Saturday, June 15, 2024

A practice required in my life….

In a certain small village, there lived a distinct gentleman….

In all problems of the individuals of the village, when some used to extend just the lip sympathy saying, ‘I am sorry. I am unable to help here. See, it is not my problem!’ and thus keep off, this gentleman firmly used to say, ‘It is a problem and painful situation. Let me help the affected!’ and immediately get into whatever relief works possible at his level ….

Thus life was going on.

Suddenly there was a catastrophe in the village and almost all the people of the village were affected this way or that way….People who supported earlier the thinking Viz., ‘It is not my problem’ when his/her next man was in trouble had a trauma and painful recovery.

The gentleman who supported all the while the concept Viz., ‘It is a problem and painful situation’, continued saying the same and got into action. With all calmness, first he attended to his problem, brought that to a stage where good recovery was in sight, immediately started helping out the people around who were equally affected and truly worked out a plan for them towards recovery….

People around him got astonished and asked, “How is that you are not disturbed much during this crisis and helped yourself as well as others?”

The gentleman smiled and replied, ‘My dear! I always believed in the precept that a problem in front needs to be addressed; that’s all! I could never distinguish it as ‘mine’ and ‘not mine.’ Thus, when the catastrophe had struck me and others around equally, there was only one thought in me…. ‘First help yourself for self recovery and when once you can stand to the situation, help the next man!’ As I continuously believed in this philosophy, in time it worked to the perfection!”

Individual, Family and Society....Truly Elder....

The ten signs of a true elderly person are

When all additional presentations of one’s personality in outside world to appear younger than his/her age are totally left out....

When one is fully aware that every where there can be a problem, but is always ready with a reasonable solution....

When one limits his activities in the world to the true level his/her body and mind do permit....

When one limits his/her activities in respect of family interactions with a feeling that enough interactions for life were already done....

When bringing up a grandchild is seen as the true responsibility of his/her child and never his/her own whatever the situation may be....

When one understands that part of one’s wealth can be used for justified cause in the world as per his/her wish and rest only for oneself and his/her progeny....

When one is fully aware that till last minute it is better one does his/her work feasible by himself/herself only....

When one realizes that it is better consumption in the world is minimized everywhere in respect of himself/herself....

When one understands that living the present life is good enough and all is well done so far and no regrets....

When one ultimately lessens his partiality whatever and sees that everyone around has his/her right to live in a decent way….

Friday, June 14, 2024


The man firmed up..
  • "I am fed up with these 6 enemies making me fall 'n' number of times. From today, whatever be the situation,
I'll be contented,
I'll be calm,
I'll be generous,
I'll be appreciating around,
I'll be humble
and thus
Will live through certain clarity..
  • My discipline starts now!"
Soon, he became the talk of town and his program was going on in leaps and bounds..

Anger called for an urgent meeting. Only greed and jealousy attended..
  • "Listen! Every up has down. The more this man remains calm, the more he'll lose his temper. I needn't plan anything at this point of time to topple him. What about you, people?"
Anger questioned..
  • "In the right moment, I'll show the opportunity of grabbing. He'll fall flat!"
Greed asserted..
  • "In time, I'll bring in front of him the right object of comparison. He can't escape!"
Jealousy said with a wink..
  • "Where are our desire, pride and delusion? Not seen!"
Anger asked..
  • "They sent a message that they can't come for the meeting as they are busy!"
Was the reply. Anger fumed..
  • "What busy when our house is on fire?"
  • "We don't know!"
As anger looked at the man carefully..
  • He was seen constantly desiring to continue his discipline,
  • All along feeling proud that he could achieve what he planned and
  • Thus remained deluded eternally in the trap he only invited!
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Thursday, June 13, 2024


One was enjoying life max with no other values attached..

The 2nd one was enjoying life optimum with some values for morals of life..

The 3rd one was enjoying limited with some values for morals of life but more ethics attached..

The 4th one was enjoying min with some values for morals of life but more ethics and was partly into philosophical life..

The 5th one was enjoying least with some values for morals of life but more ethics and was a lot into philosophical life..

All along,

One more was just enjoying life but was equally sharing with others..

There was a Message from Skies..
  • No doubt, all are doing their best to reach Me but the one who shares with My Creation beyond taking is ever dear to Me!"

Wednesday, June 12, 2024


The disciple asked, 

“Reverend Sir! What is 

‘Right Action’

Of an individual at a moment? How can one identify that in one’s life?”

The Master replied, 

“Dear! It is not possible to define exactly the 

‘Right Action’ 

For any one at any point of time as devoid of total self alone, the Action in front is the

'Right Action’.. 

Since selfishness is part of our lives, the 

‘Right Action’ 

For an individual at any point of time lies between his/her requirement in the world and the interference the fulfillment of that requirement causes to the world around or in distance that requirement ever remaining within legal boundaries of his/her living place..

If the individual controls self and reduces his/her requirement at any point of time, the

'Right Action' 

Rises from Ethical point of view but soon tapers off as control of self beyond means the person is highly interested to uplift self which turns out to be the mundane desire alone with him/her..

Only when the requirement of an individual comes down naturally by God's Grace without any extra effort from his/her side, the

‘Right Action’

Is redefined for the person and further continues at that level..

All our efforts in the direction of Philosophical Path should see this balance state clearly, start living at that level by continuously doing the related 

‘Right Actions’

And remain at immediate Peace! 

Thus exist our 

‘Right Actions’

By our side in this life!”


Monday, June 10, 2024


The young man had to spend few sleepless nights to prepare for the final exams of his graduation and soon all the exams were over..

"Done.. From now, I can sleep well!"

He beamed..

But that wish was short lived as soon he came across few critical mistakes he did in the exams, there was a doubt whether he would pass 2 subjects and

Those worries soon lead him to experience sleepless nights..

The results were announced, to his surprise, he passed all the exams and instantly was relieved of all his tensions..

"Done.. From now, I can sleep well!"

He beamed..

That happiness again was short lived as he could not get a job for some time with critical comments from known circles about his capability and

Those worries soon lead him to experience sleepless nights again..

On a day surprisingly he  got a job in a private firm and that made him cool beyond.. 

"Done.. From now, I can sleep well!"

He beamed..

Years passed.. 

The firm was surviving in a tough competitive field and in order to retain orders and survive in the harsh competitive environment, his Bosses used to drive him mad at his work which made him work late night daily..

Those situations soon lead him to experience shortage of sleep daily..

Years passed..

Soon he started applying for better jobs and by his luck, got selected by a company which had certain monopoly in business devoid of competition..

"Done.. From now, I can sleep well!"

He beamed..

Years passed..

Being in a company job, there were again goals and deadlines, the man in no time was pushed to a corner to perform indirectly as otherwise the company Bosses would become unhappy. Further being a company, it should earn min profit to continue to exist..

The daily tensions of keeping Bosses pleased in no time pushed him to the 'worry corner' and

Those worries soon lead him to experience sleepless nights once again..

That again could not go on thus for long, he started applying for '9 to 5' jobs and by his luck, got a job with a Trust..

The job was smooth with no spill over for the next day and with no pressure beyond except following the simple highly feasible orders at work, 100% '9 to 5' work culture and a freedom to talk on the 'wrong!'

"Done.. From now, I can sleep well!"

He beamed..

But strangely, he continued to experience sleepless nights as 

He had no problems at work with so much coolness!

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Thursday, June 6, 2024


A man because of whom few suffered in their lives was in sizable difficulty all of a sudden..

“As you sow so you reap!

There are many places to help and many who truly need me at this point of time..

Let me move from here!”

Was the criticism from a man who was considered as the learned man in many fields..

“Every jackal has its day!

I've nothing to do as one has to necessarily pay thru' nose for the wrongs done..

Let me move from here!”

Were the words of the man of too much pride..

“Every effort pays!

No return will come to me if I help such a man..

Let me move from here!”

Was thought of a man who all the life looked for plus and minus alone..

“Time and tide wait for none!

Where is the extra energy with me to help such personalities?

Let me move from here!”

Was the lamenting of a man who was tired of his own hectic works all along..

“Service to Humanity is Service to God!

I'll extend my best support in reducing the suffering of this man..

Let me stay here!"

Was the decision of the man who believed in the concept..

'I am not the doer; I act through His Will!'

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