Tuesday, September 10, 2019


In 40's..

"Leaving the minimum medical support assured post retirement, the other retirement monies promised and often talked of great are not that really great as they are never linked to the rise in cost of living except once in a way revising. Considering the real inflation around, what's the money one will have in his/her hand every month if we look at these so called social securities schemes?

Nothing equals having a decent regular salary on the basis of bargain. But that's not possible beyond 60s and so, let me be wise and save sizable percentage of my present earnings for safe retirement. If done so, I would be secured against

Absence of job beyond 60,
Ever rising prices,
Never planned major expenditure and
Intact ancestral properties..

  • That way at least, the inflation will not make me nothing in life and
  • The retirement monies can give a minimum life!"
In 50's..

"Yes.. The right savings, I made so far during my career past 10 yrs. But that can't be the end. Let me increase this percentage from now onwards as soon, certain family expenditures are going to come down. Good financial discipline is a must at any time in our life. I tell you..

  • The inflation never listens and sure beats us if we don't take care of proper financial management and
  • It's No 1 duty with us to save max for retirement and rest all can wait!"
At 60..

"Thank God.. At least I took good care of my finances during service if not the best.. Other wise what are the monies in hand at this point of time? None can help.. A wise decision taken in time..
  • Still in front of inflation, between what I planned years ago and what I have today, there's a huge difference and 
  • Let me continue to be careful with respect to spending and safeguard these retirement monies!"
In early 60s..

"A small consolation here.. People who earlier used to look at me as the potential earner are now going soft with me and don't expect much from me. These savings at least, balance the rise in prices..

  • Still, the inflation is constantly up and
  • The retirement monies are not really big in front of that!"
In mid 60s..

"It's a fact.. My requirements are a bit down these days.. No great interest in any buying and spending like earlier..

  • Still inflation is a pain by the side and
  • Retirement monies are ever limited!"
In late 60s..

"These days, my movements have become quite limited and life has become more philosophical..
  • The inflation is not a big problem now and
  • Retirement monies are as they are!"
In early 70s..

"The day comes and goes.. Of late, our eating too has come down a lot.. No great costs..
  • The inflation does not bother me now and
  • All retirement monies are safe!"
In some years later..

Frugal eating, small movements, one or two involvements with the talk on
  • Inflation and
  • Retirement monies

Keywords: Inflation, Retirement

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