Thursday, October 19, 2017


That evening, the child along with his mom and grandpa entered the Toy Shop. Soon the Little One was on his favorite toy cars there..

"I want that car!"

He said.. The daughter smiled and said,

"They won't allow it on our flight back home. For a month of our stay here the cost is too much.. Later it becomes a waste!"

"Next year I come, I'll play!"

"By that time, you become big.. You'll not play with this.. Pick up another toy!"

"No I want it.. Grandpa can we buy this?"

The grandpa remained silent.. The daughter said firmly..

"Dad.. Let's go to the next store. There he'll find something interesting!"

"Dear! We can't snub the interests of the child. As caretakers and well-wishers, we've a role to genuinely look into our boy's timely needs and help him in fulfilling them to the best of our abilities!"

The elderly man said..

"But how can we do that here? After all our monies too are precious!"

"Dear! When I say thus, I never mean saying don't care for your money.. I saw in the Mall in the Central Area having these cars rented out for children to run in their premises for a small amount.. Let's go there!"

Soon the mom and grandpa convinced the Little One on that with a promise to him that they would be going there immediately and the car would be given to the boy!

"I'll buy and bring it home.. At home I want play!"

The Little One said firmly.

In 15 minuets time, the 3 were in the Mall area where different cars in different colors were seen going round. Seeing them, the Little one's eyes brightened.

"I want that car.. Let's buy that!"

He said. The grandpa talked to the In-charge boy and requested him to help riding the child for a while. Then he looked at the Little One and said,

"Dear! You've to learn the car operation.. Don't you like to learn?"

"Yes.. I want!"

"That you can't do it yourself at home.. This uncle will help you.. So sit in the car for 10 minutes and learn all that!"

Soon the Little One was into those activities.. 10 minutes passed, the boy had to vacate the car..

"Dear! I want you learn different cars.. The next car will be with you in 5 mts when the present riding boy vacates.. We've to wait!"

5 minutes passed and the next car was with the child.. Again for the next 10 minutes the boy was in his own world..

Next, the child got into the 3rd and 4th cars successively each looking different and rode them screaming aloud.. By that time, the 1st car was again ready for him.

"Learn and practice more!"

Said the grandpa..

2 hrs passed thus and the Mall crowd started thinning out with the closing time being one hr. Just in time, the grandpa took another initiative. He approached the In-charge boy and said,

"Can you give now the first car to our boy till the Mall closes? I'll pay a fixed charge!"

The In-charge boy instantly agreed for that and soon the Little One started going round continuously in the car. By that time everyone felt hungry.. The grandpa asked,

"Dear! Do you like to have your favorite ice cream? I'll get it for you!"

The child nodded his head and the old man soon headed towards the boy's favorite Ice Cream Shop leaving him with his mom.

Just before it was the closing time for the car ride, he emerged on the scene with boy's favorite delicacy and seeing him from distance, the boy left his car and ran towards his cone..

In no time, he was all into the action of licking his tastiest piece of cone well satisfied with the extended car ride he had..

  • "Our boy is fully charged now with renewed energy. His strong wish of owning the car had melted out silently under the unending rides he had in all types of cars along with his favorite ice cream towards the end..
  • No doubt, it cost me a bit with ride rate minutes wise and fixed but those amounts together in few hundreds are well within our limits of spending towards our child's happiness and mental well-being compared to the few thousands of owning the toy car without using it much except that we almost spent 3 hrs here spreading over our energies for such a good cause.. Anyhow ultimately the Saying goes.. 
No Pains No Gains!

And sure we got our gain here..

One 100% of our boy's confidence that we take care of him well!"

Said the elderly man while alighting at home the 3 wheeler they hired on return with the Little Boy giving a pose with a beaming face at the end of the day!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


No doubt it's the answer from Lord Krishna 
Slokas 55 and 56, 
Chapter II 
Srimad Bhagavad Gita 
to a query from Prince Arjuna on who the 
Man of Steady Wisdom 

'prajahaati yadaa kaamaan
sarvaan partha manogataan;
aatmanyevaatmanaa tushtah

sthitadheer munir uchyate'

'Casting off the desires of mind
Satisfied in the Self alone, 
not shaken by adversity, 
not hankering after pleasures 
freed from attachment, fear and anger 
the sage of steady wisdom!'

That Sacred Message 
equally binds me thru'
in my life..

'Refraining max from the wild ways of living
Involve actively in your responsibilities with a
Giving attitude explicitly seen everywhere and thus
Hold the bridle firmly readying yourself to
Take whatever comes in the process!'

With the Sacred Word 
very much imprinted on it!"

Let me.. 
With no recourse straight away 
lighten up this single discipline in me 
on this 
The Festival of Lights 
Start spreading goodness everywhere!

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Monday, October 16, 2017


No doubt he was the No 1 genius of the town 
He wanted his son too to be in that line 
But the son in no time turned out to be a misfit amidst similar genius personalities.. 

The No 1 genius soon went out of ethics.
Used his clout to forcibly turn a simpleton into a genius. 
Thus remained for a while a clown amidst the genius personalities.. 

But life can never continue thus. 
A clown too has own personality of original expression 
And that personality sure prompts one to be something in life..

Thus, the misfit soon started excelling in his own area 
Not talked of much and never carried a big weight on it's head.
As more energies had gone in that direction forcibly living amidst genius members, he soon became a double clown there.. 

And one day some one remarked beyond 
"What a blockhead is born to a genius.. 
Sure the effect of the dad's past deeds!"
with every one talking on that very quickly as the dad was too famous..

But the Almighty's Scales ever balance. 
And here the genius and simpleton too could never crossover the effect of their live deeds in their life.. 

With the son not getting a bit hurt with that talk he remaining serene and calm with nil publicity
The dad's heart broken into pieces with sharp words thrown at him at the fag end of his life and he becoming totally a lost person with his intact name and fame ultimately turning against him alone!

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A family and friends visited a distant place of tourist importance where
  • Issues were better controlled, 
  • Systems worked the best, 
  • Order prevailed everywhere and 
  • People respected rules and regulations to core..
The younger ones of the family were soon in their own excitement..
  • “This place, I love a lot. See! Nothing fails here at any point of time. Once my car broke down in the mid of an isolated place when there was incessant snowing. I thought, I was gone for the night. In less than half hr of my SOS call, help came and shifted me to a safe place. Subsequently my car too followed!”
  • “Yeah! You are right. It works here so well. I once lost my way at midnight and just asked the help. So perfect the system works.. I close my eyes too, I would reach home. I had no trouble of getting back!”
  • “Not that alone.. I once, camped in a forest area. I was afraid that those systems around may not work there and I may be in danger. But to my surprise, everything was taken care so well and I was safe from all the angles. Where else do we get this type of safety?”
“Yes! Yes! No doubt in that. OK! Let's move on.. We are here to see the place! Now, let's get on to the high rock there which extends into the sands below.. From bottom we will have our pictures clicked. You'll never get this landscape anywhere. But let's not go beyond the safe zone marked. I am seeing the limiting fence around. It looks great! Let's climb to that point.

Such a beautiful picturesque spot in such safe surroundings!”

The elderly in the family spoke soft..

"My dear Boys!

The area around might have been well regulated through rules and regulations in force but they are all still man made only and fate sometimes will not listen to all these..

The danger may lurk in a corner as the rocks are steep and slippery..

There, sometimes all the machinery around may be of no use once the mishap of serious nature occurs and all systems around may instantly become redundant..

Thus seen, the best discipline to be followed in life at all times and in all places is..

  • Be alert, 
  • Exercise the best care and 
  • Take all precautions
At the back of a Sincere Prayer to the Almighty for Ultimate Take Care..

Om trayambakam yajamahe sugandhim pustivardhanam
urvarukamiva bhandhananmrtyormuksiya mamrtat!"

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Friday, October 13, 2017


Oh! My Belief.. 
My Personal Faith 
In what I observe around and what I experience forthwith..

From childhood, as I started observing/experiencing, you conveniently captured me making me compare each of my experiences with yourself.. 
You thus made me constantly oscillate between the 
'Good’ and ‘Bad’ 
and the 
‘Right’ and ‘Wrong!’

Having so coolly done that, you made me divide people saying 
‘My Person’ and ‘Not My Person’ 
and further forced me to
'Like My Person' and ‘Dislike Not Mine!’
In time, this duality with me had gone beyond ultimately making me 
'Embrace My Person to my Bosom' 
'Hate That Not Mine to the Root!'

I'm lucky I could catch you today, you 
'The Rotten Monotony'
by my side..
Thru' the dawn of certain wisdom in me that assured me see 
'The Better of Me' 
become aware to 
‘The Truth at Every Instance’ 
to the extent possible, accordingly firm up and act! 

Yes.. I understand that here alone lies 
my strength, steadfastness and a great wish to explore 
'The World of Truth’
around me rather than be caught and carried away by the glimpses of pleasures you showed to trap me eternally!

No doubt, you are not an easy enemy to tackle with as the tackling personality me, myself is part and parcel of you if not the whole, depending on the level of my own elevation in 
'The Path of Higher Understanding..' 

Still.. No problem, you continue your tricks on me I continue to be more vigilant, ready myself take some blame and attack from the world which is inevitable in the process but never leave
‘My Truthful Path’
‘The Path Laid out by The Great Personalities'
of the world.. 

It's sure no easy job for me here but this life is worth experimenting thru' this 
'Vibrant New’
rather than going round and round thru' 
'The Rotten Routine’ 
you propose every moment with no respite from carrying the burden of pleasant experiences on my back adding bits and pieces thru' my interactions with the world.. 

The glitter and glamour of which constantly mesmerizing me but 
Instantly vanishing from the scene exactly when needed!"

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


“Sir! Being a senior member at work, I'm not compensated properly by my Company in respect of my promotion/s and salary. I'm straight away put down. I feel really sad. How can my management do this so ruthlessly to me by not giving due weight-age to my seniority in the Organization?"

"Dear! I understand your problem and I too wish that your management should have taken care of you properly in giving timely promotion/s..

When we look at the importance of seniority in service, it is instantly evident that the employee at work over years of service

  • Becomes an expert in the related skills of his/her field and thus automatically would know the ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ of my work.. 
  • Further to that, he/she also matures himself/herself in the general management of day to day issues at and around in the work area.. 
  • And in general, a sort of maturity in life too joins all that in the back ground..
The above 3 together is called

'The Seniority in Service' in the Employment Arena!

This seniority, has it's own value at work and continues to enjoy all the support and benefits in the work area provided..
  • The employee is honest at his/her work, exerts without hesitation and follows all the rules and regulations to core as..
Dishonesty in no time brings down the best stage performer too..
  • The employee does not suffer from any serious disabilities or health problems like 
A Senior Caterer of a Catering Service when attacked by severe cold too is forced to keep off from active serving and if the cold becomes chronic, may have to be out of catering service itself..
  • He/she is not too much out-dated in his/her's skills as in such cases the new entrants become more useful in the same job like
An old Potter having no job amidst the use of coolers..

At the backdrop of such a work life, one's seniority carries its respect and value in the Organization and will generally be compensated well in all such cases..

It's unfortunate that your Management is delinquent in this aspect in spite of you being satisfying all the above conditions at your employment but beyond a point they too are not at fault because..
  • It's the concept of free enterprise every where in the field of employment except in few services and certain specific appointments and the employer out of own freedom can still choose some one else for his/her work in your place but 
Here you too have a 100% chance to continue with your present employer or not. Your contract of appointment can just be closed with the issue of a certain notice period from either side as per the terms and conditions of your appointment and you can take up similar senior position in the contemporary organization/s at the back of your rich work experience..

Why are you not thinking on these lines if you really want to give true regard and value to your senior status?"

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Monday, October 9, 2017


On a holiday tour to the most exotic place on the earth..

"Oh! My! That place is really fantastic. Looks too good to me.
Those green fields spread over the huge area with the sun light falling at an angle over it with the back drop of fast vanishing clouds..... 
Let's go there and we shouldn't miss such a beautiful spot!"

In 2 hrs time at the new place so much praised..

"God! What a greenery! I love the scenery around. The view from here is too good.. See, that landscape at distance.. 
With so many bushy bushy green trees and a stream of waters flowing in between with the back ground of the majestic hills touching the skies.... 
Looks like my next destination.. Let's go there too!"

"Dear! We were at the same place 2 hrs back!"

It may be a piece of humor here but equally the strong message behind it is.. Whatever I may think and firm up within me, 

Forever the Nature is One, the Universe is One and the Creator of the Cosmos Phenomenon too is One!

As an individual of 'Dwanda'(duality), I'll not be able to experience this Oneness directly at this moment but Specs of that Reality sure could be felt by me if I tune up myself to a certain internal discipline in my life and work in that direction with full dedication.. That discipline basically is nothing but certain constant thoughts in me Viz.,

'The beauty of outside is ever in the eyes of the beholder..

All my achievements, gain in knowledge and experience of today are not exclusively of my own make.. 

They equally belong to those people who were with me all these years working along with me as they had just given away for my gain.. 

These people must have been compensated all these days with certain monies which in my view look 'OK' but from the broader prospective that return is sure less unless my gratitude too goes towards all those eligible receivers who are none but the present generation in front of me as 

Forever people are One and the world is One!

The best way of this return is.. As I deal with the people around me, I might have seen many of them with their own 

Inherent Ambitions,
Innate Tendencies.. 
Innovative Ideas and 
Interesting strategies.. 

Certain ‘Newness’ is ever part and parcel of such expressions around me and invariably I've to make use of this 'Newness’ for my work as well for the good of the world.. To tap that, the only way is.. Ever to motivate the man with me thru'

Genuine support when an ambition is seen,
Praise when there is an achievement, 
Gentle guidance when faced with a difficulty and 
Kindness when failure takes place! 

Instead ever ready to show off an indirect

Oppressive attitude,
Authority and 

When I start doing thus on a firm footing the dwanda (duality) with me sure becomes lighter with partiality from my end dropped down to certain extent making me experience the 

Specs of Reality of Oneness with CERTAIN NEWNESS seen in Everything, Everywhere, Every moment!

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