Tuesday, October 30, 2018


  • “Yes! Money is the most precious entity in our lives.. It is rightly said, take care of the pennies, pounds will take care of themselves.. 
Take a pen and paper, note down every pie which otherwise goes unnoticed and add up over a period of time. God! You know how much would that come to? Can't imagine.. It's roughly....."
  • "Dear! The Saying applies only to those people who spend away monies lavishly without thinking of future. Monies are basically meant for living a standard life and growing up. A percentage of it should necessarily go on charity too and the remaining alone should be our savings..
Better take our advice, change your thinking and be the right personality of your life!"
  • "You know.. We often waste many of our day to day consumables without our own knowledge.. Many times excess are bought, some items are not properly stored and equal number of them are physically thrown away in small quantiles without our knowledge..
Take a pen and paper, note down the worth of every piece of this wastage which otherwise goes unnoticed and add up over a period of time. God! You know how much would that come to? Can't imagine.. It's roughly....."
  • "Dear! What's the point in living a life all along thinking of such savings forgetting other important aspects of living? At one stage we have to leave all this and go from this world, isn't it? And at the back of such monies with us, the children too do not carry the right respect for us..
Better take our advice, change your thinking and be the right personality of your life!"
  • "Money need not always be in cash or in an asset form. A facility extended to us by our company is also money paid, nothing less at any point of time..
Take a pen and paper, note down all those equivalent monies that accrue to us which otherwise goes unnoticed and add up over a period of time. God! You know how much would that come to? Can't imagine.. It's roughly....."
  • "Dear! The facilities are given to us to see that we do the assigned work well in an environment conducive for the Company's growth and business expansion. We should never convert that into money and feel paid thus..
Better take our advice, change your thinking and be the right personality of your life!"
  • “I'm eligible for all this medical treatment given by my company. See, such a nice room is given to me with phone, TV and internet facilities. There's extra space too for another person to stay and help out..
Take a pen and paper, note down every rupee equivalent given here which otherwise goes unnoticed and add up over a period of time. God! You know how much would that come to? Can't imagine.. It's roughly....."
  • "Leave all that dear! Thank God, the problem has gone light for you else these types of accidents a few times may......
Better take our advice, change your thinking and be the right personality of your life!"
  • “See! As I look out through this window of my room in our hospital, I see the beautiful garden in front of me with thick bushy trees at a distance standing over the green lawns. For the days I'm here, am sitting in this comfortable chair relaxing and having my evening tea.. 
Take a pen and paper, note down every rupee spent by my company that is indirectly given to me which otherwise goes unnoticed and add up over a period of time. God! You know how much would that come to? Can't imagine.. It's roughly....."
  • "Dear! See the reality once. All this can be enjoyed only if we are all right; isn't it? Your stars are good else.....
Better take our advice, change your thinking and be the right personality of your life!"
  • “I forgot to mention one more thing. All this is given along with a special leave from my work which is nothing but money paid indirectly..
Take a pen and paper, note down every rupee given to me here indirectly which otherwise goes unnoticed and add up over a period of time. God! You know how much would that come to? Can't imagine.. It's roughly....."

Just then a gust of wind thru' the open window turned over a few pages to Chapter III of the Great Scholar and the Saint Bhartruhari's Nitishatakam lying on the table pointing to the Sloka..

'labheta sikataasu tailam api yatnataha piiooayan
pibec ca mrugatrushshikaasu salilaha pipaasaarditah
kvacid api parayat an sa sa vishaasham aasaadayat
na tu pratinivishta muurkha cittam aaraadhayet'


'We may extract oil from a fistful of sand,
Quench our thirst by drinking water from a Mirage,
Fetch the horn of a rabbit by going around the world
But can never appreciate / understand a fool's mind!'

Which instantly put an end to the relentless advising done till then!

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Saturday, October 27, 2018


3 families with their children together were out on a tour of a week to a picturesque spot.. Great places, scenic spots, high mountains, huge lakes etc.. etc.. all round..

All along the parents were checking every detail in respect of their children through constant questioning so that order prevailed during the visit..

  • “Is everything in order?” 
  • “Did you do what I told you yesterday?”
  • "Half an hr time is given to all of you. You should finish one round the garden and come back by........ We have to go...."
  • “I'm not seeing here some of your items we brought from home. Where did you keep them?”
  • “If you don't follow a good discipline, it's going to be a problem!”
  • “Have you read what is written in all these places?”
  • "It's not easy to come to this place once again. Try seeing all without missing anything. It helps you a lot!"
  • “Are you all ready for breakfast? You should move from here in 30 minutes!”
  • “The bus will not wait. We should be back in time!”
  • “No shouting please.. Keep silence!”


The elderly well-wisher with them was silently observing all that disciplining for a while but at length decided to advise the parents a bit. Accordingly on the 3rd day morning, after their breakfast when all were ready to move out, he intervened and said softly..

"Dear all! No doubt, you are very well managing the activities of kids and the program is going on as per the plan. That's really the good part of your planning and monitoring. But all this time, why have you forgotten to equally ask the children..

  • How do like the red sun in the blue sky, with clouds passing so fast occasionally sending out a few drizzles on us? 
  • How blue are the waters of that huge lake? 
  • Do you like the thick green grass all around us? 
  • Have seen how green is the environment around with those trees in line? 
  • Do you see the small houses there where the people of this area live? Shall we go and talk to them? You can ask them about this area! 
  • Do you want to spend some more time here? 
  • Are you all happy? 
  • Do you like similar trips in coming days? 
  • Shall we come here again or go to another similar place to see all this? 
  • When shall we plan our visit next time?

As I noticed, these very questions were totally missing from all of you till now as you have simply forgotten the very purpose of your visit to these beautiful places with the children. All along, you were only disciplining them, making them behave with your orders thus taking out the very jest of

Expression and

In them enabling them join Mother Nature around and communicate with Her in their own style..

And to hear all this routine again and again, the children sure needn't have come here all the way. Any way they are having all that at home daily, isn't it?”

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Friday, October 26, 2018


That evening on a stroll, as one of the family members clicked the photo of my grandson 6+ on an ever loved achievement of his at school, I complimented him saying,

  • "Well done my boy!"
The boy waited for a moment and suddenly asked me,

"Grandpa! What's Truth? Mommy says Truth saves us everywhere!"

Taken a back a bit by such strange question from the little boy at that age, I quickly came to senses, remembered the Great Saint's words and in a loving tone told him,

  • "Dear! Truth is something soft like butter and hard like stone!"
The little boy in his own innocence quired immediately..

"You mean sometimes yummy and sometimes not?"

I was instantly amused by the boy's own understanding, soon diverted him to his play and beyond as I pondered over more on the topic, it struck me all of a sudden..

"Yes.. Everything in my life can't be addressed thru' Truth directly as it equal number of times becomes the direct threat to living and I need to be firm there on the immediate course of action in front and thus alone move in a constructive and practical way rather than aim at living thru' the Ultimate Philosophy Viz.,

'Brahma Satyam; Jagat mithya!'

As I started pondering over the topic further, I ran into a stream of my own thoughts which soon took a shape of certain poetical expression in me thus..

'Life is a series of 'ifs' and 'buts,'
Before I ponder over the 'if aspects' and firm up on the course of action to address that,
The 'but aspects' surface necessarily by my side forcing me make changes to my those plans..

Subsequently, as I start feeling comfortable with the complex plan I made,
My doubting mind soon brings forward not one but a bunch of 'if conditions' and
There too with all firmness as I try catering for those factors one by one, in no time equal number of 'but conditions' surface..

That way moving soon, I found myself lost to a feeling that
Nothing is guaranteed in this life
Which the next moment invariably forced me remain resigned to my fate feeling restless all along!'

No doubt, I needed immediate consolation there as I'm not that great and I couldn't absorb the Higher Level of Truth straight away..

That moment alone, the famous Verse of Srimad Bhagavad Gita (Verse 14, Chapter II ) came to my rescue which says..

'matra-sparshas tu kaunteya sitosna-sukha-duhkha-dah
agamapayino’nityas tams titiksasva bharata'

'The mere contact of senses as is, O Son of Kunti, cause heat and cold, pleasure and pain. They come and go and they are impermanent. Endure them bravely, O descendant of Bharata!'

And that further lead me to Verse 35, Chapter III of the Sacred Book which in no time boosted an indirect strength in me thru' the assurance of practical living..

'Shreyan swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanusshthitaat
Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah.'


'Ever safe is one’s own duty than the duty of another even well discharged. Better is even death in one’s own duty than the duty of another full of fear!'

With an answer there thru' Verse 39, Chapter X saying that the Lord is all..

'yac capi sarva bhutanam bijam tad aham arjuna
na tad asti vina yat syan maya bhutam karakaram.'


'O Arjuna! Whatever is the root cause of all living beings I am that and there is nothing which is moving or stationary (on the earth) that exists without me!'

And that again lead me to arrive at Lord describing Himself and advising thru' Verse 33, Chapter XI thus..

'tasma tvam uttistha yaso labhasva
jitva satrun bhunksva rajyam samarddham
mayaivaite nihatah purvam eva
nimitta matram bhava savyasacin.'


'Therefore arise for battle O, Arjuna.. You will gain here fame by conquering the enemy and getting back your kingdom. All these warriors had been slain by a previous design and you are merely instrumental here in doing that!'

And finally closing with a 100% assurance thru'

Verse 66, Chapter XVIII..

'Sarva dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja
aham tvam sarvapapebhyo moksayisyami ma sucah.'

'Relinquishing all ideas of righteousness (the right and wrong as known to you), surrender unto me exclusively; I will deliver you from all sinful reactions (what your mind proposes), do not despair!'

The whole in total, instantly showed me the right path as I live thru' this complex life which appears simple many times and but when started facing the hard facts of the same not really so..

No need to say here that that Sacred Ancient Book, Srimad Bhagavad Gita beyond, remained forever 100% the Best Book of my life!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Which book in your life touch your soul the most and you want to read it again and again, yes that very special book that made you fall in love with reading ? #BestFriendBook

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018


The man thought, 

  • "Let me contain myself and remain cautious everywhere!"
The world remarked,

"You should be in limelight. Otherwise, what's the meaning to this life?"

He listened there and began expanding. The world cautioned in no time,

"Containing yourself is wisdom. Don't show off beyond!"

He firmed up,

  • "Let me work with dedication and thus be done with all comments!"
The world remarked again,

"Breath easy.. Life is something else too!"

He listened there and relaxed for a while. The world cautioned the next moment,

"Work is Worship.. Never do less here at any time!"

He thought,

  • "Forget all this and let me help out everywhere!"
The world remarked soon,

"Every one comes into the world with not only a mouth to feed but two hands to work too!"

No go, he had to listen there and started saving everywhere. As usual, the world again remarked,

"Be generous and give to others too. After all, these monies are not yours ultimately!"

Having got fed up with those advices, he decided,
  • "Let me divert here, spend my monies and have the best of my life!"
The world cautioned instantly,

"Save for a rainy day. Tomorrow, many times is not a utopia but a fact in our life!"

Of course, he had to listen there and accordingly soon became cautious everywhere. But the world never kept quite and remarked in a short time,

"Relax.. Leave that pessimistic attitude, think positively and start expressing yourself!"

He firmed up ultimately,
  • "Let me leave all these conflicting disciplines and straight away aim growing in my life non stop touching the horizons!"
No way, the world was back with it's old comment in no time,

"Containing yourself is wisdom. Don't show off beyond!"

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Monday, October 22, 2018


'harthuryaathi na gocharam kimapi sham pushnaathi yathsarvadhaa
pyarthibhyah prathipaadhyamaanamanisham praapnothi vrudhdhim paraam
kalpaantheshvapi na prayaathi nidhanaam vidhyaakhyamanthardhanam
yeshaam thaasprathi maanamujgha tha nrupaah kasthaissaha spardhathe!'

'Giving knowledge to others is the greatest service (on the earth). It cannot be stolen by thieves. It gives utmost happiness and makes one only resourceful. Such service does not diminish thru' time; instead it grows and can never be destroyed. The donations of a wealthy king may diminish and be destroyed at anytime but the knowledge spread by a wise man stays forever!' 

(Bhartruhari Neetisathakam Verse 13)

A night watchman on his rounds of vigil at mid night was shouting aloud,

“Awake and be alert!”

Every one woke up, looked out, re checked the locked doors and peacefully went back to sleep. A Great Personality too sleeping like them got up with the watchman's shouting and instantly thinking within,

“Am I sleeping in my life?”

Opened the doors, moved towards forest, sat thru' meditation and attained Salvation!

Any learning with an individual is truly centered around such basic urge within which continuously moves in a particular direction timeless and

All the subsequent contributions of the person from that learning would directly be helping out meeting certain requirement of the world invariably existing at that moment..

By carrying a high level of respect towards this sacred learning process wherein the teacher and the student actively participate in the curriculum of education system around, let's get into the basic ingredients of this learning as then alone we would be able to address the defects of the system if any crept in over a period of time..

The main activities of this basic system of education include:
  • Molding the personality from the tender age, 
  • Inculcating certain qualities of morals and ethics of life, 
  • Developing the basic learning skills, 
  • Expanding the knowledge base, 
  • Developing equally the competitive skills,
  • Developing special skills for taking up specific job/work etc..
Such a learning forever needs to start with a Prayer invoking the Sacred Spirit of Right Learning similar to the Shanthi Mantra..

'Om saha naav avatu
saha Nau Bhunaktu
sahaviiryam karavaavahai
Tejasvi Naav Adhiitam Astu Maa vidvissaavahai
om shaantih shaantih shaantih!'


'Om! May God Protect us both
May God Nourish us both
May we work together with energy and vigor
May our study be enlightening
Om! peace Peace Peace!'

Thus continued basic Learning in time, leads the student to advanced levels thru' higher learning and specializations..

In the whole structure of this learning at any point of time, marks or gradation indirectly define the level of achievement in specific field and as such they need to be by the side which instantly speak what a person is..

But ultimately, they alone would never complete the assessment in this complex system of learning as the actual interactions that continuously take place beyond over years alone speak that whose assessment and recording truly become difficult..

Here, the certificates of achievements in the extra curricular activities in which the learner actively participated all along with a record of a few of human traits exhibited by him/her towards higher qualities of life like
  • Caring for the fellow human being, 
  • Taking a lead in a movement and 
  • Upholding truth and justice around
Culminating ultimately to the quality of

Humility and a Service Attitude with certain level of Sacrifice from within

Complete the assessment to a great extent..

Thus seen, if an individual has to be fully evaluated in this comprehensive learning process, no single index can speak of that as each person excels in one particular area and become almost 90-100% proficient there and that too remains as a requirement in the surroundings!

The post is written in line with the requirement of this week's IndiSpire Prompt Education system of India is more focused on bookish knowledge rather than practical knowledge. Still students are judged on basis of their report card. Give ur opinions on this subject #EducationSystem

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Sunday, October 21, 2018


*** The young man of 18 doing graduation firmed up on a day..

"The Great Saints forever affirmed that the world is 'mithya' (untrue). This moment all this to me may be appearing real but on a day

What if all this is perceived as untrue and I would be taken over by a total lost feeling. To take care of that, I must leave this mundane life right this moment and embrace spirituality!"

The very next day, he approached the Head of a Monastery, bowed down to Him and said,

"Reverend Sir! if you permit, I want to join your Ashram embracing Spirituality as I see non reality around me in everything!"

The Head looked at him and said calmly..

"Go home, complete your education, get into a job, marry as per your choice and further live that coming up family life in full. There's no need for you to come here again!"

The young man got disappointed, took permission from the Head and returned home leaving the thought of embracing spirituality for the time..


*** Time passed, the young man soon finished his graduation and got into the job of his choice..

In further few years, with nothing to do in front beyond the routine of his job, he was again man of lost feeling and thought,

"What if this continues and I find no meaning to my life!"

Thus at that point of time,

Reading books of Great Men of Realization and Understanding and
Practicing Yoga and Meditation

Became his daily activities and all along the Philosophical Quest continued in him thus..


*** In time he got married, the children grew up, were into active studies and the then turned early 40s man had another tension in him..

"What if suddenly something goes wrong in this very much loved dear life? I'm sure can't face it.. Yes.. From today, I'm going to

Read Bhagavad Gita daily a few Chapters with full attention and
Offer constant Prayers to my Deity

To take care of me!"

That way soon Bhagavad Gita was bi-hearted, he could repeat all that silently within himself without the Sacred Book and that became the way of his life along with singing a few devotional songs in parallel..

In time, the man was attracted by a Religious Order and simply joined that with an attire, a discipline of their own, with the related discourses and the new circle of friends and thus continued the new life of Spiritual Activities..


*** Time passed, children became independent with their own families and responsibilities and in further time the then man of 60s got retired and re-settled in his life.. His, the then thoughts of Philosophy were on these lines..

"The Great Saints forever affirmed,

'Live through the principle of 'Neti' (Na+Iti) meaning.. 'Not this.. Not This.. Not this!' simultaneously doing good to yourself and to the world.. To be in tune of that,

Whatever it be, I will be getting into a new discipline of Spiritual Life like

Staying calm and
Telling good to people around thru' various stories, parables and my own life experiences

Which I firmly believe at this stage of my life is the right way of being philosophical in life..

Again, all of that would sure be interesting to the younger generation few often looking at me for clarifications and advice to investigate the vast life in front of them in their own ways and find out

What is the best for them!"

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


"Sir! That portion of work is completed, I've got the matter printed and today itself am sending the material to.........."

The newly promoted Manager briefed his Boss..
  • "Thanks, Vignesh! Really you've done the job. You know, how much we are off from a big problem for the present. For the last one week, I was totally restless and....." 
Instantly applauded the Boss with a smile..

That evening, there was a call to the Manager at his residence from a very Senior Member of his dept..

  • "Hi! Vignesh! This is Ramesh speaking.. How are you dear? Sorry to call you at this time.. Mr Vignesh! We have an urgent task and our GM is looking for the right man to do that.. I'm sure you are that right man here.. 
  • Please listen carefully.. It's an important work for the next week. A sort of crucial client interaction.. Hope you got it.. Hope you are OK with this......" 
"Sir! I'm already loaded with...."
  • "It's just for a week.. Later a bit here and there.. It's equally an opportunity for you....." 
"But Sir! I have a deadline of...."
  • "Yaar! I'm saying.. It's just for a week, not more than that.. Put your head into it a bit seriously, you can do it much earlier.. It's challenge, man.. You got to take it.. You got your promotion now and our GM sure expects you do this!" 
"OK, OK, Sir! I understand and I'll adjust. You can give my name!"
  • "That's nice of you, dear! The right decision.. OK.. Bye, dear.. See you sometime tomorrow in my Office.. Good night!" 
The next day early morning the Manager briefed his Boss on what happened the earlier evening..

"Sir! It seems to be an urgent requirement and our GM alone had asked for me.. I couldn't........."
  • "Dear! What's that you have agreed to? If you go away, who will do my work?" 
"Sir! No worries.. I'll manage both the jobs.. Am confident of that!"
  • "What are you saying? I know, the moment you are into this, you will be loaded with tons of that work alone. No, I can't allow it.. Let's go to GM immediately and clarify on this.. Come with me!" 
The Manger a bit a confused soon had to follow his Boss to the GM's Office. The Boss briefed GM what work his Manager was doing and how important it was that he was totally into that job..

The GM got instantly upset and said,
  • "Yaar! If that was the case, your man should have clearly told that to Mr Ramesh. Why did he agree to take up this?" 
The Boss was equally firm..
  • "Sir! I know the problem but I'm equally helpless here as my work suffers. Any how, leave it to me, I'll deploy my other boy Mr........ for this job and he will finish it for you as per plan!" 
  • "That's okay but now, this man's name had gone to our client and he accepted his bio-data. I can't displease the customer now by changing the name!" 
Saying thus, the GM turned towards the Manager and questioned..
  • "Mr Vignesh? What answer do you have here to me and to your Boss now? Can you give an explanation?"
The Manager meekly said,

"I'm sorry, Sir! I should have discussed the matter with my Boss before giving a word on this. I did a mistake and am extremely Sorry!"

Next moment the GM went into a sort of rage..
Saying thus, he instantly called his PA and directed him,
  • "Get me the personal file of Mr Vignesh right now on to my table. My house is on fire and I need to set right the issue.. People should be answerable on their job.. None should take the work environment for granted.. Please go and get the file now!" 
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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


When king Midas was granted by God the boon of golden touch, soon he had only one request to God seeing his food and the ever loved daughter turned to gold..
  • 'God! Take back your boon and give me normal life!' 
When the greedy rich man thought of taking gold and cash with him at the time of leaving the earth, some one remarked..
  • 'No way, dear! The metal melts and the papers burn!' 
When the miser cried aloud seeing his monies stored in the backyard stolen on a fateful day, some one remarked..
  • 'No problem, friend! Just keep a stone there and be seeing it daily!'
These are the moral stories we heard and read in our childhood about one never leaving entity with us called,


And if I carefully take a second look here, I can quickly find that..

  • Behind all principles of self help, a few times miserliness may be the driving force with me to save those few extras.. 
This philosophy sure catches me hard if I'm not alert!
  • Money frees; money chains and this is the 'Eternal Law' on the earth.. 
Very often, it's my wish alone here that turns the plate!
  • If more monies received more often, lesser percentages alone go towards charity from my end as every extra coin looks dearer.. 
The attachment to money is too powerful to be ignored at anytime!
  • The rich invariably display their wealth in the right moment and I might have copied them till then in one way or other but.. 
Sure fail here unless my discipline is forever identifying with my greater Community all along!
  • Giving no doubt is great but ever attached with a clause Viz.,. 
My receiver invariably gives back appropriate returns to the world and I never disperse my wealth without that!
  • I may happily be quoting that money is everything but.. 
The moment I start searching for love in that list, it sure turns out to be a mirage!
  • As long as I refrain from doing the honest and hard work and try finding ways of making money whatever, I'll only be seeing the 'Waters of Mirage' in distance.. 
The moment I close all doors of making such easy monies and straight away get into the right discipline of earning, my 'Oasis of Waters' would just be next to me!
  • Money sure speaks but the 'man in picture' speaks much better but 
If that man is simply forgotten and a fortress of safety is built around with that money it sure turns into a prison of agony in the end!
  • God created man, man created money and money invariably created evil.. 
The association of money and evil is well known from the times immemorial!
  • As a professional in the field, sooner I try to channelize flow of the best monies into my coffers, many non-professionals around me in no time impress me beyond and re-channelize part of that flow into their coffers..
Sure a wonderful in-built mechanism in nature!

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Monday, October 15, 2018


The Ever Ruling Law..
  • Even the all lovable parents too show me the door if I don't start working and contributing soon my share!
Balanced Living..
  • The ever respected law of economics viz., Limited spending = Earning - Loan EMIs - Reasonable savings leaving off exigencies is often jeopardized with available soft loans and offers around indirectly pushing my limited spending to unlimited levels! 
Simple Maths..
  • A lakh remains huge if kept as lakh but is only a hundred-thousands when a thousand starts weighing light in my pocket! 
Choking Hazards.. 
  • Throwing a lavish party many times may look too funny and irresistible but indirectly it also means putting bundles into drain in time chocking the drain with filth overflowing all over! 
Costly Fun..
  • It may look funny rolling the coins in front making different sounds but with such an easy attitude, soon bundles will vanish from the safe silently behind the rolling sound! 
Effect of Fast Life.. 
  • Expanding at double the speed without checking this side and that side soon forces me to be constrained to half of that movement withou an exception! 
Fun with Figures.. 
  • Between the 'Intrinsic Worth' and the 'Fascination Price' I pay often, many small people no doubt, would be making a decent living which I need necessarily have to embrace in time if let myself go unchecked! 
Timely Pest Control..
  • When excess money is sensed, new relations would sure be defined and it's up to me how quickly I implement there, the effective Pest Control! 
Penny Wise, Pound.. 
  • Don’t spend part of money on improvement, pass that soon into hands who will misuse the total of it without an iota of doubt! 
Future Perils.. 
  • 'Retirement' means sure the second ‘Honeymoon’ over with the ‘Blazing Sun’ of new set of problems rising unless the 'Safety Net Umbrella' is kept ready!
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Saturday, October 13, 2018


Broadly speaking, I would be fitting into one of the 3 psychologies mentioned below as I make use of various gadgets around me..

** Let me struggle and do many jobs myself with simple tools, save the hard earned monies and thus lead a simple life rather than endlessly go round so many gadgets available around me which promise wonders in my life but ultimately I'll be there where I was..

In the process, I truly remain nearer to God given Nature 'as is' never tampering that a bit!

** Let me make the max use of every gadget in the market I can afford, thus expand and lead a comfortable life with me to the brim..

In the process, I would be enjoying the one life given to me on the earth a 100%!

** Let me use the gadgets available in the market for a better and energy saving life with me and in turn let me use those saved energies of mine for the betterment of the world..

In the process, I very much optimize my energies simultaneously taking care of no damage to the God given Nature around and use those energies not for my enjoyment and self satisfaction but truly for Serving a Cause around me!

Various levels of thinking exist between these broadly divided psyches in the world with varied opinions such as

  • So many gadgets are really not needed for me to lead this life happily..
  • May be many provisions are there with the gadgets with me to use but I don't have a real requirement as well as no time to make use of all of that..
  • The gadgets too have a life and if I constantly use them exploring each every aspect therein, soon I need to run round the repairs spending my time and monies endlessly!
  • The manufacturers of these gadgets may say all that but I doubt if all of that will work to perfection. Let me just make use of all these gadgets for my basic day to day requirement!
  • It's like this.. If I don't use these gadgets, they accumulate dust and rust and would be done with in no time. So I need to use them but for each and everything if I depend on them, daily cleaning and keeping them in place remains no small job!
  • All those disturbing sounds around me coming from these gadgets wherever would soon take out my peace. Let me wisely limit here these gadgets use!
  • Yes.. Sure, some of these I should use with extra caution. If something goes wrong.. You know.. Accidents happen only once!
With so many varied psychologies of people around us, all these arguments and counter arguments look perfect and the life around in general goes thus with the various gadgets of our life they being fully used, partly used, sparingly used and a few times not used at all but I should ever remember one point here..

Every gadget more than it's max use for humanity, is the symbol of certain Scientific Temper of man gone thru' a dedicated effort of analysis and research and finally took that basic shape..

Rest may be business but that Unique Scientific Temper in an individual is the Sacred Gift of God originally present around which sure invariably does an unknown good to the world where the ultimate betterment of man lies..

This Scientific Spirit is never less at any stage of our life and every one around us from age '0' to age '100' constantly carries this Spirit of Enquiry thru' the 7 Tools of Investigation Viz.,

What, Why, Where, When, Which, Who and How 

And thus lives thru' his/her life with the never lost Inquisitive Spirit as we see here the sparkling glow in the eyes of the little boy who is seen all proud of

The Original Innovative Idea of his Laptop Design!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Most of us use only 30% of all that a gadget can do. Why then must we spend so much to buy the latest and then not use all the features? #GadgetFacts

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Friday, October 12, 2018


I was suddenly surrounded by a strange scenario and people were seen living through a constant fear doubting every other man in the vicinity. The news heard used to be twisted in no time and presented in a way that looked entirely different with none remaining openminded easily. The life was practically going on thus through hours of happenings and monitoring totally forgetting the concept of the next day.

A midst those turmoils of life, the differences between our group and another group of our region soon became quite distinct. In the prevailing confusion, the other group just took over the ruling and started their own ruthless suppression of our group members. When we were thus quickly branded as the potential enemies, our united strength soon broke down and existed only at close levels in fighting for survival.

As life was moving thus, myself and three friends of mine came to know that a few of our group members somehow escaped from the place getting away thru' the exit gate of the border. We quickly sent our families thru' that gate as a group and expected them to reply where they had reached.  But by that time, the enemy group became alert and barred all the in coming and out going calls outside the region simultaneously keeping stringent vigil at the exit gate.

Hearing that news, we felt totally depressed for a while but there was no go, we should also somehow escape else life was becoming tougher day by day. Soon we discussed together and hatched out a meticulous plan..

That evening after it became dark, we four dressed up approximately like army officers of our ruler with some fake dresses lying with us, sat in our vehicle one in the front, two at the back and myself in driver's seat and straight drove to the point of exit gate.

From a distance, we noticed the stringent checking of each vehicle passing through the gate and our hearts sank in no time. No doubt, the guards at the gate were fully vigilant. Every one’s heart was beating heavily and it appeared almost impossible to escape. And we very much knew what would happen to us if identified at the gate..

As we neared the gate, we noticed three vehicles in front of us, ours being the fourth one and the sentry at the gate kept the barrier lowered. Two guards in uniform with guns came forward to check the first vehicle..

Twenty minutes passed. The men of the first vehicle were proving their best that they never belonged to the enemy group but going out on their own. At length the barrier was lifted and the first vehicle was let go..

It was not the case for the second vehicle. The men were quickly found to be of enemy group in disguise and were squarely caught red handed. They were made to get down the vehicle and were taken to a side into the darkness. We from our jeep could distinctly hear the low voices of the people caught and the shouting from the guards and sure that was the limit for four of us..

Suddenly, my friend in rear seat shouted aloud in a shaking voice,

“Can't take it any more. Too much!”

One of the checking guards in front heard that and looked at our vehicle. My other friend next to him said in a further louder tone,

“We missed the right time. There's no point in waiting like this. Let's go back now. Everything appears to be out of control!”

Instantly, I lost my cool. In an aggressive mode, I quickly reversed my vehicle and zoomed past overtaking the vehicle in front and brought the vehicle near to the gate shouting at the top of my voice,

“Sheer senseless waiting.. We are squarely held up!”

As the vehicle suddenly came near to the gate, the same guard looked at us from back and started moving towards our vehicle..

My friend next to me saw that in the rear view mirror and instantly sensed that it was our end. In a total desperate mode he screamed in a shrill voice,

"What the hell is going on here?”

The guard heard that, instantly waved his hand to the gate sentry to open the gate for the vehicle saluting us in uniform!

We were in a total collapsed state by that time but myself having seen the 'GREEN SIGNAL', instantly got enormous energy, at one stroke pulled away at zooming speed acknowledging the salute of the guard through a firm hand raise myself breathing heavily and sweating all over, my heart pounding at an audible level with the rest of us no way better and in no time.. 

Escaped from the jaws of death and stepped into the land of eternal freedom myself in spite of not knowing where I'm heading and where my people are totally had gone into a type of mad joyous state of Self Exploration ready to 

say yes to my blind date with the world

my friends too being no exception there!

Suddenly the alarm bell went off wildly at 0600 hrs set. I instantly woke up, shook myself off, looked around. The sooner I came to senses, I remembered one of the great inspiring stories of the world war read that night from the book I borrowed from library and the in process dozed off without my own knowledge!

#TheBlindList and #SayYesToTheWorld

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

'9 TO 5'.. '24 X 7'.. WHAT ARE THESE?

The time was 1130 AM. The telephone rang..

“Hello, Krish! How are you? What's going on?”

“Oh, Yeah! How are you Raghav? Have not seen you since 3 days! What’s happening?”

“Yaar, Krish! The same thing.. My man gave me some work and it seems I should do it in 2 days. And no inputs are available. Now, I've to go round and beg for all that requirement. I just told him that it takes min 3 days and nothing less. Am going away today in time. Let's see what he will do.. By the way, what’s happening in your area?”

“Here too the same, my friend! These bosses seem to have no idea of what's possible and what's not possible.  My man, 10 minutes back called me and said that I've to complete the job given to me today itself and then only go home. Many times, I don’t understand what he talks.. It's just a 3 days job and tell me, how can any one do that in a day?

If I say a word there, the next moment he says, 

‘What’s the problem, dear? Work some time extra and you can sure finish it today!’ 

You know what happens, if I say one more word.. For what they pay, we are just slogging like slaves.. Sheer nonsense!”

“OK, dear! Forget all that.. Anyhow, these targets will never leave us..  Relax.. It's lunch time.. Coming for lunch?”

The talk ended there and in the next half hr both the friends moved to the canteen..

During lunch, the discussions continued.. No doubt, some solution had to be found for the unending pressures brought on them.. The friend firmly advised,

“See my dear, Krish! If it can't be done, say firmly that it'll take one more day; that's it and heaven is not going to fall! Truly speaking, it's just a trick here. Other wise be soft, from the next moment you will be loaded with tonnes of work.. 

And be watching me today.. I'll just come out of the Office at 5 PM sharp!”

The young man envied his friend for his courage and sharpness to be able to say so and found himself limited there in protesting that way. He felt sad for a while but there was no go and soon he had to back to his work..

By evening as usual there was the backlog, and a call from the boss for briefing.. He was out from the boss' chamber in 10 minutes and straight sat on his job..The whole job got over only around 8 PM and quite tired, he came out and moved towards the parking area..

As he was taking out his vehicle, he was quite surprised to see in the semi darkness his friend’s vehicle at a distance. No doubt, it was his only but he said that he would be out at 5 sharp whatever the pressures be.. Then, why did he leave the vehicle behind? 

Instantly, at the back of a certain curiosity, he casually looked up to the distant building's top level facing the parking area..

A bright light was glowing there only in one room in the middle of the building and the next moment he could very easily identify with 100% surety whose room it was!!!!!

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Monday, October 8, 2018



  • “Sir! I have a problem” 
Said the man and continued..
  • “Whenever, I want to act in the Right Way, I'm afraid of the resistance and confrontation around. That puts me off taking the Right Path. Most of the times, it's no action only but rarely a wrong action. Don’t you agree that it's better avoid confrontation everywhere than stick to the Right a 100% and live thru' endless conflicts? Lesser evil is ever better.. What do you say?” 
“Dear! You may be correct only in certain situations that too with certain personalities and at places where truly a diplomatic attitude is required..”

Commented the wise man and further said..

“But not in our smaller day to day issues.. I shouldn't be afraid here whatever it be and try keep off from the Right Actions. It's better call the earliest

'A Spade a Spade!'

In such cases and make known to people around me, my intentions of sticking to the Right Actions 'as is' rather than speak less of that at any time..

Only when the confrontation was expected to cause a major irreparable damage, certain Great Personalities followed temporarily a yielding path for a moment like..

The Great Man had exited a Public Office from the back door when an enraged mob threatened the Officer-in-charge of burning the Office if He was not produced in front of them..

That was done deliberately by the Great Man to enable the Officer-in-Charge show to the crowd that He was not inside and thus prevent the unwarranted damage rather than Himself try escaping from the wrath of the crowd..

No doubt, I'm never that great like those Personalities equally am far,far away in respect of those psychological strengths and hence may not be able to withstand such physical threats thrown at me. That's sure a fact with me and I should ever live at that level only in my life..

But equally, many of my day to day issues with people around me who are law bound are no problem in general and in such cases too if I'm still deviating from the Right Path, it's no excuse to say that I saved each situation there.. Instead it's better, I agree that I yielded to the convenience!

The Right Actions always need a lot of patience from my end to bear the general resistance and non co-operation from the surroundings and steadfastness in me towards the Right should be ever on forefront in all such instances without a say..

That true steadfastness in such situations is

  • Neither embracing too many diplomatic ways of living
  • Nor acting every time bringing in certain unrest around but 
Building up a solid foundation through a dedicated effort enabling truth prevail at each and every incident,

Constantly protecting the interests of personalities involved thru' building a solid wall enclosure all round and thus in time

Truly ensuring a solid roof over for the ultimate safety of the inmates for rest of their life!

When I get into such concrete fool proof actions as live thru' my life, I can sure say that

I am 100% avoiding convenience as a tool of escape often sought and

Truly living thru' the realistic life of my level!”


Sunday, October 7, 2018


God originally said,

  • "Try living as much possible nearer to the coarse Nature I Originally gave you!"
I just forgot that and started exploring fineness everywhere in everything for my pleasure!

God originally said,

  • "See that unacceptable odors as much are not created by you around!"
I became careless there and endlessly started countering all bad odors invariably created around by me by lighting incense!

God originally said,
  • "Between the Original Truth and what you actually experience in life are built all your Rules, Morals, Austerities and the Rituals!"
Forgetting the Message of continuous improvement required therein, I forever, ended up worshiping those very entities in my life!

God originally said,
  • "Never invite an incapability all by yourself as any incapability with you soon gets you into permanent problems!" 
I quickly forgot the Message there in and started relaxing beyond invariably inviting a bundle of hidden in-capabilities with me only to blame everywhere for that!

God originally said,
  • "Stop over pleasing everywhere!"
I again forgot Message that and started responding extra for all murmurs making those very murmurs increase many fold!
God originally said,
  • "Advise minimum and do maximum!" 
I quickly forgot that Original Message and started continuously forcing my advice on others forever asserting there,

"When I tell the Truth...."

Thus eternally deceiving myself and those around me too!

God originally said,

  • "Between The Original Perfectness and the best trial to be perfect lies the entire gist of your life!"
I just forgot that One Message and in no time started worshiping my own perfectness relentlessly!

God originally said,

  • "Be vigilant everywhere else your confidence seen intact doubly grows before a mishap and totally goes after!"
I paying least attention to that Message, ever moved ahead in life with a no less dose of over-confidence many times saved from serious mishaps by the Providence alone!

God originally said,
  • "A Lost Empire can never be rebuilt to the Original and even if built, the Original Confidence people carried there would be ever missing!"
No doubt, equal number of times I forgot that and became careless there till a certain downfall was seen imminent!

God originally said,
  • “You need to be fighting with you alone through out your life!” 
Coolly forgetting that Valuable Message, I got into the constant habit of fighting with others!

God originally said,
  • "Remember.. A well informed person in the vicinity quickly becomes an enemy to those equally competing around!" 
I coolly forgot the hidden Truth therein and started challenging around till I was snubbed at a certain level without a say!

God originally said,
  • "Learn to fight for your Rights in silence first before voicing for the Rights of others open!" 
I equal number of times was seen bypassing that Golden Rule and fighting everywhere endlessly till starightaway silenced and shown the way out!"

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Friday, October 5, 2018


  • "Your house may be broader but the entry is ever narrow for others when your mind is not so!"
Was the subtle reminder from the Lord as I entered the broad Temple Premises..
  • "Not being into many rituals and not believing beyond are truly the opening gates to your freedom. Have you washed off too the thoughts negating this basic approach?"
Was the gentle query from Him as I completed washing my feet..
  • "Yourself, happily living around strong emotions is like playing a gripping game with sharp swords. Do you know this?" 
Was the straight question from Him as I started going round the Idol at the back of certain emotion in me..
  • "The depth of your liking and what you are made of is truly unknown to you. Are you alert here in parallel to the Prayer to Me?"
Was another question from the Almighty as I sat on the floor and started Praying with closing eyes..
  • "Nature is ever the perfect umpire in the life games you play. Know this!"
Was the silent reminder from Him as I completed my Prayer and opened my eyes..
  • "Know that you may be constantly presenting yourself everywhere in your life without being asked!"
Was the check-back from the God as I got up and rang the Sacred Bell 3 times..
  • "Age commands respect but equally demands responsibility. Where do you stand here?"
Was the follow-up enquiry from the Lord as I pushed thru' for taking my Aarti..
  • "You may be believing that your energy, time and capacity are always limited to the world's requirement but not the other man’s.. Remember this when you comment!"
Was again the sweet reminder from the Almighty as I was taking the Sacred Tulsi Waters offered..
  • "Again know that your wisdom forever lies in caring more for serious life and less of easy life!"
Was another check back from Him as I bowed down to offer my Salutations..
  • "You should ever meet the requirements of life but never the extensions.. How much you are doing that?"
Was one more gentle query from the Almighty as I was partaking the Sacred Offering..
  • "You may say truth but simultaneously you should allow people to hold, test, evaluate and then only accept what you say!" 
Was another reminder from the Lord as I sat in the Premises for a while..
  • "When your relationship is a fact, easy pardoning should be a fiction with you. How much are you into this living?" 
Was the last question from Him as I started leaving the Place..
  • "Your sincerity maintained and the respect earned alone are ever your companions of this life.. Know this and be at peace!"
Were the final silent Blessing Words from the Almighty at the back of a subtle Smile as I came out of the Temple Premises!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Are you a smart learner? Do you learn lessons from everyday things? How did you learn the lessons? Share a story.#LearnLessons