Monday, February 25, 2013

History Repeats; NO GO!

An injustice takes place in the form of suppression and denying the eligible receipts / rights…. 

No inquiry t
hrough a Committee to investigate the failure on the behalf of an Expertise Group backed by Power could easily bring out the Truth because of the influence of partiality from the side of the experts' Group and lack of knowledge in the field from the side of non experts' Group of the Committee…. But the non-agreement between the two Groups, in the form of a constant 'Ever Questioning Attitude' many times brings in the true justice…. What is the most important point here is to give equal powers to the two Groups….But the Seat of Power always tilts these scales....And, dethroning the Seat of Power for all such actions is an impossible task through any known Democratic Approaches except through a Revolution….

That Revolution alone starts the whole process of reformation but sustenance of this reformation is a big question mark because the Power Seekers around finely divide the masses and work towards capturing the Power back through either luring or threatening.…

Ultimately, the masses have no choice but to yield…In the process the opponents lose for ever both the Earth and the Heaven on the Earth and  a few may thus suffer throughout their lives….

The Great Saintly Personalities alone can bring in the required changes everywhere outside as well as in the hearts of every one around, but those Personalities do not interfere with the functioning of Nature through any special doings…. Except through their Silence….

Ultimately, a Yuga ends through Divine Intervention and the birth of a New World takes place under the Guidance of these Great Saintly Personalities backed by Truth and Dharma….

In the mean time, history repeats a number of times and there is no other 'GO’ here!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Service free of Pride and Expectation is required!

A man at one stage in his life firmly decided to be good in his neighborhood and society around and thus live his remaining life. “What is the use of this life when I don’t see the need and difficulty of the other man next to me?” thus he thought and started showing kindness to many around through enquiring about their problems, helping out at appropriate places and being liberal in giving to them when any occasion surfaces.... 

Soon it became his habit and a way of life and he earned a good name around.  People used to praise him as the best man in the surroundings…. He was very happy and continued his activities….

A few years passed thus….

With time he found that slowly people started responding in a different style which was originally never seen with them even though he continued his activities as usual…. His doubts firmed up, he could no more control within himself and one fine day met a well-wisher and sincerely asked the reason for the change….

The well-wisher straight away took him to a place where a contest of tug-of-war was going on between two individuals….He said, “Look! My dear! This is a game you know, in which the two parties would be pulling equally the max possible in opposite directions….  But if you observe carefully, you will notice that the moment one man releases the hold, the other too does that exactly according to the pull remaining from the opponent.  And If he pulls, the other too pulls….The more he starts pulling, the more the other party does from his side 
to safeguard himself from coming towards the opponent side.…. In this context, can you tell me what appeals to you instantly?” 

The man was blank….

“Living our life is like contesting in the game of this tug of war” said the well-wisher with a smile…. “If you care for people around without a second thought which is like releasing the pull from your side, the others too will release their hold as they feel safe in your presence and look at you instantly as their well-wisher and man of worthy of respect and worship….What all you need to do from your side is truly to release the pull….Tell me…. Presently, are you holding 'The Rope' with a feeling of pride and expectation which were not significant in you in the beginning but have surfaced slowly in time as you started rendering these Services around?”