I'm just freeing her out!” 
That's how one's inspiration in life truly speaks with
  • The 1st one here, having almost zero inspiration in the work he was doing ever seeing the work in front as a burden,
  • The 2nd one no doubt having certain inspiration in him to bring out the best but still not lost to his job in the process and
  • The 3rd one with an overflowing inspiration endlessly at the back of a single thought of doing only the job in front and nothing else of his self involvement! 
*** Sage Narada ever living with the thought of only His Lord, once asked Lord Krishna at a Sea shore,
  • "What is the power of illusion in this world?" 
The Lord smiled and said,
  • “I will tell you. I am thirsty presently. Can you fetch me some water from one of the houses seen in distance?”
The Sage immediately went to the near by colony to fetch the water. An attraction in the area instantly held Him, further one involvement led to the other and soon He was permanently into circles of activities around Him..

Soon when the ‘down' followed in his mission, He felt utterly helpless and miserable.. At that point of time, a kind hand touched Him and as He looked up, Lord Krishna was seen smiling saying softly,

  • "Dear! Where is the water?” 
*** The world famous scientist looked at his pet with never lessening love who overturned the lamp and burnt out his research papers on the table, smiled and just saying,
  • "Oh, dear! What have you done?" 
Cleaned up the mess and further continued regenerating his lost work without a single sigh or remorse feeling!

That's how the inspiration in the world moves on invariably dampened by

The prime needs of life of the individual and
The attractions around him/her

All along

Hard work,
Involved approach,
Practice and
Remaining part of that Investigation.. Seen thus..
True Inspiration working in the world is a fact but
The survival forces and the enchanting entities around
Constantly dampen that spirit to come out freely and thus
Man is eternally chained many times..

No despair,
None is less here,
Every individual is charged forever internally
Well in excess and
Truly in abundance
By the Grace of
The Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient One
As man takes birth on the earth to find out
The Ultimate.. 

In that long journey, 
Finding the lesser is never a problem for the man at the back of 
The Original Inspiration 
Which no doubt comprises of 
The eternal questioning in the individual thru' 
'Why, Where, What, When, Which, Who and How' 
All along!
The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt What is inspiration? How different is it from hard-work, focus, involved approach, practice, and research? #Inspiration


Friday, September 21, 2018


To a stranger on road on the smallest help received.. 

  • 'Oh! Many many thanks for the biggest help you had given me at this point of time. You are simply great and I can never find a person like you in my life who'll extend such help. God Bless you!’
To a distant friend on a small help received..
  • 'I'm very grateful to you dear, for the help you extended to me at this point of time. Don’t forget to call me when you come this side. Thanks a lot and best wishes!' 
To the neighbor on certain help received..
  • 'Thanks for the help given. You've done the required in time and came to our rescue.. Nice of you!'
To a distant relative on a big help received..
  • 'I wanted this activity to be taken up and done by you and you did it.. I'm happy!'
To a close friend on a bigger help received..
  • 'My dear! I was in real soup and I badly needed your help. Anyway I know, you'll do it whether I ask for it or not.. At what stage is the matter?’
To a close relative on the biggest help received..
  • 'Yeah! You've done part of my job which I wanted to finish at this point of time. One minute.. Can you spend a little more time here and see that all these issues are brought to a line?"
To the grown up son of 20s on a very important in-house work completed..
  • ‘Wait.. For the whole day, you've done only this much? You should have equally completed the other job also in this time. I expect you not to repeat this.. Take care!' 
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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


3 youths got appointed to a particular posting in an organization. An elderly well-wisher of deep wisdom wished them on the day of their joining and said, 

'Work smart and be creative,
Play cool and manage well and
Lead everywhere and thus flourish!'”

A few years passed and in that time,

One of them..

  • Resigned from the job or so to say was made to resign, 
  • Took up another but was not happy there too and 
  • Continued thus with no solution to his problem.. 
The second..
  • Remained in the job with no encouragement for growth, 
  • Slogged endlessly blaming the fate all along and
  • Continued thus with no solution to his problem.. 
The third..
  • Did well in short time with a new assignment on hand, 
  • Got a fast promotion along with a higher a responsibility attached and 
  • Continued thus ever remaining in the good books of the Bosses! 
A close friend to the well-wisher on a day, asked him the reason for that to happen varied as the original advice from the well-wisher was unique and crystal clear. The well-wisher smiled and said,

“Yes! It was unique and easily understandable but deep in their hearts, the interpretations of the 3 young men were totally different..

The 1st one took the message as..

  • 'Never yield easily and be doing in your own style,
  • Smile and shield yourself as much and 
  • Take advance care and doubt all along!'
And the consequences followed soon..

Here, the Right Learning takes it's own time for the young man and none knows when it would happen..

The 2nd one took the message as..

  • 'Be obedient and never show up, 
  • Stop fighting and remain cool and 
  • keep a smile and let the trivial issues go off the mind!'
And thus ultimately ended up low..

Here too, the Right Learning takes it's own time for the young man and none knows when it would happen..

The 3rd one interpreted the message as..
  • 'Be obedient yielding beyond never and thus do max 
  • Fight where required keeping off where not and thus struggle and 
  • Remain strict keeping overall smile and thus grow!'
And the Right Learning was instantaneously with him!”

The elderly concluded,

“Life in front of all many times, is more or less reasonably supportive. It's we that
  • Interpret it differently,
  • React differently and 
  • Make our life happy or miserable.. 
Here, the one who all along lives on the lines of Truth alone will ultimately come out with the real victory!”


Monday, September 17, 2018


He was in his early 40s..

  • "My experience appears highly valuable. Great.. I quickly acquired the best potential in my job market!"
Were his the then thoughts with 

Pride making a small entry therein..

Ten years passed, he was in his early 50s..

  • "My position in the company is unique. I've a great responsibility here. Let me be authoritative everywhere!"
Were his the then thoughts with 

Power started corrupting the personality..

A couple of years, he was in his late 50s..

  • "I get paid the best in my company. The salary, bonuses and perks together come to... My counterparts are nowhere near to this figure!"
Were his the then thoughts with 

Pay touching a new high!

It was an year to retirement at 62..

  • “Sir! If you help out a bit....”
Was the then demanding request and soon he got orders to continue till 65 with

The Power, Pride and Pay remaining intact!

It was 6 months to 65..

  • “Sir! I'm ready to work as Consultant and if you…."
Was the then meek request and soon he got orders as 'Adviser on Board' till 67 with

The Pride and Pay retained but the Power taken out 100%!

It was 3 months to 67..

  • “Sir! I heard that our Company can retain a Consultant up to.... I'm OK if you can....”
Were the then pleading words and he got extension for 1 yr with

The Pride and Pay got halved!

It was the D-day reaching 68. No escape.. He had to come out from the employment arena totally with

The halved Pride and Pay zeroing forever!

That evening with no great energy to think of anything new, he felt desperate for a while and soon rang up to 4 of his friends who retired along with him but could not be contacted later. One by one replied..

  • “.... After my Exit, I worked 2 yrs as consultant but quit that and started interacting with my larger family with kids in a more interesting way. That truly leaves me today fully contented 
Having spent well the best part of my retirement life!"

  • “.... After my Exit, I worked one year as Advisor but as I was very much charged to take up a voluntary service, I left it and started working for the cause of helping out people in distress. That truly leaves me today fully contented
Having spent well the best part of my retirement life!"
  • “.... After my Exit, I hardly worked for 6 months helping out my ex-boss but as I had a great interest to visit different places of religious importance soon, I left the job and started visiting places of Worship and Devotional Importance. That truly leaves me today fully contented 
Having spent well the best part of my retirement life!"
  • “.... After my Exit, as I was very much charged to continue doing the best in my profession, in a short time, I started a sort of research and teaching in that direction. That truly leaves me today fully contented
Having spent well the best part of my retirement life!" 
All concluded their enquiries in a unique way thus..
  • "I tried calling you a few times after our retirement. There was no response from you and I thought you were busy with the consultancy job you've taken up with our company. Are you still in the job? How's life otherwise and 
What things keep you interesting these days?”

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Saturday, September 15, 2018


For a while, I was convinced that

  • Performing elaborate Pujas..
  • Reading Sacred Books..
  • Singing Devotional Songs..
  • Practicing Pranayama..
  • Getting into deep Meditations..
  • Joining Satsangh..
  • Going on Pilgrimages far and wide..
  • Visiting Monasteries and listening to the speeches of Great Personalities..

Soon I adapted that discipline in total and started living increasing it's pace day by day..

In no time, 3 masked men started saluting me everywhere slowly pushing me become


Fortunately that day, as I casually looked thru' my window out in the early morning hrs readying myself go ahead with my elaborate Spiritual Program for the day,

I noticed the small vendor on the roadside unfolding his belongings for the day's work suddenly leaving his work in the middle and helping the man next thru' tying a few ropes for his set-up. Thru' that Noble Action, He was seen hitting at my firmly layered ignorance which made me forget all those days the fact that..

One is far, far away from Spiritual Life as long as one is not ready to share with the next man whatever rest he/she may do in that line!

Instantly I noticed a strong determination in me. By that time, the man returned and started setting up his stall. The 3 masked men Viz.,

  • PRIDE,
  • RIGIDITY and
By my side got surprised with my sudden decision and started staring at me.. No doubt..

They were looking, but I didn't care. I ran to him anyway,

And instantly joined in the 

Sacred Task of Helping out 

My next man in his work. To my great surprise right at that moment, I was filled with an 

Unknown Peace within 

as I regained 

My Humility back 

Which slipped away all those days without my notice giving place to the 3 masked men and that alone finally established me in 

True Spirituality!

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Thursday, September 13, 2018


The Manager of no great experience thought..
  • "These people are not much helpful. If I instruct them in a softer tone, it doesn't work. It appears, they need some pressure on them. Straight away they don't listen. And things can't go on like this forever. I need to an put end this. Advising here is no use. They say..
'Fear is the the key!'

Let me rule thru' my authority.. There's no way in front of me other than this!"

The Manger of few years of experience thought..

  • "The people are same everywhere. They don't change much because I wish so. It is I that should see this and turn them nicely towards my work. There's no point in grumbling and blaming them and thus waste time. Any punishments bring only short time changes and people will be damage oriented forever. It is said..
'A cat in gloves catches no mice!'

The mantra is.. Promise good monies, create competition among them and thus make them work at their best!"

The Manager of many years of experience thought..

"Each man has a particular skill and certain capabilities. I should create interest in them, turn towards my work and thus make them productive. Lots of convincing, educating and imparting timely trainings alone will help here. The proverb goes..

'Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors!'

Let me plan a rigorous training program for my people, help them grow in their profession and get the best out of them!"

The Manager of wisdom thought..
  • "I may be a Manager here but we work as a team and I have the responsibility of motivating my team members so that they feel responsible for their portion of jobs and do them with interest and dedication. Let me go beyond here, sincerely do my portion of work and set an example. It's ever stressed..
'Practice before you preach!'

Then alone everything really works!"

The Manager of certain deep intuition thought..

"All people are basically good. In fact, they are sincerely trying to do their jobs well. I am only interfering with them and call it my living. In that context alone, I am a Manger here and I need to discharge these responsibilities at work with full dedication. Let me be truly strict to my role there but beyond, let me remember the Great Saying..

'Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu!'

And let me divert some of my energies for the betterment of my group without an expectation in return and thus be in communication with the Greater Task with me in parallel!"


Wednesday, September 12, 2018


"You know.. I can arrange 3 digits differently and make 6 numbers..

If 4 digits are there, it is 4*6=24 numbers..

But if one digit is 0, they are 18 only because numbers with 0 in front are meaningless..

They say it's called permutations, I don't understand all that but I can say what would be the numbers with 5, 6, 7 digits because it's simply multipling there..

With more zeros, I don't know the answer but with one zero I can tell that..

That is Mathematics..

Grandpa talks of Aero Planes, Theory of Flight, Flight Mechanics, IC Engines, Otto Cycle, Diesel Cycle, Petrol, Diesel, Aviation Fuels, flash point, firepoint..

Very interesting and he tells in a simple way to understand all that..

Beyond, he talks of Reflection and Refraction of light and how the rainbow is formed in the sky which many times I see on a rainy day..

He talks of Newton's Laws of Motion and Einstein's Theory of Relativity and says length, mass and time change with speed..

I understand that but still don't see such things happening anywhere..

That is Science..

Grandma talks of God and asks me memorize some Prayers.. I do that but I've a doubt why I should say all that..

She says, 'God is Great and God Takes care' and that is equally required for me because sometimes I see some fears in me..

The Prayers must be taking care of me because now-a-days, I don't get bad dreams..

That is Philosophy..

Leave all that.. Come evening.. It's my play time.. It's the best part of my day and left to myself, I like playing on and on..

Let it be at home, in my park or near the beach!

But I always get limited time for that.. Wish it's more?

Of course, mom tries to help there, but problem is.. A day has only 24 hrs! 

In this time.. Mom is everywhere watching me study, eat, sleep, get up, ready myself, go to school and then only play..

She follows up what all my teacher says.. She comes to my class room now and then but it's a wonder she knows the smallest things that happen in my class daily..

Saturdays and Sundays are there but then we go out on those days and I can't stop doing that too..

And that is Routine!

God! Can you get me one hr extra by reducing time for other works in a day so that I can play one hr more daily?

I think, Lord Ganesha will listen to me because today I did what all I was asked to do.. Let me say my Prayer now..

'vakratunda mahakaaya
surya koti sama prabha
nirvighnam kuru me deva
sarva kaaryeshu sarvada'


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Tuesday, September 11, 2018


I sobbed..

“This job never ends.. 
People are ever on my back.. 
The schedules are too tight.. 
Get up in the morning, I'm on my toes.. 
The phone rings non stop.. 
Closing in the evenings is only at 6 now a days.. 
Even Sundays are not spared.. 
One task gets over, the next is ready.. 
Not 2, even 10 hands can't handle these volumes.. 
Have to plan months ahead to take some time off.. 

I just forgot to discover myself in my life!” 

Various solutions were instantly there.. 

“Optimize and adjust all schedules!" 
"Plan activities well in advance!" 
"Cut down the time wastage everywhere!" 
"Buy physical help where it becomes essential!" 
"Delegate few activities to your trust worthy people!" 
"Start using the latest gadgets available in the Market!" 
"Be smart and don’t aim completing everything to the last!" 
"Be firm and say 'No' when you have to say so!" 
"Relax and forget about all this for a while!"
"Be realistic and remain happy that major things are under control!" 

"Go and unwind yourself in full!" 

The Wise Man proclaimed.. 

“You can't simply shut down all your activities for the day quoting tiresomeness as you can't remain doing nothing from morning to evening at any time.. 

You can't indirectly make all know that you are already neck tight and can't handle any more as you don't want to do half-hearted work at any time.. 

You can't in time, shift over to some lower key activities in the field in spite of monies flowing slightly at a lower level well acceptable as you can't leave all this developed by you out of your great interest in this field.. 

You can't think of reading between lines at your work to take off part burden as you can't think of being a novice in your profession.. 

You can't think of doing any less in your present work as you can't think of forgetting the fact that long back, when 5 choices were in front, you alone ticked this profession 5 times! 

What else you have to discover as yourself in your life now?” 

life, discover

Saturday, September 8, 2018


'You are at fault!' 'You are at fault!'..
These accusations never reach conciliation for a life time.. 
Better forgive and forget!

There was an instant anger in me. Not just anger, almost a rage within when my friend showed a group photo in which the middle man caught my attention..

“So he is here too.. Dear! Do you know this man? You may or may not know, but I very much know him. How can I forget him? Because of him only, I got into the trouble of……...Take it from me for sure, this man, the man whom you see here in all smiles..

I can never forgive for a life time! 

Thus were running my tempers as I was squarely pointing out the man in the photo forcing my index finger to be in total agreement with me!

But the Almighty’s Plans never meant less there. As I was doing thus..

The 3 other fingers were seen sincerely pointing out at me much more straight together bringing out the fundamental mistake I was doing in the process.. 

The middle finger appeared saying..
  • “You might have been at fault. Clapping can't take place unless both hands join! Check here thoroughly and
In case you are found at fault, open up fresh dialogue and sincerely request the man to forgive you and thus remain his friend and

If the mistake is his, just forgive him beyond and remain cool!"

The ring finger appeared saying.. 
  • “You are neither getting into the constructive action of going through right channels for justice. Let the 3rd man assess here and
In case you are found at fault, open up fresh dialogue and sincerely request the man to forgive you and thus remain his friend and

If the mistake is his, just forgive him beyond and remain cool!"

The little finger appeared saying..
  • “Angers beyond are never good and reformation is a better process if the damage is at an acceptable level. Reconcile the issue once again with this right thinking and 
In case you are found at fault, open up fresh dialogue and sincerely request the man to forgive you and thus remain his friend and

If the mistake is his, just forgive him beyond and remain cool!"

All along, the thumb was seen silently standing straight as witness to the 

Rightness of Action 

In that scenario what the other 3 fingers were saying with such firmness..

And God was Smiling from above.. 
  • “I provided this Great Learning very much by your side. The body parts move and express according to My Order alone.. 
Whenever you ready yourself to point out some one as a wrong doer and never otherwise!”

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda'.. ‘How do you celebrate forgiveness?‘


Friday, September 7, 2018


  • "Sir! Many times, the Great Personalities of the Earth pardoned their own attackers in spite of being injured in the process saying, 
'They do not know what they are doing!'
  • When a man openly and knowingly does certain harm, how can they say thus and remain cool instead of speaking out the wrong done by the person in such a scenario as is? Can you please clarify here?"
"Dear! I may not be able to explain the Spirit behind the talk of those Great Personalities in respect of the wrong doers but I can explain with a day to day example of our own talk which makes it more clear to you in this regard..

I generally live thru' my life invariably with certain threats around me. These include the

Wilderness of Nature,
Prevailing lawlessness and
Constant shortages!

The funny part of my life is when I'm in high spirits and feel good about life, I just say,

'Life is Fantastic!'

Coolly forgetting the threats around me for the moment which can strike at any time with no written guarantee there. Don't you agree?"
  • "Yes, I understand that I forget for a while the exact and speak out of a good feeling within me!"
"A similar feeling of Higher Level is ever carried by the Great Men and Women of the Earth in respect of life in general and out that good feeling alone, they instantly see the deliberate harm done to them by the aggressive elements around as almost 'NIL..'

Here, the Great Personalities can never say that people are different and their doings are different. 
They just carry the Perception of the Whole of Existence and not by Part as I see around thru' my limited perception. Because of this alone, the Great People's talk looks different from the way I react and express myself. Thus seen, a Saint had gone to the extent of saying.. 

'The hand that hit me is serving me now!'

When He was hit by a rowdy element and later taken care by His disciple.. And to say again, these Great Men and Women do not carry an hurt feelings like a normal mortal I carry all along!

  • "Sir! Then, what's the right course of action here for people like us who are normal individuals of limited understanding?"
"Dear! If you rightly understand this, The song of our life forever goes thus,

The Great Personalities
Would forever be doing in their own way without an exception and 
I, the limited mortal 
Should be doing as per my own perception of 
the Right and Wrong 
with the associated concept of 
Punishment and Reformation.. 
Of course, 
Not carrying hatred in the process to the best of my abilities 
with an ever live feeling within..

'Let me forego a small right of mine here for the benefit of my opponent and thus rise myself 
In the path of 

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

  • The capable, instantly acknowledge a failure and get into the required corrective actions steadily.. 
The incapable frown at failure the moment it surfaces and soon get beaten black and blue through it's effects!
  • The capable know that when they are through failure, it gives them nothing to hand and they've to depend on themselves..
The Incapable expect everything under the moon when faced failure and cry for help endlessly!
  • The capable are aware that if they are unhappy beyond, the failure makes them loners soon..
The incapable expect too much sympathy from others in a failure situation and face ultimate shunning everywhere!
  • The capable listen to the heart beat first and then only assess the extent of damage in a failure state to work for recovery..
The incapable invariably check only the superficial there missing the core and thus end up in too many confusions!
  • The capable take care of the inside thoroughly and then only work outside during the rectification process in a failure state..
The incapable concentrate more on the outside improvement there taking light of the core and soon face the next failure of certainty!
  • The capable turn every failure into a cost effective tonic of learning and thus safeguard themselves everywhere..
The incapable see each of such failures a bitter pill to be swallowed and soon expose themselves to more dangers!
  • The capable learn max through few failures and thus develop patience and perseverance in their life.. 
The incapable will learn nothing even for life time and cry foul at every failure!
  • The capable believe that a failure is their own make as they only wished for the seemingly possible but not guaranteed and thus take up the situation heroically.. 
The incapable blame rest of the world for their misery in failure and thus get into the habit of venting out their anger everywhere..
  • The capable forever firm up and take every failure as stepping stone to their success..
The incapable invariably feel all failures as crushing stones on them and would soon be bearing the effect of that load eternally..

  • The capable effectively control each and every failure and stand straight in their life..
The incapable too appear doing that but in no time few failures control them double effectively and make them fall flat for a life time!

Keywords: capable, incapable, failure

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


A man had certain difficulty in his life..

Immediately, few around and some visitors tried helping him out to recover and feel better. But a much expected elderly well-wisher of the man just made an enquiry on phone promising that he would soon visit in person..

The man felt doubly bad as the elderly whom he hitherto believed to be very close backed out at the right moment..

"This world is like that only!"

He cursed and felt very sad within..

Right at that time, a close friend unprecedentedly offered certain help to him for long period reiterating that it was his duty to share the friend's burden..

"I think I need lessons from life on whom to believe and whom not!"

The man thought so and instantly felt happy that whatever be the difficulties, life would be worth living as long as such friends were there. Soon he was on to his routine jobs with renewed energy and vigor..

Later on a day, the same elderly well-wisher visited him. The man controlled his emotions and saying nothing invited the well-wisher. After a brief talk, the elderly enquired how the man was doing. The man instantly shot back,

"Sir! I thought that you would be the first one here and extend the necessary help. Now I know who really are my well-wishers. A close friend straight away shared part of my burden greatly relieving me from the trouble!"

The elderly looked at him, paused and said,

“Dear! I'm happy to see that you are doing well and recovered from the difficulty. Your friends no doubt did a great job and are doing that even now. But I advise you to take control of the situation, do not take things easy and relax further any more!”

The young man felt quite offended and was about to explode but still controlled himself. The elderly continued..

“Dear! I understand that you are hurt. There's nothing wrong done by your friends. But,

Whatever said and done certain responsibilities of yours are always yours only. It's Mother Nature’s Order and they can't be delegated to any one on the earth as long as you are in


Condition.. No doubt, people are sympathetic and helpful to you. Thank them profusely for the help extended,

  • Get up,
  • Get hold of the situation and 
  • Get into action immediately..
Whatever be your situation,
  • Your own right doings out of 
  • Your physical and mental exertions at the back of 
  • Your own resources

Alone are the best for you in the situation and nothing less.. If required,


is treated as a temporary option here where necessary. More than this,


The man shot back,

"Sir! You talk so easily of discharging someone's duty ridden with so many difficulties.. How come, you being the No 1 well-wisher of mine never turned up on that day myself struck with the difficulty but cooly come now? Should you not practice what you preach?"

The elderly smiled and said,

"Yes, dear! You are right in asking me here and I've my answer too for that..

At that moment, I had to handle my one of my crucial family responsibilities and God had permitted me there only with a minimum time to enquire about you. I did that according to His Order and continued doing my bounden duties..

The moment I was off from the crucial ones, I took my time and I'm here which is sure


Keywords: DUTY, ORDER