Thursday, April 26, 2018

  • It's totally a vibrant environment where in started in 20s I would be working up to 60 and
The active moment is just passing in front of me.. 

Am I really attentive here or taking all cool?
  • In this environment, a true value addition forever is working with dedication and
The important moment goes casually, that bit of new experience is just lost.. 

Am I truly a contributor here or just a showman?

  • The Environment forever is influenced by many external factors invariably creating a number of spider webs around which can truly be avoided only thru' certain extra special skills with me and 
The ripe moment is in front of me to acquire these extra skills.. 

Am I really picking up such skills thru' additional trainings or continuing with my routine?
  • The environment has a number of levels called promotions which can be reached thru' extra dedicated effort alone and
The crux of the moment is to concentrate on getting these timely promotions.. 

Am I taking a little more pains to support here or simply murmuring at the earliest when I'm chased beyond?
  • The path to reach few top levels is either through the dynamic steps of experience or through the lift of additional qualification/s and 
The heat of the moment is truly on with tight competition ruling everywhere.. 

Am I casually cooling off only to be awakened when my colleague suddenly gets that promotion?
  • As I continuously work in this environment, invariably a book of observation called the Resume is written by the known personalities of the environment and
The strength of the moment forever is to keep this book update with my work achievements..

Have I made sure that this book of mine becomes worthy and useful to all in the line or something worth not mentioning? 
  • The roof top in this environment called 'The CEO/A Level Below' can only be reached through either a separate lift or a special arrangement where I may not be the right personality as often that is the seat of power and politics and
The unhappy moment of my life is when I don't understand that that is how the life around me is defined.. 

Had I made a firm note of this and thus remain humble all along or looking at sour grapes with a condemnation feeling within? 
  • My personal safety and the safety of my family are forever linked to this environment without a say and
The precious moment ensuring that safety is truly in front of me..

Am I extra careful in protecting my job from all the angles or just in the habit of challenging / criticizing everywhere at the press of a button?
  • The active part of my life from scratch to soul searching invariably goes in this environment alone and
The golden moments spent here are sure worth remembering life long.. 
Do I constantly carry all the reverence and gratitude to my this environment or ready to curse the moment I'm given a chance?
  • And finally to say, there's a day when a clear ‘EXIT' board would be in front of me from where I have to come out stepping down to the floor, of course with a rich back up of my  work experience and
The sacred moments are rolling on continuously to make that day too a reality in time..

Am I equally prepared for this day too to easily switch over to that Higher End of Work in my life that God had kept in store or just waiting to zero down myself all of a sudden to an ultimate helplessness?

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The Little One was just a year old and the place was on the other part of the globe. The child's
  • Innocent smile, 
  • Expressive eye contacts and 
  • Instant friendly responses 
Used to hold every one’s attention in the neighborhood. To say straight.. Where the child was, there used to be an instant aura and unusual glow all round!

Once, the parents traveled to a prominent place of high tourist importance. At one such place, the family booked their accommodation in a hotel. It took some time for the previous guest to vacate and so the family along with the Little One was made to wait in the spacious lobby of the hotel for an hr..

As the room was still not ready, the family decided to go around for some time. But the mother soon got tired and decided to rest for a while in the corner of the entrance of another hotel next to them in the same premises..

As she sat at the place along with the child, her husband went out to get few eatables and milk for the child. The cramped hotel lobby of the 2nd hotel was busy with number of guests coming in and moving out..

The 2nd hotel manger seeing the mom and the child in his area instantly told the mother with all politeness,

“Ma'm, there are only a few seats here and our guests are in great numbers. But, still have your seat and take care of your boy!”
Conveying his problem in a diplomatic way. The mother felt sorry for troubling them but was helpless, had no go and so sat there for a while taking care of the child..

As said by the hotel manager, the guests were pouring in numbers. As they came in, a few sat in the limited area, a few stood there discussing their personal issues and the rest were busy at the check-in counter. Equal numbers were coming out of the hotel to go on various errands and the place was continuously busy with the hustle and bustle..

Soon the booked hotel manager rang up to the family saying sorry to keep the Little One waiting in the lobby for a longer time and instantly offered the family a day's free stay in their hotel within an year's time..

Here alone, both the hotel managers erred beyond and very much needed brushing up their knowledge in hospitality business..

In the 1st hotel lobby, the child quickly made full use of his waiting by constantly

  • Looking at the glittering lights and colors around,
  • Observing the distance hustle and bustle and
  • Trying to play with those that responded to him 
Which he could never have done in the limited hotel room facing 4 walls.. And

In the 2nd hotel lobby, the little boy with his silent expressive communications and a few unexplained sounds made in between quickly attracted many guests moving around thus indirectly helping the hospitality business as the guests for a minute

  • Forgot their travel strains, 
  • Became quite amused with the child’s innocent communications and 
  • Responded with all cheerfulness having a unique satisfaction in their hearts!
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Monday, April 23, 2018


'na karmanam anarambhan naiskarmyam puruso snute
na ca sanyasanad eva siddhim samadhigacchati'

(Sloka 4, Karma Yoga of Srimad Bhagavad Gita)

'A person can never achieve freedom from reactions to activities without first performing vedic rites; neither perfection can be attained by renouncing them as well!'

When the ignorance is deep in me, the curtains behind my stage of my action drama become totally opaque and I'd solely be concentrating on the stage identifying myself in the roles and accordingly would be expressing my emotions..

The changing colors of flood lights on the stage create dramatic effect to each and every emotion I display which indirectly is the effect of day and night, sun and rain, moon and breeze, pleasure and pain around me in my life..

Thus, at my level that living should continue with many conflicts as I constantly interact with people around me with wide differences of course, all remaining within the legal boundaries..


'Shreyan swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanusshthitaat
Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah.'

(Sloka 35, Karma Yoga of Srimad Bhagavad Gita)

'Ever safe is one’s own duty than the duty of another even well discharged. Better is even death in one’s own duty than the duty of another full of fear!'

When the ignorance lessens in me for reasons unknown with the back ground curtains becoming a bit transparent to me, I see through them too along with the drama enacted with the back ground scenery revealing partly the Reality..

Still my mind would be interested in identifying with the stage drama alone but in a lighter way not giving much importance to the minute details and accordingly I would be expressing my emotions..

I should ever remember that in spite of experiencing such a lightness in my life, I should never question others around me through an authority nor crave for their acceptance of me thru' submission!


'evam buddeh param buddhva samstabhyatmanam atmana
jahi satrum maha baho kama rupamdurasadam'

(Sloka 43, Karma Yoga of Srimad Bhagavad Gita)

'Thus knowing the individual consciousness to be superior to the intelligence, O mighty armed one, steady the mind by self realization conquer this insatiable enemy in the form of lust!'

As one gets elevated in life which happens purely because of the Divine Grace, the interest in drama reduces far more in the individual with more attention shifting to the Reality behind..

Thus more calmness returns to the mind of the individual and own personal opinions carry lesser and lesser importance as the consciousness is seen superior..

The ability of an individual to differentiate the drama from the Reality seen beyond the stage of action is the Spiritual Attitude in his/her life and every one to some extent is gifted with this ability in their lives of course, in varying gradations!



Sunday, April 22, 2018



  • Competitive business is the core ingredient of human survival anywhere in the world. Competitive working in high demand area thru' quality product deliveries to the rich customer pays the highest in business! 
  • A good business means nothing is guaranteed and working may be endless. Incidents around should not decide the direction of progress of work involving business; the requirement alone should!
  • When the rich spend, economic activity is sure augmented. Lack of time to do things other than the core work is sure a blessing in disguise in a business Environment!
  • Sometimes the investment needed to acquire a capability is just a negative situation around. Every one can always do the own portion of a job and none else should do that part!
  • For a good workman, there's no difference between leisure, free time and working hrs. A good work straight away keeps the bad man away. If Friday evenings are more interesting, Monday mornings would be too sickening; balancing here is ever safe! 
  • It's a myth that a capable worker is easily available. The novice at work often talks of own achievements where as the professional simply concentrates!
  • Sincerity in my job is sure the gateway for long time association in the field. It's always safer to do a little extra work, pay a little extra attention or appear a little less at work rather than stick to the exact!
  • The gap between ‘I will do’ and 'What I do' is never less and I should constantly be aware of that difference. If I firm up doing a job, time will be found even beyond 24 hrs of the day! 
  • At work, I should always stretch but never should break. Willingness to work brings its own unknown earnings as sweat forever is the safest!

Saturday, April 21, 2018


When introduced to it..

  • "You can't call it wrong.. Just the sum of 'plus' and 'minus'.. The 'minus' is where my rightful entitlement at stake and the 'plus' is the extra I get here that neutralizes my 'minus..' Nothing but simple mathematics!"
Subsequently, when lured towards the same..
  • "Nothing to worry.. If you don't take care now, you'll ultimately end up with a life in which you can't do anything called your own!"
While hopping over around that..
  • "Really interesting part of life.. Without these extras, this life would have just looked meaningless. Let me not think too much here. Have to achieve at least something in my life!"
When slowly got caught in the net of that..
  • "You see, how things around you move and glow? What's the use of those great talks except starving yourself? These luxuries could never have been mine otherwise!"
When firmly rooted in it's clutches..
  • "Great.. There's so much in life which many fail to see forever covering themselves in the cocoon of honesty and all that preaching.. Today, I've everything with me!"
When got intoxicated under its influence..
  • "This is life.. 'I speak.. I rule.. I dictate.. And there's nothing I can't do!' Just live a king's life; that's the hidden message here!"
When that has gone into the head..
  • "How can I leave all these? Forget about preachings and all that stuff here.. Let me make use of this one opportunity in my life. There's no separate heaven else where. This only is that!"
When that has blown off to roofs..
  • "None can touch me in the scenario.. Here everywhere the endless money with me talks and rules.. All that talk on honesty, questioning is just under the carpet when notes roll out.. Really the No1 wonder in the world!"
Finally when squarely cornered with no escape..
  • “God, what'll happen now? What 's the way out for me? Thought I'm the king here but without my knowledge the king maker made use of me all these days throwing the bones laced with meat at me.. 
  • My life has indeed come to a full circle now with peace totally gone at one stroke where as my friend who stuck to the corrupt free discipline might not have got all that but got steadily all that required to live a decent life as per his rightful entitlement and beyond totally is at peace where as I lost everything at this point of time..
  • Looking back into the past of my life, how nice it would have been had my life remained at the same level all these days without this change that finally dumped me into ruins without an iota of mercy!"
That terrible feeling in me instantly woke me up from the nightmare I had and slowly as I looked at myself, I was totally freed from all the tensions as that was just a dream and never the reality with my

'Honesty Filled Golden Life'

Remaining fully intact with me!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Had there been any instance when, looking back, you've felt that life could've been different? Any event, any memory that you want to alter? Would you agree that life has indeed come a full circle? #AlterationsToLife

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Thursday, April 19, 2018


*** A man suddenly had a sizable problem in his life. With a broken heart, he started living with the problem offering a Prayer to the Almighty to take care of him further from such problems.. 
The wise man met him at that stage and said,

"If problems continue, nothing much happens and the life in front continues..


An open mind instantly closes many such problems!"

Thus the man's life continued at an average level all along!

*** Another man equally suddenly had a sizable problem in his life. With no go in front, he worked out a solution and started living with a Prayer to the Almighty to take care of him further from such problems when a 2nd problem of similar intensity surfaced..

With a half heart, he started living with the problem offering a Prayer to the Almighty to take care of him further from such problems.. The wise man met him at that stage and advised,

"A problem is just a task that needs more effort with less recognition and nothing more at any point of time..


If you bundle up your problems quickly each becomes a task with you to be attended to in series; if you bundle of your tasks quickly each becomes a problem with you to repent over leisurely.. Here, the choice is purely yours!"

Thus the man's life continued at a cheerful level all along!

*** A 3rd man too equally suddenly had a sizable problem in his life. He recovered and as he started thinking deeply on the same, an innovative idea came up in him..

‘Why not from now onwards, work systematically taking care everywhere so that problems do not come up at all?’

As he decided thus, a 2nd problem of similar intensity surfaced..

That again made him realize that to do all that, a good discipline and care are required from his side.. When he thus got a certain way of solving/avoiding problems, there was a 3rd problem of the same intensity.. That made him finally firm up..

"In life whatever has to happen will happen, let it be any amount of care or attention from my end..
I just streamline issues thru' hard work and dedication and wait patiently for the ultimate result!" 

The wise man met him at that stage and proclaimed,

"God originally created tasks and solutions; Man created problems and more problems out of those tasks not able to see the solutions; Satan created beliefs and conclusions out of man's weakness in the inability of man to find solutions..


You may have problems in life but you have a life too to live happily!"

Instantly, the man's problems seen almost zeroed with a great life left with him except a certain unrest seen at simmering level.. He asked the wise man,

"Are you free from this unrest too?"

I was eternally looking out for a solution here, when by God's Grace I discovered myself the biggest problem in not understanding the Sacred Message in front of me wherein the Lord Proclaimed.. 

'sarva-dharman parityajya mamekam saranam vraja
aham tvam sarva papebhyo moksayisyami ma sucah'

'Beyond all ideas of righteousness with you, just surrender to me in total. I will deliver you from all the sinful reactions ever happening in you. Do not despair!'"

(Sloka 66, Chapter 18 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita)

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Monday, April 16, 2018


"Time to sleep dear.. You are tired and....!" cajoled the mom her Little One of 2..

"Time up, mom.. I'll miss the school bus!" hurried up the mom the boy of 12..

"Procrastination is the thief of time.. You'll sure regret in your life if you don't.....!" said the teacher to the lazy student in teens..

"Time and tide wait for none.. Take up that task immediately and start doing...." corrected the dad the erring son of early 20s..

"Times have changed.. You can't talk like that, dad!" demanded the grown-up of mid 20s expressing his own freedom..

"Where's the time? I'm too busy to do any....." screamed the man of late 20s..

"I don't have time to listen to all this.. Just do what I say else.........!" yelled the boss of early 30s..

"It's time to relax.. Let's plan our holiday to the distant....." said the overworked man of mid 30s..

"From time immemorial, this practice continues.. None so far could.......!" explained the guide of late 30s..

"Time has ripened for this man.. Next time, if he did this...." frowned the man of early 40s..

"Time alone solves the issues.. Leave it for the present and...!" advised the mediator of mid 40s..

"Now it's his time to answer.. Think before...!" forewarned the seasoned man of late 40s..

"God! You are in time.. Thank you else...!" said the relieved man of early 50s..

"It's time now.. Move on now and make place for others.. Let's see what best can be done here!" said the Chief Executive of mid 50s.. 

"You may have hrs with you but I'm left with only minutes and secs.. Stop wasting my time now and think of your deliveries else....!" asserted the seasoned customer of late 50s..

"Time never stops.. Don't delay the job in front of you and.....!" forewarned the elderly of early 60s..

"It's critical time.. Let's be proactive and not allow the present situation slip into.....!" advised the man of wisdom of mid 60s..

"Time gone never comes back.. Making amends to the wrong done is the only right way in front of all and.......!" asserted the man of insight of late 60s!

It's the one word that moves the entire world from end to end 
Passing thru' all travails as well as all happy conditions undisturbed and unaffected 
Engulfing dynasties leveling everywhere in the end.. 
Appears distinguishing but ever rules under the single law alone, 
Seen stopped but never stops at any point, 
Appears running but goes on it's own pace all along, 
Seen going slow but the pace ever remains the same,  
Appears doing wonders but never does so anything, 
Seen doing nothing but does its own wonders never imagined.. 
As the Little Ones forever recite sweetly.. 
'Tick-tock Tick-tock.. 
Merrily sings the clock!' 

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