Friday, September 27, 2019


~ When Julius Caesar was cornered and was about to be stabbed by his assassins, to his great surprise, he saw his own friend Marcus Junius Brutus amidst them and that made him proclaim instantly..

"You too Brutus; then fall Caesar!"

Thus ever making known to the world that..

  • Power politics can twist anything and everything making them believe beyond with none being an exception there!
~ The Saying goes..

"No News is good News!"

And that Saying remains green amidst us ever upholding the fact that..

  • Ideally speaking, the best situation in one's life is his/her surroundings of today remain same as that of yesterday with nil changes other than the usual required for day to day peaceful living!
~ When the Great Saint was asked how He could live without working, He replied,

“I have no desires to satisfy. For my basic living, some of you may feed me. If not, I'll go hungry and in the process if the body perishes, it goes!”

Ever asserting the fact that..

  • Such Personalities alone can remain without doing any work or without taking the right returns for their work and never the ordinary ones!
~ When a stranger approached the Great Man and asked for food, the Great Man said,

"I've a work. Please complete that and take your food!"

And when, the stranger retorted back saying how the Great Man could ask him to work when he was hungry and weak, the Great Man said,

"I agree and I'll give you food immediately. You can eat, relax for a while but after that you should finish my work!"

Ever stressing the reality that..

  • A true human being of any discipline should necessarily please the giver and get the required in his/her life!
As the purpose of any work I do in this world is basically to support
  • Myself and my family members at a decent level,
  • Discharge of my associated family and social responsibilities and
  • Equally support a life called my own
Beyond this alone I should express myself to the requirement..

Seen in such a scenario, the News Media too is no exception here with the profession evidently needing its own revenues to be generated for supporting its members at the minimum basic decent level of living and in that context,
  • Certain sensational expressions comprising of the way the truth is presented sure gains importance as that alone attracts the Readers more making them stick to the particular News Paper/Channel!
Beyond this, sure the professional expression should gain priority and that should go on all along bringing out the Truth in the scenario as is and present it to the masses who had kept their undaunted faith in the System knowing well that

To be their only weapon to fight out any injustice done in the so called democratic system with them!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt News today is nothing but sensational entertainment that attempt to tilt public opinion towards one or the other point-of-view. Write a post on your opinion of news today. #News

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Friday, September 20, 2019


On a day, a King said to his Minister..

“To improve the rule bound discipline amongst my people from today, let me increase the quantum of fines/punishments many fold so that people come to attention and become disciplined as needed!”

The wise Minister straight away said,

“Your Majesty! This proposal would be detrimental to the freedom of people and their welfare unless all equally can represent injustice at a reasonable level as well all are capable of parting with the amounts involved..

Instead of such drastic change of rules, let's try improving our ruling and equally let us educate people on the right conduct!”

“Improving and reforming are long time processes and many times, the purpose itself would be forgotten there. Let me implement this and discipline people thru' fear!”

Asserted the King and without further discussing with the Minister had straightaway gone ahead with his proposal..

Days passed. As expected, the rule breaking in the Kingdom became less. The King was jubilant that he could achieve what he wanted..

On a day, the Minister requested the King to accompany him to 3 prominent residential places in disguise wherein the King could overhear his people talking about their experiences in respect of his strict ruling..

In a less privileged community, a talk was heard thus..

  • "I'm not at all involved here and not connected a bit but sadly I was asked to handover a huge portion of my earnings of today else the problem I need to face is going to be too big..
  • No go.. I paid off.. We just manage for the day but my worry is.. If I am asked like this a 2nd time, what am I to do and where can I go?"
In an average level community, a talk was heard thus..
  • "I'm careful all along as the amounts I need to pay if I err even though not so big are still comparable to my earnings of the month. Unfortunately, today I made a small mistake unknowingly and had to pay that amount..
  • I'll just manage for the time being but.. To err is human and if it happens 2nd time? Neither I can stop involving here as my earning is ever linked to this involving at the basic level!"
In a richer community, a talk was heard thus..
  • "These so called hefty amounts are nothing to me compared to my wealth / earnings and beyond I always have a cushion of bargaining and pay a sizable lesser amount if required..
  • No problem.. Compared to the comforts and conveniences I'll have if I go soft with the rules on and off, these payments are nothing and I needn't bother much in this direction!"
The King was stunned with the conversations he heard. The Minister smiled and said in a soft tone,

“Your Highness did not perceive this equally happening while raising the limits of fines / punishments!”

The Post is written as story in response to this week's IndiSpire Prompt Are hefty traffic violation fines justifiable? #trafficrules


Tuesday, September 17, 2019


That evening as the 2 friends were on their stroll in the park, suddenly a celestial figure appeared in front of them and said,

"I'll grant you both a boon wherein you can

  • Rewind into your life to a stage you wish,
  • Remain attentive from then on,
  • Commit not those mistakes which you did earlier and
  • Come back to today's life
Minus the effect of those mistakes..

It's you choice now!"

The 1st friend said,

  • "Life is short and I'm suffering indirectly with lows presently because I committed many mistakes in my earlier life..
Let me minus those mistakes from my life and thus have the best of today with this boon!"

The 2nd friend said,

"No doubt,

  • Life is short and I'm suffering indirectly with lows presently because I committed many mistakes in my earlier life. But still,
Let me not minus those mistakes from my life and thus have the usual of today without this boon!"

Soon the 1st friend started living taking the benefit of the boon and the 2nd one foregoing the benefit of the boon..

Time passed..

Strangely, the 1st friend was not happy in his life with continued misery but the 2nd one was happy in his life with continued peace..

To a query for the strange happening, there was a clarification from above..

"You may be interested not to commit a mistake in your life as then you will have a better life but seen the other way here,
  • Pride has gone up steadily in the 1st friend with nothing minus to point out him by others and he soon secluded himself with the rest of mankind as he felt a special man but
  • Humility has become the way of life with the 2nd one at the back of the usual minus brought to his notice by others and there he joined with the mankind as he felt he is a normal man..
No need to say.. In time,

The pride with the 1st friend brought its own misery to him making him indirectly feel that life is worthless 

Where as

The humility with the 2nd one brought him an unknown peace making him directly feel that life is worth living!"


Monday, September 16, 2019


  • Talk makes a small man; stuff a medium personality; openness sure the great man..
  • Yesterday’s is knowledge; tomorrow’s is planning; today's is living..
  • To the powerful man listen.. Few out of interest; some to avoid conflict; many out of fear..
  • Do good, do bad or do right.. Choice may be sure mine; never the consequences..
  • Day or night, east or west, up or down living is the ultimate..
  • Nature gives food; Nature gives medicine; Nature gives poison.. Wise Choice matters..
  • Part of Past may be rotten and part of Future may be devilish but all Present is Divine and right actions of the moment sure straighten everything..
  • Take care of myself alone, I'm single and fear lurks; take care of my customer in addition, I'm never single but still fear lurks; take care of my next man too, fear ceases to exist..
  • Be truthful and assertive, the world challenges you; be truthful and cheerful, the world cautions you; be truthful and silent, the world bows down to you..
  • Everything good or bad, clean or dirty, holy or unholy are part and parcel of the Universe under the Care of Almighty!
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Saturday, September 14, 2019


Two friends working in different Organizations took 2 week holiday and went on a vacation trip..

The first friend thought..

  • "I'm off from my work for 2 weeks and going on my vacation. I spend quality time with my family and enjoy my trip!"
The second friend thought..

"No doubt,

  • I'm off from my work for 2 weeks and going on my vacation. I spend quality time with my family and enjoy my trip
But I indirectly follow up too with the happenings in my office!"

In that way, both the friends completed their vacation and returned. The next day both of them were in their offices. Soon the first one rang up to his friend..

"Dear! I don't know how you feel at your office. I feel dull and lethargic..
  • I've totally lost contact of what's happenings in my office..
  • My Assistants too have taken things a bit easy during my absence..
  • The office is disorganized because of my absence..
  • My family is unhappy that I've gone away immediately to my work on return..
  • All indirectly including myself carry a feeling that back to active work after a holiday is a pain for a while and why not extend the holiday for a day more?"
The second friend smiled and replied,

"Dear! My follow up of work at my office during our vacation indirectly helped me to be trim and active..
  • I'm up-to-date on the happenings in my office..
  • My Assistants are in trim condition to take my orders in respect of the on-going work..
  • My office is kept in good clean condition as that work was done almost daily by the staff whom I followed up from my side..
  • During our vacation, my family had understood that my work is important and never questioned me for being away from them on and off but happily joined with me for rest of the time. So today, as I'm back to my work and they too are back to their schedules without much fall back upon me..
  • Every one including my family members, the Assistants at office and indirectly myself too have understood thru' this discipline that the work at office is the most important part of our life let it be..

So when it's said


That Worship is nothing but doing with devotion every bit of work related to

Office activities,
Personal care,
Family welfare, or
Neighborhood interaction

Every moment whether one is at

Outside or
On vacation

Depending on the priority at that moment


The Post is written as a story in response to this week's IndiSpire PromptHow do you spend your weekends? or rather how do you spend your free time after your working hours? #TheOverlookedHalf

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Thursday, September 12, 2019


It was the moment of

  • Assertion, authority, comfort and no doubt..
The man in picture was in a state of total control and endless pride..
  • The wiseman in picture remained calm as much possible and continued working the required all along..
The moment passed paving way for the next mostly repeat the same..

It was the moment of

  • Enjoyment, extreme comfort, high recognition and endless relaxation..
The man in picture was in a state of ecstasy and let the steam go..
  • The wiseman in picture remained calm as much possible and continued working the required all along..
The moment passed paving way for the next mostly repeat the same..

It was the moment of
  • Coolness, total rest, well taken care feeling and do the like condition..
The man in picture was in a state of high spirits and full relaxation..
  • The wiseman in picture remained calm as much possible and continued working the required all along..
The moment passed paving way for the next mostly repeat the same..

Suddenly on a day,

It was the moment of
  • Vagueness, fear, discomfort and ambiguity..
The man in picture was in a state of chaos and helplessness..

But there too,
  • The wiseman in picture could remain calm as much possible and continued working the required all along..
The moment passed paving way for the next in store!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019


In 40's..

"Leaving the minimum medical support assured post retirement, the other retirement monies promised and often talked of great are not that really great as they are never linked to the rise in cost of living except once in a way revising. Considering the real inflation around, what's the money one will have in his/her hand every month if we look at these so called social securities schemes?

Nothing equals having a decent regular salary on the basis of bargain. But that's not possible beyond 60s and so, let me be wise and save sizable percentage of my present earnings for safe retirement. If done so, I would be secured against

Absence of job beyond 60,
Ever rising prices,
Never planned major expenditure and
Intact ancestral properties..

  • That way at least, the inflation will not make me nothing in life and
  • The retirement monies can give a minimum life!"
In 50's..

"Yes.. The right savings, I made so far during my career past 10 yrs. But that can't be the end. Let me increase this percentage from now onwards as soon, certain family expenditures are going to come down. Good financial discipline is a must at any time in our life. I tell you..

  • The inflation never listens and sure beats us if we don't take care of proper financial management and
  • It's No 1 duty with us to save max for retirement and rest all can wait!"
At 60..

"Thank God.. At least I took good care of my finances during service if not the best.. Other wise what are the monies in hand at this point of time? None can help.. A wise decision taken in time..
  • Still in front of inflation, between what I planned years ago and what I have today, there's a huge difference and 
  • Let me continue to be careful with respect to spending and safeguard these retirement monies!"
In early 60s..

"A small consolation here.. People who earlier used to look at me as the potential earner are now going soft with me and don't expect much from me. These savings at least, balance the rise in prices..

  • Still, the inflation is constantly up and
  • The retirement monies are not really big in front of that!"
In mid 60s..

"It's a fact.. My requirements are a bit down these days.. No great interest in any buying and spending like earlier..

  • Still inflation is a pain by the side and
  • Retirement monies are ever limited!"
In late 60s..

"These days, my movements have become quite limited and life has become more philosophical..
  • The inflation is not a big problem now and
  • Retirement monies are as they are!"
In early 70s..

"The day comes and goes.. Of late, our eating too has come down a lot.. No great costs..
  • The inflation does not bother me now and
  • All retirement monies are safe!"
In some years later..

Frugal eating, small movements, one or two involvements with the talk on
  • Inflation and
  • Retirement monies

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Sunday, September 8, 2019


In Sanskrit, a Saint is often called 'Parivrajaka' meaning one who constantly wanders around. The Great Saints feel that as their Dharma thus forcing themselves 

  • Live thru' a humble life of eating whatever is available on the spot and
  • Resting thru' whichever facilities are offered in the context..
The Great Saints know that that simple living would very much open up their minds more and more keeping off the thoughts of
  • Possession,
  • Self gratification and
  • Self protection beyond..
No doubt for an ordinary human being like me,
  • Taking the reasonable returns,
  • Enjoying within the limits and
  • Caring for self
Are a must in life but equally
  • The spirit of adventure,
  • Foregoing the certain and
  • Getting into the fields of the unknown
Too are to be constantly kept live in my life so that invariably I live a life of
  • Worth,
  • Contentment and
  • Elevating the Soul
And thus become a useful to
  • Myself,
  • The society around and
  • The humanity at large..
Thus frequent traveling far and wide with a totally relaxed mind leaving aside the usual chores of life for a while makes me sure the complete man and 

In that context tourism is to be encouraged as much possible around me!

But, sometimes my story of travel takes an ugly turn when that

  • Self interest in me goes beyond and
  • Grabbing the materialistic gains and pleasures takes over me
Invariably causing certain damage to the

Environment and Local Culture of the surroundings..

Those intentions often lurk behind the usual innocent looking poetic thinking and talking in me that often goes like,

  • "The scene is so beautiful with the distant majestic hills merging into the skies the silvery edges of which shining intermittently.. Let me bring out...
  • Those sharp reflected sun rays from above in no time are getting covered by the passing high speed clouds of the monsoon season.. Let me plan to present...
  • Those clouds bringing cool drizzles over the vast sloping landscape leading to the local community joining my observation and expression.. Let me capture the scenery in front and..."
Etc.. Etc..

Instead, let my those very thoughts be gently guided as much possible to the refined and elevated ones like as the 
hidden poet in me sings the song of any travel of tourist importance thus..

The distant majestic hills merging into the skies the silvery edges of which shining intermittently at the back of
The sharp reflected sun rays from above which scene in no time getting covered by the passing high speed clouds of the monsoon bringing cool drizzles over
The vast sloping landscape leading to the local community joining my observation and expression all along unmindful of the
Chill weather all round,
Sharp hunger within and
Priorities in front
Let myself lose to

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Over-tourism has led to social and environmental problems. What do you think is a good solution... #Tourism

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Friday, September 6, 2019


Certain actions were done.. There were certain returns..
  • "What's this? Is this what I get as returns for all that I did for so many days? Really a joke.. You know, for the amount of strain I've taken in doing all this, I should have been simply put.... and given.... Nothing less of it.. Really a pitiable state.. I've just been taken for granted!"
Shouted angrily, the worldly man ever looking out for certain gain everywhere..
  • "Leave all that talk about the returns. They come and go and that's a different issue. At least, I should have got a minimum word of appreciation for so much effort I put in. No such talk at all.. It's a wonder!"
Said aloud the ordinary worldly man of usual recognition..

"I've done my duty here. But never expected such a low recognition for all the work I did. God only knows the truth!"

Commented sarcastically the moral bound man..
  • "I've just done my duty.. I don't want to talk on returns I got. God Bless the recipient!"
Said routinely the man of ethics..
  • "It's a sacred duty.. This alone elevates me in my life and nothing else!"
Reiterated the spiritually oriented man..
  • "------"
Said nothing, the elevated man of lessened ignorance and having completed the work with a smile, took over the next!

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019


This week's IndiSpire Prompt says,

Share about any interesting place in your city/state that you are yet to visit. #GoingPlaces

No doubt, I can sure speak a lot of any place I visited but when it comes to speaking about a place not visited, I've no go other than saying my words based on what I heard from others as on date and read in the books. What I read in books about the new place, is always available there and in that context, I'm not saying anything new as my own. Again, what I heard from people, I should limit it as their own personal experiences..

Thus seen, I would like to bring out my would be experience at the new place based on my earlier experiences I had as I traveled across my country..

In teens on a day, I happened to travel down south of my country in connection with an important work. After completion of the job, I was returning by the night train with many people around me..

In no time, I had gone into deep sleep as I was fully tired with the hectic work of past few days. As I got up in the morning hrs to my surprise, 

I found myself resting with my head on the lap of an elderly man who seemed never moved in the night else I would have got up!
  • While getting down at my destination, as I thanked the elderly man, he silently reciprocated to that with all warmth of his heart!
In 20s in mid winter totally new to the place located miles away from my place in North, I was traveling by a night train..

When the train started, the compartment was quite warm with all windows down. As the journey continued, the chillness of the night slowly increased, and soon my usual sweaters from my place were of no use to withstand those low temps of North..

The middle aged farmer next to me noticing my suffering, 

Opened out his huge thick blanket over me signaling me to make use of that and without a second thought, I got in and took full advantage of the great warmth inside for the rest of the night!
  • While getting down at my destination, as I thanked the middle aged man, he silently reciprocated to that with all warmth of his heart!
In 40s, as I moved to the new city on my job in the Western India and the next day hired an auto rickshaw exact to the meter which on the way stopped at a signal for green, the driver in conversation with me knowing from where I came to his city asked..

"Aap ke city me single hai?"

Thus bringing out the true innocence of the young man at work when actually what he meant was 'signal'. Further to that,

  • While getting down at my destination, as I thanked the young man, he silently reciprocated to that with all warmth of his heart!
Seen in the context of above 3 unique experiences of my life, I decided to write about one more pleasant experience sure I am going to have presently in my 60s at the new place in the Eastern part of my country if I make a visit to the place and that experience would go thus..

At a cosmopolitan Mall in search of restroom as I happen to notice a luxury restroom on chargeable basis and ask the young girl at the counter of the special restroom for directions to normal restroom, she would sure confirm the facility on top floor far away but seeing me smile and say,

"Achha.. Aaap ab yeh facility use kar sakte bina payment!"

Thus ready to show off her grace of helping a senior citizen with due care..
  • I am sure, while getting out of the place, as I thank the graceful young girl, she sure silently would reciprocate to that with all warmth of her heart!
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Monday, September 2, 2019


  • The Highest Worship of God is forever sincerely respecting the Creation and the Order in Creation only and keeping this in mind,
I'll act to the best of my abilities to protect that Environment!
  • In all success, the Lord's Message is, 'Help others through your success' and keeping this in mind,
I'll extend this help around at a decent level of my social and living status!
  • In failures, equally the Lord's Message is, 'Learn from your mistakes!' and keeping this in mind,
I'll constantly work towards the steady improvement in me!
  • Believing in God is ever associated with believing people, of course with equal care and keeping this in mind,
I'll live my life with that attitude as much as possible!
  • The Almighty's Infinite Plans cannot be controlled by a few limited finite actions of mine and keeping this in mind,
I'll remain as much possible calm and cool as I push thru' problems of life!
  • The Lord always has Greater Plans for me and keeping this in mind,
I'll remain as much humble possible in all activities of my life!
  • The Almighty repeatedly tests me if I have a capacity to face the same and keeping this in mind,
I'll as much rise to the occasion and attend to the problems in front to the best of my capacities!
  • The Lord sooner or later sure warns me and shows the way when I deviate from my duty and keeping this in mind,
I'll never allow myself fall a prey to easy ways and alluring entities around!
  • A protective attitude can never take me to my God; instead, Surrender alone does that and keeping this in mind,
I'll do my job to the best of my abilities leaving off the anxiety part involved there in!
  • The Almighty never said to me not to worship Other Gods and keeping this in mind,
I'll close my 'Prayer' extending unfailing love towards humanity in my heart!

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