Saturday, April 17, 2021


'And soon all the Staff were back to their respective Works for the day which 
Any how they have to do, 
They only have to do and 
Even if they don't know they have to learn by trial & Error and do the best in the situation 
as none above them in the hierarchy are either 
knowing that or 
Eager to know and help them out and 
That drama goes on eternally with no respite at any point of time!'

In the Chief's Office..

"Good Morning, Sir!"

"Good Morning to all of you.. How are you Ganesh, Ramesh and Suresh?"

"We are Okay, Sir.. Thank you.. Sir, we have a small issue...."

"All that later.. Listen to me carefully.. There is an urgent requirement of....
  • Got it? OK.. I've got to go now.. You somehow manage all this now and get me the results by....!”
In half hr time 

In every Manager's Office,

"Good Morning, Sir!"

“Hello! A very Good Morning to you all.. How are you doing? How's life? Any problems at your end?"

"Sir! I have an issue. My Group has...."
"Sir! Mr Dinesh working with me is...."
"Sir! Last month, there was some shortage of...."

"OK..OK.. OK.. Got your points.. But before that, let me carry the Message of our Chief to you....
  • OK.. I've another work now.. You all supervise all that and get me the results by....!”
In another 1 hr time, 

In the Supervisor's

Cubicle No 1..

"Sir! I need some clarification here.... Can we....?"

“No, No, No.. No, I am telling you a big 'No'.. Not at all Listen to me.. No.. No Whatever it be, I don't agree to this..
  • OK.. Leave all that.. You start the work and get me the results by....!”
Cubicle No 2..

"Sir! I've a problem.. This month there was...."

“Yes! Yes! Yes.. Yes, I very much agree with you.. Yes.. You are right here.. But.. you see.. Yes.. That alone is the problem here.. Yes..
  • OK.. Leave all that.. You just have to start the work and get me the results by....!”
Cubicle No 3..

"Sir! Yesterday, that boy working with me Mr.... had done...."

“Alright.. OK.. I agree.. Fine.. Yeah.. Great.. Never expected.. OK.. I understand.. OK.. Nice..
  • OK.. Leave all that.. You just have to start the work and get me the results by....!”
Cubicle No 4..

"Sir! I want to you to resolve this one issue...."

Nod.. Nod.. Nod.. "OK, tell me further...." Nod.. Nod.. Nod.. And finally a big double nod with instructions....
  • "OK.. Leave all that.. You just have to start the work and get me the results by....!”
Cubicle No 5..

"Sir! The job pending with me has a peculiar problem...."

“What are you telling? Where? When did it take place? Who? Which file he wants? Come on.. How can he ask like that?

OK.. Leave all that.. You just have to start the work and get me the results by....!”

Cubicle No 6..

"Sir! I very much need your help in my today's...."

“Sorry.. Am too busy.. No time.. I don't know what's going on here.. Please no more clarifications on this..
  • OK.. Leave all that.. You just have to start the work and get me the results by....!”
In no time, all the Assistants with whatever they understood were back to their spots briefing their Staff on the day's work and now 

You kindly read the introductory comment and that completes this post!

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Friday, April 16, 2021


No doubt he was the
No 1 Genius
Of the town and
He wanted his son too to be
No 1 of That
But the son in no time turned out to be a misfit amidst similar Genius personalities..

No 1 Genius
Soon went out of ethics,
Used his clout to forcibly turn a simpleton into a genius and
Thus remained for a while a clown amidst the genius personalities..

But life can never continue thus as
A clown too has own personality of original expression
And that personality sure prompts one to be something in life..

The misfit soon started excelling in his own area
Not talked of much and never carried a big weight on his head and
As more energies had gone in that direction forcibly living amidst genius members,
The earlier normal clown soon became
NO 1 Clown

And one day some one remarked,
"NO 1 Blockhead 
Is born to
NO 1 Genius..
Sure the effect of the dad's past deeds!"
With every one talking on that very quickly as the dad was too famous..

But the Almighty's Scales ever balance and there the
No 1 Genius
No 1 Simpleton
Too could never cross the effect of their live deeds in life with the
No 1 Dull Head Son
Not a bit hurt with the talk all along remaining
No 1 Serene and Calm Personality
But the
No 1 Intelligent Dad's
Heart broke into pieces with sharp words thrown at him indirectly and soon he became totally
No 1 Lost Person
With his intact
No 1 Name and Fame
Ultimately turning against him only!

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Thursday, April 15, 2021


The miser refused giving a charity and declared..

"My money takes care of me!"

The wise man smiled and said,

"Sure for the time being.. But soon your progeny takes care to see that it really doesn't take care of you!"

The spendthrift spent away freely and declared..

"God takes care!"

The wise man smiled and said,

"Sure God takes care but only those who take care of themselves!"

The miser said with a protective tone,

"I can buy many things for just Rs 500!" 

The wise man smiled and said,

"Many of those are not really required for you as everything is with you only!"

The spendthrift exclaimed,

"What do you get now a days for a paltry sum of Rs 500?"

The wise man smiled and said,

"A few people make a decent living for few days with that money!"

The miser held Rs 250 tight to his chest and said,

"It costs Rs 250 a week and I can't part with such sums in my life!"

The wise man smiled and said,

"The problem is our life has another max of 2500 such weeks on the average and beyond those notes are taken off from there!"

The spendthrift held Rs 2500 loose in his hand and said,
"It' costs just Rs 2500 a week and my living status can easily afford it!"

The wise man smiled and said,

"The problem is even a million has got just 400 such 2500s but our life on the average is sure more than 400 weeks!"

The miser mused,

"I love to protect my money in the best possible way!"

The wise man smiled and said,

"No problem.. The smart people around looking to pocket that soon will sure help you in that!"

The spendthrift burst out,

"I love to enjoy the world with my money in the best possible way!"

The wise man smiled and said,

"No problem.. The smart people around you looking to relax at your cost will sure help you in that!"

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021


The Little One was nearing 3 & 1/2 years. He got a gift from one of his close well-wishers on an occasion..

A sophisticated toy car made of good plastic with colorful markings on the body in built with features of automatic operation comprising of various movements and steering control thru' the remote..

To say it straight..

A toy worth of a few thousands and a rugged design along with flashing colorful lights and musical sounds..

Anybody at a first look at the car, would definitely say..

'The designer of the toy was to be put on Record for the innovative idea he/she brought out in that context!'

The parent handed over the toy to the child with all pride and showed him the operation of its various features for certain time..

The display was quite interesting and definitely a feature of astonishment to the Little Boy. He took the toy with great enthusiasm and kept close to him for a while..

The parent left the room and moved a little distance away for a short time as another urgent requirement came up but only after assuring self that the child was in perfect safe environment..

The Little One quickly studied the features of the toy car very carefully. Then, he started his own Experiment..

The front wheels were colorful and were moving freely.. He rolled the wheels for a while front and back and tried to pull out one wheel axially..

It was quite strong for the tiny hands but was weak in front of the enthusiasm to explore. As he started hitting the car on the ground rolling to and fro a number of times, the wheel had no go but to yield and came out just like that..

The Little one's enthusiasm doubled and before that with a similar work out, another wheel became the victim..

The child started rolling the two wheels with both hands for quite some time..

Subsequent to that, his attention was on the colorful remote. Soon a movement was forced with the tiny hands thru repeated hitting and sliding on the ground like a bus, the battery door gave way and the two batteries inside came off just like that. The door was slid and the cover for the compartment was out..

The 6 small batteries were the center of attraction for the child and in no time his tiny hands were laid on the red batteries. Everything works out, if the attempt is not half hearted. Here too it happened and in a short time

All the batteries were successively out one by one! The sound and light were off instantly and the remote control was totally dead!

The Little One soon started scratching the car on ground to and fro with his hands and in no time there were great marks on the body all round along with the original markings.. With scratches everywhere, 

The Classic Piece just lost its original glitter and shine without an exception!

Having thus completed his Great Investigation successfully, the little one left for the next task leaving the damaged piece behind!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021


When I was a child, I was 'Nobody' and there,

It's my mother that made me 'Somebody' by

Constantly assuring me, 

'I am  there for you!' 

When I went to school, I was 'Nobody' and there,

It's my teachers that made me 'Somebody' by

Constantly encouraging me saying,

 'Learn, learn, learn!'

When I went to college, I was 'Nobody' and there,

It's my dad that made me 'Somebody' by

Constantly pulling me up saying, 

'Grow up.. Grow up.. Grow up!'

When I went to work, I was 'Nobody' and there,

It's my Bosses that made me 'Somebody' by

Constantly driving me saying, 

'Work.. Work.. Work!'

When I came into my surroundings, I was 'Nobody' and there,

It's the wise elders around me that made me 'Somebody' by

Constantly advising me, 

'Take up family responsibilities!'

When I became the senior citizen at the back of retirement and grown up children becoming busy with their own responsibilities, I thought I became again 'Nobody' and there,

It's my Little Grand Child that made me 'Somebody' by

By shouting into my ears with all warmth, 

'Grand Pa! Im here.. Let's play!'

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### It was a job certain complex plumbing connections..

The junior plumber was worried.. 

With the plumbing connections in front, he memorized the right spanner pressure he had to apply and hammer force he had to use to make the connections in front leak proof..

The senior plumber was cool..

He took the hammer, gave 2 strokes, took out the parts loosened and re connected new pipes and with few turns made exact pressure connection..

"Not a drop leaks now.. I assure!"

He said, took his monies and walked off heroically with his junior!

### The furnace in the metal industry was very hot. The flame was bright and white in color throwing out a lot of heat..

The young technician was worried..

"The temperature measuring instrument appears sleek and I can't easily take it near the flame and position it there. I should carefully do it. Let me read the Dos and Don'ts in this context, follow them meticulously with necessary precautions and then only go near to the furnace!"

The senior technician cool..

"Note down the temperature I tell.. Now the flame is steady.. It's......deg C... The variation is + or -...  deg C.. The color of the flame very much confirms that right temp required.. Ready the items to be heated!"

### A unit had to be installed on a platform in the heavy industry workshop where the fixing was a little complicated with narrow twisted entrance..

The young workman was worried..

"To fix this unit at the back, how to reach there, install the unit and tighten the bolts? There's no go, I should design a sophisticated tool here. Let me brush up my tool design knowledge for a while!"

The senior workman was cool..

He directed the young man to bring the unit, himself sat in a comfortable position at a height, slowly put the unit into the tunnel like space positioning it on it's seating area, introduced a spanner into the duct and tightened the 4 mounting bolts with his experienced hands!

### A member entered the library and requested help for locating 2 books for borrowing purpose..

The young librarian was worried..

He quickly caught hold of the Index Nos of the books and straight headed to the related shelves but found them not there. He was in certain confusion when he equally found the status of the 2 books as not issued..

The senior librarian was cool..

He looked at his watch and said to the young librarian,

"Go straight, at the end turn right, go to the end and search in rack at the corner on the top shelf. The 1st book will be there. Again, do the same exact the opposite end, the 2nd book will be there. They are the places the regular readers usually hide their favorite books..

The 1st book sure will be there but may not be the 2nd book. Then tell the member that it's with the tall and thin man fair in color with thick spectacles sitting in the corner to the right of the second reading table. The member can request that visitor in case he needs the book very badly!"

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Monday, April 12, 2021


“We miss each other dear! The college days were so interesting. Can never forget all those precious moments.. I promise.. We may be parting today but our friendship never fades and grows ever stronger in the days coming!”

Saying thus the young man bid bye to his bosom friend tears rolling down his cheeks..

When 'Jealousy' can never be thought of in him in respect of his friend..

Days passed.. The friend got into a company whose Management in a short time deputed him for higher studies. The young man too joined another company..

“Dear! Your company bosses appear to be highly encouraging. Best of luck!”

He wished his friend on the eve of his deputation

When 'Jealousy' took birth in him at micro level..

A few years passed. The friend had grown to the Manager's level in his company. The young man, not so young by then continued to be at lower level..

“Congrats on your promotion, dear! Your company seems to be quite good. Here, I find no such encouragement!”

Were his comments on the day of the friend's promotion,

When 'Jealousy' in him started talking softly..

Some more years passed.. The friend had shot up to the Senior Position in his Organization..

“Congrats on your achievement. Best of luck! I'm OK!”

Were the few words from the then middle aged man who could become just a Manager by then,

When 'Jealousy' openly started cutting short the talk..

“You know! Mr______ has been appointed as Deputy Chief of our company from out side. Seems to be very smart guy!”

Was the talk on a day and the man already knew that it was his friend only..


He just said along with others and moved away,

When 'Jealousy' peaked in him with cursing happening within..

“They both were classmates!”

Some one was commenting..

"So what? It doesn't mean I should have done what all he had done.. Don't talk rubbish!"

He said and curtailed the talk then and there,

When 'Jealousy' started speaking out openly..

In a year, the friend became the GM of the company and the man could max become the Head of his Dept. On fine day, some one heard him talking softly in the ears of one of his colleagues..

“Dear! You know.. Our new GM.. Difficult to deal with him, Yaar.. He points out on everything. We might have been class mates but that doesn't mean, we were close friends. These people, when they come to power so easily quickly forget that long ago........... Unfortunately I'm caught here not able to go anywhere!”

When 'Jealousy' ultimately engulfed the then elderly man making him rage within endlessly!

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