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No doubt at Workplace, it's almost the same story everywhere of getting bullied by Boss but it's up to me to wage an indirect war against all those impositions made under the guise of

Lacking obedience to Boss,
Work suffering beyond and
Future prospects put to stake..

The interactive conversation narrated here is typical of that


Culture with almost every Boss.. Forever, the aim here is

If yielded,

Make him/her permanent slave giving bits and pieces of career growth here and there claiming that as too much given 

But if resisted stressing the right work ethics,

Withdraw and allow him/her do own job for his/her betterment and growth in the job..

(The conversations brought out here are typical of that culture existing at workplace assuming that they vary widely in that typical talk).

On a Pleasant day..

“Hi, Mahesh! I need a helping hand. Can you look into this work for a while and give me a feed back?”

“Sir! I already have the task of…. and I need to concentrate on that. No doubt, I can be supportive for a short time for your problem but this moment, I absolutely see no time for that. Am sorry to say that!”

“But I'm your Boss and you should take Orders from me and do the job given. Are you listening?”

“Yes.. I agree that I should take Orders from you as Boss but the ethics at work say.. 

"Reasonable Orders only!” 

I hope I could convey the meaning here..

Earlier, you've given me this work on hand and am into it. I should complete this task successfully and that's possible only if I'm not distracted in this line.. 

In fact, I'm sitting on overtime to complete this work foregoing some of my personal needs and re allocating part of home responsibilities to other members of my family. I'm sorry, there is no way now. I am back to my work, Sir!”

The next day..

“Hi! Suresh! I need a helping hand in this work. Can you look into this for a while and give be a feed back?”

“Sir! Tell me what to do. I'll do that in parallel with the other main task you have given me earlier!”

“Good! You are a nice fellow!”

After one more day..

“Mr Suresh! One more help is required!”

“Sir! My main job is pending. Already half day had gone and….”

“No worry, Dear! Just do this and tell me….”

A few days later..

“Yaar, Suresh! I've this work for you.. Just help me out!”

“Sir! My main job…. OK! Let me see….”

After some time..

“Hi! Suresh! A moment of your time..”

“Sir! I'm sorry.. I'm on my job and….”

"Dear! How can you talk like that?"

“Sir! I've to do my job. Else you'll only question me on that!”

“Yes! I do…. I'm your Boss.. I question you here and I question you there. You've to take my orders and do both the jobs. Understand?"


Two months later..

“Mr Suresh! How many times I told you to wait for me and be ready to support me in the Morning Hrs? Where were you today morning? Further, your main work too has progressed very little so far!”

“Sir! You only asked me to spend some of my time on….!”

“Hello, dear! What are you talking? Giving back to Boss? This moment, I can issue a Memo for in-subordination. Also to say.. You are not co-operative at work.. 

If you could not complete the main task in time, it's your problem. Don’t say that time was not there. The whole 24 hrs were with you all these days. You could have completed all more efficiently through proper planning.. 

Sorry to say dear! This year’s Promotion….”

Subsequently, heard his voice else where..

“Hi, Mahesh! Good News! You saved for our Company….. Lakhs worth of....... through your dedicated work…. I'm happy and I already recommended you for Promotion this year. I don't know, what's happening to our Suresh.. I find him not up to the mark.. I'm sure he has to struggle a lot before he...... Let me see how he fares next year!”

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