Wednesday, October 30, 2019


"There is so much suffering in the world. If I don't help here, what's the meaning to my life and what's the use of all these monies, time and energies with me?"

"Dear! You should sure do that all the time in your life. But do you know or have you assessed


As you do so?"

"What other calculations are required here, Sir? I have more in everything and the man next to me has so much less in respect of all of that. So clear and straight forward!"


  • I have a body and the self interest in me beyond will not listen to me and forces me to stick to it a 100% if not done so..
When cornered by a mob, the Great Man too initially took shelter in a Police Station and subsequently with the help of Police escaped from there in front of the mob in the guise of a policeman!
  • There is an order around me imposed by Nature and the laws of land backed by certain ethical ways of human expression and that need to be respected and I should never become a hindrance therein..
When a stranger asked the Great Man for some food, the Great Personality asked him complete a work for that. When the stranger refused to do that, the Great Man just remained firm sticking to what He said!
  • I have a duty as human being too and here a certain part of mine which I can easily negate, should necessarily be done so..
Having seen as their right, the Great personality made his tenants, owners of the respective houses by straight away surrendering His ownership!

Seen in the above context, it is imperative that I first take care of the first 2 core issues in respect of my welfare in particular and my greater surroundings welfare in general which means indirectly


Beyond alone I should start taking care of the 3rd issue of my life Viz.,


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Monday, October 28, 2019


No doubt,

  • Being straight forward and firm,
  • Speaking out what's the right known without hesitation and
  • Doing that right as well within the frame work of law
Truly form part of my discipline in life but our Scriptures very much ascertain that I always live in the world at the level of truth known to me and never deviate from that on either side except a little here and there..

If I look at lives of the Great Saints and Hermits I sure notice that, at times they too though totally left the world and embraced seclusion ever full within themselves, used to smile and join people at normal level to meet the requirement of equivalent longing coming up in Them now and then due to traces of ignorance left out..

I being, infinitesimally small compared those Great Men and Women in spite of myself appearing to understand


So much, necessarily need to associate with people around me at various levels and in various situations continuously in my life and thus carry on


Of sticking to


Which if seen thru' actions, is nothing but the discipline comprising of

  • Routine exchange of warm greetings,
  • Living thru' the known mannerisms and
  • Actively involving in give and take..
If done so, all that itself becomes


With me and with such an attitude from my side when I approach others, I would straight away be accepted as their man and people very much come forward to co-operate with me..

Having successfully established that channel of communication, beyond I should ever be ready to tell my point of understanding


And subsequently continue doing in that line. If done so, all my messages/doings sure slowly percolate into the hearts of people without an iota of doubt and does the good everywhere.. 

On the eve of


The festival of lights, let me with no recourse, straight away light this single discipline in me and start spreading



Friday, October 25, 2019


"I earned honestly and it's ever my money. I use it in the way I like and the rest, I should safeguard

For my Future, for my Welfare and for my Progeny..

I don't want to part with my precious earnings in the name of giving here and there recklessly..

If some people need money, it's their problem and let them alone work for their requirement. I'll never part with my money!"

Thus was speaking ever the man of high worldly interest..

"No doubt, I might have earned honestly but it's never my money. I should never use it in the way I like other than

For my Future and for my Welfare and the left out anyhow goes to my Progeny which is not basically my responsibility..

Beyond, I should be ready to part with my money thru' giving without much fuss and questioning. It's really cruel to do that. Let others too be benefitted indirectly thru' my progress..

Some one is in need of money means, God is expecting me to do something there. Here, I should straight away be a party to that doing without a second thought!"

Thus was speaking, often the man of many morals..

"I should earn honestly and feel happy that I did so. I should use it in the way I'm supposed to. Rest I should safeguard

For my Future, for my Welfare and for my Progeny..

I should part with a limited of it in a controlled way by giving to the deserved ones who are in dire need. Rest of the so called needy people should directly work for their requirement..

Some one needs money means, God is expecting me to play my role in the right way with my discrimination capacity. I should sure be a party to that doing but never encourage laziness and ease in the recipients!"

Thus was speaking, ever the man of certain clarity..

There was a Message from Above..

  • "No doubt, the man of high worldly interest is the self interested personality but he is sure of that at his understanding level and thus doing justice to his capacity in full which I bestowed upon him ever remaining useful to himself which is as per My Plan..
The purpose of his life in this world as on date..
  • The man of clarity is again sure of his understanding level and is doing justice to his capacity in full which again I bestowed upon him ever remaining useful to the world at large which is as per My Plan..
The purpose of his life in this world as on date..
  • But strangely, the middle man caught in his own web of morals is never rising to his capacities in full which I originally bestowed upon him and doing unnecessary and unhelpful works to the world ever believing that I only bestowed upon him all that which as per My Plan is never
The purpose of his life in this world as on date!

Keyword: ACTIONS

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


The retired man mused..

“Since I am retired with certain definite time and energies left out with me, why not I extend 'Help' and support my grown up family members who have no breathing time busy with their own tight work schedules?"

The well wisher remarked..

The ‘HELP’ which you are planning to extend to your grown-ups is

  • Really not required and
  • Not to be expected by them as much
As that 'HELP' extended sure makes them to that extent incapable forcing them lose

The essential capacity of managing everything in limited time with limited energies..

Whatever be the pressures in their lives, they should alone find time for their works and squeeze them in their schedules!"

The retired man retorted..

"Being with them should I not help my family at all?’

"Yes.. That 'GREATER HELP' from your end is nothing but doing your core works yourself and in general meeting the family essentials. Leaving those primary activities in respect of the rest, let your family members look at them as their own
  • Day to day issues of life,
  • Close them for the day to their own judgement and satisfaction,
  • Gain the rich experience of handling such sensitive issues of life and thus
Ever remain the Masters of their lives!

Agreed, a few small downfalls here and there sure would be there in such situations wherein the calculations truly go wrong.. 

Let them go wrong to the extent they are managed within the limits not jeopardizing the basics, which I feel mostly no disciplined grown-up dares to do all along you remaining,

An advisory by their side with your rich experience of life ready for exigencies and essentials!

If done so your grown-ups,

  • Not just end up knowing fishing alone in their lives when

Which any how you taught them when they were growing but
  • How to equip themselves to fish too on a day when

Clarified the well-wisher with a smile!


Saturday, October 19, 2019


All along, life in front encourages and helps me stick to Truth..
  • If I pay no attention to that, it tries to assert Truthfulness everywhere..
  • If I remain adamant not to follow that, it forces me without an exception towards the Truthful Actions..
  • If I oppose that too with a proud feeling, it brings forth it's own implementation of Establishing the Truth
And moves on ever expecting me to be alert in my life!

Simultaneously, the ignorance in me lures me with its own attractions..

  • If I remain unyielded to that allurement, it pretends to be my well wisher showing me the escaping routes of all those attractions..
  • If I remain adamant not to listen there, it threatens me with dire consequences of not listening to it..
  • If I oppose there too with all firmness, it retreats temporarily from its malicious intentions
And moves on making bigger plans of catching me up when not alert!

Seen thus, even though looks the toughest way ,

  • It's ever better I stick to Truth and accordingly mold my life rather than
  • Yield to many instant attractions around and get lost into an alluring world of ultimate nothingness! 
If firmed up so, the next moment
  • Out is the tension in me and 
  • Comes in the everlasting peace
In which state of mind, 

A Single Action

Alone is perceived every moment!

Said the other way the single choice of living my life right,

  • Just touches me like the softest feather and graces me all along my life but the choice of wrong
  • Hits me like the hardest rock and makes me flat many times in my life
And making that choice is purely mine and mine alone!

Thus, it truly remains a choice-less living or otherwise called the wisest choice if seen in the right sense as the Ultimate Solution for

Fear, Despondency and Sorrow

Of life which do not vanish but come and go on and on but myself remaining ever ready to bear all that without a single remorse feeling..

Otherwise, every moment,

  • Attitude remains a choice,
  • Happiness remains a choice,
  • Optimism remains a choice,
  • Kindness remains a choice,
  • Giving remains a choice and
  • Respect remains a choice
With me, ever backed by
  • Various timely soothing advices
  • Endless indirect controls and
  • Many highly acclaimed remedies with the same
Fear, Despondency and Sorrow

Constantly terrifying me with no solace seen in front!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt.. “Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.” Your reflection on those words of Roy T Bennett #WiseChoices

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Thursday, October 17, 2019


A man got into a perennial problem in his life. In that context, he approached few people for advice..

  • "Take my this advice. I've given a similar one to so many people. People always got some benefit this way or that way of what I said. It's so simple to understand and follow. The plan of action for you in the present situation is.....
  • I just told you everything crystal clear. You should act now. What's the use of keeping quiet doing nothing or do some thing here and there without head and tail?
  • Act in a concrete way, dear.. Beyond god will take care!"
The man of pure worldly interest said emphatically..
  • "Take my this advice.. I've given in few places. Mostly, people got some benefit of what I told. It's simple.. The plan of action for you in the present situation is.....
  • I just told the over all.. You should act now. Beyond it is His Will!"
The man of certain moral values said firmly..
  • "Take my this advice.. I've given in few places. The plan of action for you in the present situation is.....
  • I told the over all and you should act now. Finally, it is the Almighty that does everything!"
The man of certain ethics said softly..
  • "Just see if this works.. The plan of action for you in the present situation is.....
  • I may or may not be that right here. God Bless!"
The man of certain insight said with a smile..
  • "See if something of this is useful. Try doing that and hope for the best.. Om! Shanthi!"
The man of certain spiritual elevation said in a loving tone..

At the back of all those advises, the next day evening the man visited near by temple, offered his sincere prayer to the Lord and sat in silence in front of the Deity. As he sat thus, he happened to hear a small story told on the loud speakers of the temple, as part of the discourse delivered for the day..

  • "A man with perennial problem visited the near by Ashram for seeking the Great Saint's advice. Having seen the Great Saint silently sitting in Meditation, the man too sat in silence in front of Him..
  • The Great Saint continued His silence for a while, further opened His eyes, with a silent gesture looked at the man and enquired through silent hand signal whether he was feeling better for which the man without his knowledge nodded his head silently..
  • Both sat for some more time in silence and finally as the man silently took leave from the Great Personality through a silent bow down and came out silently, to his great surprise he could find within,
The ultimate solution to his problem!"

Keyword: SILENCE

Monday, October 14, 2019


  • “You got to change a lot. It’s not happening. Listen.. Experience speaks a lot and with a back up of such worldly knowledge alone I'm talking to you here. Do you say 'YES' for me to go ahead and brief you on my plan of action"?
The tone of the well-wisher stressed with all firmness eager to bring the required change..

A smile, nodding and beyond silence alone prevailed at the back of a great firmness in doing


In front!

  • “For everything, keeping quiet is not the solution. It does nothing. If you continue doing that people will leave you and you'll have no friends. Be ready to say 'YES' to my proposal!”
The tone continued with a never lessening grip..

A smile, nodding and beyond silence alone continued to prevail at the back of a great firmness in doing


In front!
  • “I agree that some care and good follow up is required. But totally getting into the type of mess you are going to create for yourself is never welcome. It takes you nowhere!”
The tone asserted straightway firmly..

A smile, nodding and beyond silence alone, never left the scene at the back of a great firmness in doing


In front!
  • “Am telling you again and again.. Coming up life is not that easy. It has too many ups and downs you can never think up. Come out of your shell and try to see the world from a different angle!"
The tone said with a hope of bringing the expected change..

A smile, nodding and beyond silence alone, remained 'as is' at the back of a great firmness in doing


In front!
  • “Don’t want to listen? OK! It’s your life and you decide. Why should I struggle so much to tell you? The future alone shows you what you missed here!”
The tone became softer at the back of a disgusted feeling within..

A smile, nodding and beyond silence alone further continued at the back of a great firmness in doing


In front!
  • “I told what I have to tell from my side. Beyond people have to understand themselves and lead their lives!”
The tone toned down itself and remained undertone beyond..

A smile, nodding and beyond silence alone, never retreated at the back of a great firmness in doing


In front!

  • “I'm off.. I don't know what to say more.. You remain so cool and speak nothing.. It’s your wish now.. Bye!”
The tone slowly melted down allowing the situation in front take over..

A smile, nodding and beyond silence alone, finally won over the situation at the back of a great firmness in doing


In front!

God was in all Smiles..

“A Truthful Action ever remains Single. Interpretations therein vary widely but no go, all those have to merge into that Single Action ultimately and beyond Peace alone prevails!”


Wednesday, October 9, 2019


That night the Celestial Figure appeared in the dreams of few people of the town and said,

"I promise to provide you 2 humble meals daily comprising of

  • Not more than one item,
  • Daily the same item,
  • Limited to a single morsel every time but
Without break

Through out your life..

How do you take the offer?"

  • "It's just infinitesimal in front of my wealth and I'm ready to straight away forego that but thru' second thoughts I decided.. I'll keep it aside as savior of the toughest times of my life when the whole of my wealth is at stake which is almost a utopia in my life!"
The richest man of the town said with an air of pride..
  • "No doubt, it's nothing compared to my wealth, I can straight away say no to it but still I shouldn't say no to anything given and so I'll keep this aside as the savior of tougher times of my life when my wealth is at stake which of course, is a rare phenomenon!"
The rich man of the town said with all coolness..
  • "No doubt, it's the least valued offer compared to my earnings but I can't say no it as I can keep it aside as the savior of tough times of my life when my wealth is at stake and I am singled out!"
The higher level earning person said thoughtfully..
  • "Truly a standby.. I'll keep it aside as the savior of my life as it adds to the limited wealth of mine and is sure valued as gold in tough times of life!"
The middle level income person said with all cheers..
  • "Great and timely benefit of my life.. I'll just add it to the small savings of my life and the total sure is going to be big and stands as a huge support throughout my life!"
The lower level income person said with total contentment..
  • "Hurray.. What a boon in my life and the noble gift of my life! You be seeing.. From tomorrow..
  • I'll fight out vigorously for my fundamental rights which are constantly taken away as on date as the monster hunger in front is making me yield every time ever keeping me at the receiving end of the evil!"
The penniless man on the road exploded with joy!

Keyword: HUNGER

Friday, October 4, 2019


"I'll take care of you the best possible way!"

Boasted the democratic ruler..

"That's okay but
Forever goes thus..

'Neither a drudgery work nor a work of great interest but ever the vibrant live work with
the doer,
the recipient and
the world at large
getting equal benefit..

Neither demands work experience nor
can be purchased for a price with
rest works the world weighs for a price
ever remaining less..

Neither quantified by theories nor
qualified by experiments
ever remaining a constant process of negation with
rest works propelled by human emotions
ever remaining less..

Never divides,
Ever unites
freeing the doer from the burden of part mundane life with
everlasting peace
making one
never ever leave It!'

Such a Service you'll be able to do to a reasonable level only when the Original Truth percolates a bit into you. Else all promises and welfare activities you take up are ever questionable!"

Said the citizen..

"That way you'll never get one with such revelation to rule you. It's better you allow a person who has an interest to take up the ruling!"

Asserted the democratic ruler..

"Yes.. True Leaders are ever limited and I've no go here other than accept the one in front of me ready to rule. But that never takes me off from


Equally asserted the citizen..

"Come on.. There are so many opposing, questioning and voting mechanisms in this set up, I can't decide everything by myself!"

Assured the democratic ruler..

"I agree all those mechanisms are there. But power sure corrupts and in the process all involved can be either,

  • Satisfied beyond,
  • Sidelined for a moment,
  • Secluded routinely or
  • Silenced permanently
And a rosy picture of ruling can be presented..

Thus seen, all the checking mechanisms with me are equally defective!"

Said the citizen firmly..

"That way taken, none will be available to rule you and that sure is a state of anarchy!"

Meekly said the democratic leader..

"Yes.. That too can happen and the lovers of democracy should never allow that. Seen thus, the only way in front of me is..

  • Never take easy,
  • Ever doubt,
  • Never side and
  • Ever question

Both at the individual level and at the level of lovers of democracy and thus ever remain part of


Which forever speaks only..


Asserted the citizen!


Tuesday, October 1, 2019


  • Try doing my basic works myself as my body parts are originally meant to do those works keeping me fit and fine even though I may easily buy those services ever upholding the Saying..
April showers bring May flowers!
  • Don't try buying unnecessary items saying, 'It's a throw away price!' without knowing well that the seller indirectly is trying to throw away those items to me reducing own burden and equally remembering the oft repeated Saying..
If you start buying items you don't need, soon you would be selling items to buy the items you need!
  • Don't visit the luxury places beyond my means as that sure becomes routine and I would invariably be searching for super luxuries making me accept the fact..
Habits die hard!
  • Am aware of the 'Silent Earning Members' by my side Viz., the health and safety measures and take the required care therein as..
Health is nothing when it's there and everything else is nothing when not there! and

Accidents often happen only once in life!
  • Don't quickly say that life is 'fantastic' instead say, ‘to be lived through’ as the 'Humility' with me forever straightens me and puts me on the right track as often..
When music changes, dance too!
  • Keep track of major finances of my own, incoming and outgoing by a physical 'note-down' as..
A lakh has one hundred thousands only; not a single more!
  • Follow the basics of my original discipline that had brought me to this day's prosperity as my past, sure needs at least that much recognition upholding the famous Saying..
No pains; no gains!
  • Don't relax extra because of my present prosperity but do more as the 'evil pride' with me soon can make this fort of prosperity go into history books permanently upholding the Saying..
Pride goes before fall!
  • Grow my finances at a moderate pace and never chase them as there's no 'super rich' concept anywhere in such a scenario except in my mind well remembering that..
Grass does not grow faster if you pull it!
  • Involve deep into the family life and the same is the sure way of myself growing inward thru' a dedicated service to family as..
There is no place like home!
  • Am getting reasonable stamped approved social behavior as majority of the society are bound by orderly behavior myself equally knowing well that the wrong is to be questioned but always thru' proper channels and here forever..
A patient man eats ripe fruit!
  • Am having ever a feeling of being watched by law keepers as the long arm of law is always powerful, it never leaves one who deviates and in such a scenario..
Better bread with water than cake with trouble!
  • Express through one of the famous Arts broadly defined in books as that expression is the gist of my life and I shouldn't kill it and become rotten as is well known that..
A bird sings not to reply but a song!
  • Be ever ready to spend a percent of my income and energies beyond the basic need to help out the less privileged as they too are part of His Creation who okay-ed my success making it well known that..
Rain never falls on one roof!

(With due credit to the Authors of some of the Sayings)