Friday, October 5, 2018


  • "Your house may be broader but the entry is ever narrow for others when your mind is not so!"
Was the subtle reminder from the Lord as I entered the broad Temple Premises..
  • "Not being into many rituals and not believing beyond are truly the opening gates to your freedom. Have you washed off too the thoughts negating this basic approach?"
Was the gentle query from Him as I completed washing my feet..
  • "Yourself, happily living around strong emotions is like playing a gripping game with sharp swords. Do you know this?" 
Was the straight question from Him as I started going round the Idol at the back of certain emotion in me..
  • "The depth of your liking and what you are made of is truly unknown to you. Are you alert here in parallel to the Prayer to Me?"
Was another question from the Almighty as I sat on the floor and started Praying with closing eyes..
  • "Nature is ever the perfect umpire in the life games you play. Know this!"
Was the silent reminder from Him as I completed my Prayer and opened my eyes..
  • "Know that you may be constantly presenting yourself everywhere in your life without being asked!"
Was the check-back from the God as I got up and rang the Sacred Bell 3 times..
  • "Age commands respect but equally demands responsibility. Where do you stand here?"
Was the follow-up enquiry from the Lord as I pushed thru' for taking my Aarti..
  • "You may be believing that your energy, time and capacity are always limited to the world's requirement but not the other man’s.. Remember this when you comment!"
Was again the sweet reminder from the Almighty as I was taking the Sacred Tulsi Waters offered..
  • "Again know that your wisdom forever lies in caring more for serious life and less of easy life!"
Was another check back from Him as I bowed down to offer my Salutations..
  • "You should ever meet the requirements of life but never the extensions.. How much you are doing that?"
Was one more gentle query from the Almighty as I was partaking the Sacred Offering..
  • "You may say truth but simultaneously you should allow people to hold, test, evaluate and then only accept what you say!" 
Was another reminder from the Lord as I sat in the Premises for a while..
  • "When your relationship is a fact, easy pardoning should be a fiction with you. How much are you into this living?" 
Was the last question from Him as I started leaving the Place..
  • "Your sincerity maintained and the respect earned alone are ever your companions of this life.. Know this and be at peace!"
Were the final silent Blessing Words from the Almighty at the back of a subtle Smile as I came out of the Temple Premises!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Are you a smart learner? Do you learn lessons from everyday things? How did you learn the lessons? Share a story.#LearnLessons


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