Thursday, June 21, 2018


The child was just 6+ but his learning level and the inquisitiveness to learn max quickly was openly seen in every involvement. The grand father firmed up to teach him everything in which the boy showed interest. That way life was going on and sure the scientific temper was seen in both of them whenever the learning was 'ON'..

"You know, dear.. When you were small, we took you to a park and there a man in distance suddenly laughed aloud. You said in a soft tone.. 'Again!' Will any one laugh again if you ask?"

"It's funny.. No one will do that!"

"When I warned once that I'd throw away your soft toy if you are seen on the edge of the bed, you listened to me. But one day, when I sat on the edge of the bed, you immediately shouting aloud, 'Now you are on edge!' threw your soft toy out!"

"It's silly.. I should throw your toy out!"

"One day, when you shouted aloud near my ear and I screamed saying, 'Oh! I'm gone!', you carefully bent, looked at me and said with a big smile, "You are there!"

"It's foolish.. If I shout, How can you go away? You'll be there only!"

"Means.. You are a big boy now?"

"Yes.. I understand many. Now, tell me about planes!"

"Yes.. There was a supersonic jet called Concorde. It used to fly from Paris to New York in just 3.5 hrs, half of normal jet plane time. But now that plane is not there.. You know, why?"

"You told me.. No one wanted to go by that because the seats were cramped and the cost was high!"

"Yes.. Also the problem with supersonic plane is.. When it goes above the speed of sound, a shock wave called 'sonic boom' comes up which will create problems in surroundings!"

"Yes.. The glass panes of houses broke when the plane flew over them!"

"You are right.. Did I tell you this? The friend to pilot is height and..."

"The enemy is gravity!"

"Oh.. So much you know? Do you know how a plane flies?"

"Lift force lifts the plane and thrust moves it!"

"You know all this? Very good.. Actually There are 4 forces acting on the plane as it flies. The lift force keeps the plane lifted up in air against the weight of plane acting down. The thrust force keeps it moving forward against wind drag backward.. OK?"


"The jet plane flies steadily at 30,000 feet height. While landing the lift force is reduced, the aircraft slowly comes down and lands on the runway!"

"Yes.. And the reverse thrust slows down the speed of the plane on the runway.. But one more thing Grandpa I know and you don't know.."

"What's that?"
  • "In turtle land, everything is same but it's different while landing. There the plane comes closer to water, the doors open, all turtles jump off from the plane and swim into waters. The pilot turtle takes the plane away and lands on the shore. For boarding, all turtles go to the shore airport and get into plane!"

(The boy's favorite friend was the turtle soft toy and he believed all the time that it came from a land specially called turtle land where only turtles live!)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


The young man was very active in understanding certain aspects of his work and life in general..

"Quite a smart fellow!"

Were the then comments from his seniors and colleagues..

"May not be all that untruth!"

Thought the youth believing there beyond when on a day

His purse was picked in a crowded city bus with his employment ID, driving license and few ATM cards lost along with some cash! 

He was a distraught man for a while..

Days passed into months and months into years and the young man was then a man of mid 30s, the Manager at work and the family man in personal life..

"Never came across such a smart guy as manager at his age!"

Were the then comments overheard in his work area..

“I shouldn't end up with these praises. A few ups and downs have already taught me enough in my life. I know now how to deal with life situations!"

He thought and was managing the issues with him when on a day

He was squarely blamed for lapses in his project handling issues as few rivals at work suddenly put him to a corner!

No go; He had to swallow all that, recover and become active again..

The next 10 years passed.. He was then the Chief Manager at work and a well known middle-aged parent in the neighborhood..

"A Chief should be like him.. Never neglects a single issue in front.. Real smart man!"

Were the then comments around..

“They may say anything.. My work experience in years is almost equal to the age of few of my subordinates.. That's the one really shielding me today from every pitfall around me.. Not this smartness they talk of!”

Was his firm belief then and with that belief, he soon ventured into the real estate field, carefully read every line of the property documents and booked a Villa in the city promoted by the noted builders when

A serious court case had put the progress of the construction to a total halt making him lose at one stroke sizable wealth!

No doubt, the years rolled by and he was the then grey haired man of 55 years..

“They say that it's the man that brings dignity to a GM's Post. Our GM Sir is exactly that. The smartest man in life!"

Were the then praises around..

"Forget all this talk.. I know what all this smartness they are talking of. Real maturity in life comes with the actual greying of hair alone. And that never comes unless one lives through this life many years necessarily failing a few times!"

Was his assertion when suddenly on a day

The partner of his firm out-smarted others who in no time lost 'big monies' and it quickly boiled down to the point that the then GM was careless in his approach for that to happen forcing him resign and go!

Leaving all those bitter experiences, soon he joined as the GM of another Company with low profile and retired from there in few years.. The real matured man was finally sitting at home having the whole bunch of experiences of life with him in the areas of

Family Issues,
Money Matters and
Personal Problems

Constantly advising many around, of course with a


Added every time,

“My experience in life itself is almost double the ages of many of you around me and as such I can assertively say this..

In this life, there's ever a smarter man next to me without an exception.. Whatever care I may take, I can sure be followed up even to the remotest corner where I'll be taking my cool and can be overpowered the next moment!

Seen thus, the ever golden rule in life is..

I must be ready to doubt all those my own capabilities, of which many sure talked a lot in the past and constantly

'Remain on Guard'

Everywhere venturing into the


As much possible in steps alone so that many times the unforeseen loss if at all occurs, will never become a crippling catastrophe in life!”

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Monday, June 18, 2018

  • “'Money is everything; money truly speaks. If some one is unhappy, make the person happy with money and your work will be done..
  • No doubt, a good friendship is an asset but if it's not backed by money I very much doubt, how much that would really be effective in a tough situation!' 
Thus used to reiterate a man of worldly interest and too many enjoyments..
  • 'No doubt money is many things and speaks often.. But truly speaking you can't make a man happy thru' money alone..
  • Here, a good friendship truly does beyond the required.. Of course, monies are required to lead a decent life but a good friendship is totally away from this!' 
Thus used to reiterate a man of deep wisdom and spiritual thinking..

It so happened that once, both these men ran into certain crises of a little serious nature which are no doubt, very much natural to happen..

The first man immediately called on the so called ‘friends’ and they too got into serious actions but all ‘typical actions’ only with the heart missing in total..

Equally the money with him could not solve the problem in full. Thus he was a lost man for a long time and slowly recovered from the crisis patching up here and there..

The second man too was attended only by few but a certain order was around him. Some rehabilitation work took place with all sincerity and honesty at the back..

The average monies with him could do something in the process and that way, certain outcome was there. Whatever, all around mentally accepted that as the ultimate bestowed by the Lord!"

When the above story was told by an elderly wise man, a smart man asked,

"Sir! Here you just covered up a moral story alone. In practice, none knows how people behave and react in situations. That way seen, where's the guarantee that all this good friendship you propose will surely work?

In a crisis like that, people may equally keep off to avoid unnecessary trouble. Again in such a situations, a man with money may be able to buy all that is required. So how much you are right in saying thus?"

The elderly smiled and said,

"Dear! It's not always that logical as you think except may be a few times. Let me clarify this thru' an example..

  • Suppose you visit a theater to see a popular mass movie and in the middle of the show, the power fails. There'll be sure a big noise in the theater and the viewers will become impatient for a while.. 
  • By bad luck, if there happened to be more delay in rectification, that soon becomes the test of patience of the viewers with ugly scenes around till the defect is rectified and the movie re-started! 
  • Imagine you visit a Monastery where philosophical discourses are being given by a Great Saint and in the middle of the discourse, the power fails. There'll sure be total Order around.. 
  • The volunteers will become busy in rectifying the problem and a few devotees would instantly come forward to help. If infants become restless, the mothers would be equally helped to comfort them. All wait patiently till the power is restored and the discourse resumed.. 
Tell me.. Why it happens so differently at these 2 places with normal people alone at both the places? If you see truly in depth,

In the first place, the precept..

'All for myself!'

Is more stressed often and in the second place,

'Some for others too!'

Is more stressed often and that makes 

The final difference!"

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Friday, June 15, 2018


A parent said,
  • "I save monies both in 'cash' and 'more kind' so that in later life, my children have all that for leading a good life!"
Someone asked,

"Means, you save in the form of more assets than cash?"

  • "No.. I save in normal cash and kind only. But an additional 'special kind', I add here!"
"What's that?"
  • "Throughout my active life, I help the man next to me in a certain percentage cash which is well within my limit as well as what our Sacred Books forever uphold to do and the returns of that go in the form of this 'more kind' to my children!"
"Funny.. Seen 1 to 1, it's a negative kind with your children. They lose that much you give away!"
  • "Yes.. They physically lose that much without which too they can lead a decent life. But the silent blessings of the recipients in their hearts will sure pass on to them as a big asset for their welfare in their life and that takes care of proper utilization of actual monies and assets passed on to them!"
"How are you sure of that?"
  • "My children grown with me practically living by my side involving in this Sacred Task never get the idea, 
'Everything is for me!'
  • In their minds.. Instead, they firm up with the idea, 
'The Right thing alone is for me!'
  • Naturally as the 'Right thing' can't be huge that thought indirectly prompts them
'Accepting the Right life'
  • With them forever balancing,
Working and earning to the best of their abilities,
Discharging the related responsibilities to the core,
Spending the optimum,
Involving in the right charity,
Saving for decent future and
Remain content with that life!

  • What else better message can I pass on to my children in my role as a parent, for their ultimate welfare and betterment?"
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Thursday, June 14, 2018


A highly materialistic man and a wise man of certain insight were traveling by train. The compartment was packed with people. Both could somehow enter and seat themselves with the passengers around busily talking and chit-chatting. Soon their thoughts went thus in their minds..

Tha materialistic man mused..
  • "My people are always against me and they are never ready to help me quoting their busy schedules. Why can't they find some time to spend with me daily in spite of all these schedules and thus make me a little happy in my life?
  • At my this age, I very much feel like helping them on their certain day to day issues and remain supportive. Unfortunately, I'm kept off from many of these issues by my people quoting that I need more rest at my age..
  • Discussing financial matters with them is really a pain and it's unfortunate that they never understand what I say out of my maturity and background experience..
  • I want to discuss their office life and the associated problems but they just smile saying that everything is okay and never find time to share their experiences of the day with me..
  • On health and safety issues, I am totally at a loss to know that they pay least attention in these matters where in fact max is required and if I say something there, the discussions soon hot up into ugly arguments..
  • On the individual family front issues, the less said is better. None is interested in listening to me on the timely care required with them in dealing with many of these issues..
  • On certain religious practices to be followed, again the less said is better as none of them look at these practices with those values which once upon a time, I very much insisted upon them to follow everywhere..
  • Finally to say.. I was a good adviser to many in my life and thus helped them but when it comes to my people, they are in no mood to listen to me, forget about agreeing and implementing the same..
At this stage of my life, sure I feel very much unhappy in spite of the best done in my life to my people..

At this moment, even though I'm sitting here in a crowded compartment with so many people around me I constantly get the thoughts that

I am lonely in my life and totally lost!"

The wise man mused..
  • "My people are constantly with me and they are ever ready to help me if required in spite of their busy schedules. I only don't ask them anything. How can they find time to spend with me daily with such busy schedules on their back?
  • At my this age, it's better I be totally off from certain day to day issues of my people and relax as I sufficiently trained them in early years on these issues and I'm sure they picked up their strengths..
  • Discussing financial matters with them is not required much at this stage as by now I'm sure they understand the core aspects of many financial dealings..
  • They are very busy with their office life, they just smile saying that everything is OK as they never have time to share their experiences of the day with me wand that is very much in order..
  • On health and safety issues, I believe that all who have come on to earth have certain in built instinct of doing good to themselves and hence there is no need to stress on that except wish in heart for their well-being..
  • On the individual family front, the less said is sure better because they learn a lot as they go thru' their struggle connecting many lose ends in the process with the struggle ultimately becoming a sweet one alone and not a burden.. 
  • On certain religious practices to be followed, again the less said is sure better as none need to look at them with those values attached unless each investigates and finds out the right practices for them with many blind beliefs taken off from their mind in the process..
  • Finally to say.. I might have been a good adviser to many in my life but truly speaking all energetic people whether mine or not don't really need all those my advices to understand the core facts of life which forever is almost like an open fruit with them..
At this stage of my life, sure I feel contended with the best done in my life to myself as well as to my people..

No doubt, I'm sitting in a crowded compartment with so many people around me busy with their own issues and here let me wish for the good of all around me and remain silent by myself unless asked for as..

I am alone in life and sure let me experience the beauty of that existence for a while!"

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018


A man spoke in a highly emotional tone and the wise man said,

"You are almost 75% correct here. Correct your behavior just 5 to 10% and be happy!"

Another man surprised a bit at the advice given by the wise man, asked him,

  • "Sir! If that man is highly emotional, it means that he is very much away from truth.. Then how can you say that he is almost 75% correct here? He may be just a little correct here; that's all!"
The wise man replied,

"Dear! What is known to him alone is the truth with him in this context. I should ever carry respect for that understanding and when once I approach with this attitude, he is sure more correct, isn't it?"

  • "Okay.. Agreed, Sir.. But if he is 75% correct, he must correct himself by 25%.. Why did you advise him just to correct 5 to 10% only?"
"That 75% and 25% are the ones I've seen in him thru' my colored glasses carrying a superiority feeling within me and I'm sure I'm wrong in that context.. 

Thus seen in the true perspective of all interactions of mine with others..

There's nothing wrong at any time if I say that the other man is more correct as that ever remains a positive talk with respect to him and keeps me lesser as well in the situation without say


I should ever refrain from advising on more correction in the other man at any time as in such a situation, I'm automatically feeling superior and it ever becomes my duty to be conscious of that and remain more humble!

So, the difference I spoke here, sure cushions my wrong advising in the situation!"


Tuesday, June 12, 2018


A young man was constantly thinking of too polite behavior from his side whenever he was in a group of people i.e.,

A politeness beyond the ease of an individual!

Thus often he used to put up an almost artificial behavior in groups of people when interacting thru'

  • Too often smiling,
  • Too much talking and
  • Too many body movements
Which in turn was causing a great stress in him. He could no longer hold it in himself, at the earliest opportunity discussed the issue with a close elderly well-wisher and sincerely sought a remedy for the same..

The well-wisher looked at him, smiled and said,

“My dear! Politeness, no doubt is a good quality with an individual and it makes many issues resolved instantly. But what you have told me indicates that you have become a slave to it and thus lost your freedom in that process. It's a disease with few individuals and it's better, those suffering from this problem soon control their behaviors..

Just remember..

Over pleasing some one is not your job as no one really gets pleased beyond whatever you are ready to do in the process! 

In fact, thru' over pleasing,
  • You would be irritating a genuine individual who is not in a position to express that and
  • A few of such people sooner or later sure turn off from you unable bear the nuisance.. 
Here, sometimes even the lesser is better because that quickly brings the required balance in the behaviors of both the parties!”

While departing the elderly quipped,

“Let the attention required from us even for a VVIP Guest be simmering a little when we deal with them. The reason is..

Even the VVIP Guest too can fillup that

'Small Missing Gap'

Through own effort and social adjustment very much feasible for him/her.. That quickly brings the required balance in the situation and soon the dust settles!

Such an act is truly heroic rather than doing extras and thus indirectly remain in a surrendering mode.. But ever remember.. Here that

'Missing Attention'

Should be as small as possible and should never go beyond at any time!"

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