Sunday, January 23, 2022


"I'm not happy!"
  • "Did you check, why you are not happy?"
"I'm not getting it!"
  • "Shall I tell you?"
  • "You expect issues with you move according to your wish and that may not be happening to the level you are wishing for!"
"Think so.. What's the solution here?"
  • "If you say so, you won't get the solution. You should act!"
"I don't understand!"
  • "Dear! Just a cat closes its eyes and drinks milk thinking that no one is seeing it, the Truth there will not change.The Right Way here is to probe into the Truth and establish yourself therein. So,
Stop day-dreaming of pleasant,
Open up yourself,
Familiarize with the time bound issues in front,
Decide and act based on your own understanding
Never biased by others opinions..
That outcome therein sure 
Is a mixture of good and bad
The bearer of that effect being you only..

Having done thus,
See if you can make it more of good
Thru' further action
For you and for others around
Never taking out 'you' from it
Ever including 'other' into it..

Done so,
You have nothing more to do..
Be singing that
Eternally within you


Friday, January 21, 2022


Whole is Original
Part is out of Whole
Whole remained Whole
With Up and Down embedded in;
Part felt
Whole when Up surfaced;
Zeroed when Down ruled!

Part started inventing 
To end 
Zeroed Feeling..
Some appeared working but never
Some appeared working ever but never 100%
Rest appeared working but soon zeroed down!

Endless Search was made by
Traveling far and wide
Scratching corner to corner
High of Skies and Bottoms of Seas
Never was there a Solution 100%!
Suddenly there was a Flash..

Isn't Solution Part of Whole?
Remain with Whole;
End of all Searches
Beginning of Solution..



Thursday, January 20, 2022


  • It's totally a vibrant environment where in started in 20s, I would be working up to 60..
  • In this environment, a true value addition forever is working with dedication..
  • The Environment is influenced by many external factors invariably creating a number of spider webs which can truly be avoided thru' certain extra special skills with me..
  • The environment has a number of levels called promotions which can be reached thru' extra dedicated effort alone..
  • The path to reach few top levels is either through the dynamic steps of experience or through the lift of additional qualification/s..
  • As I continuously work in this environment, invariably a book of observation called the Resume is written by the known personalities of the environment..
  • The roof top in this environment called 'The CEO/A Level Below' can only be reached through either a separate lift or a special arrangement where I may not be the right personality as often that is the seat of power and politics..
  • My personal safety and the safety of my family are forever linked to this environment without a say..
  • The active part of my life from scratch to soul searching invariably goes in this environment alone and
  • And finally to say, there's a day when a clear ‘EXIT' board would be in front of me from where I have to come out stepping down to the floor, of course with a rich back up of my work experience!

Monday, January 17, 2022


In the GM's Office..

"Good Morning, Sir! Have you called me?"
"Good Morning Ramesh! How are you doing?"
"Thank you Sir.. I'm fine.. Sir.... "
"Yeah! Go ahead.."
"What dear? You are the Chief , you have all Powers and you want....?"
"Yaar! Don't waste my time. I've got to go now. OK! Listen.. The reason why I called you here is.... Are you getting my Message dear? keep all your people informed on this. OK, then.. See you!"

In an hr's time, all the Managers were summoned by the Chief and... 

In the Chief's Chamber..

"Good Morning, Sir!"
“Hello! A very Good Morning to you all. How are you doing? Any problems at your end?"
"Sir! I've an issue. My Group has...."
"Sir! Mr Ganesh working with me is...."
"Sir! Last month, there was some shortage of...."
"OK.. OK.. OK.. Got your points. But before that, let me carry the Message of our GM to you.... Got it? Right this moment, please get on to your jobs and keep up the tempo. OK, see you then. I got to go now!"

And all the Managers back to their individual Cubicles were soon active in passing that single Message of their Boss in their own style to their Assistants..

In the Cubicle of the 1st Manager..

"Sir! I need some clarification here. Can we....?"

“No, No, No.. No, Am telling you a big 'No'.. Not at all.. Listen to me.. No.. No.. Whatever it be, I don't agree. OK.. Leave all that. You just have to start the work and get me the results by....”

In the Cubicle of the 2nd Manager..

"Sir! I've a problem.. This month, there was...."

“Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. Yes, I very much agree with you. Yes.. You are right.. But.. you see.. Yes.. That's the problem. Yes.. OK.. By today evening, I want from you….”

In the Cubicle of the 3rd Manager..

"Sir! Yesterday, that boy working with me Mr.... had...."

“Alright.. OK.. Agreed.. Fine.. Yeah.. Great.. Never expected.. OK.. I understand.. OK.. Nice.. But remember, today itself we got to finish this work. No laxity here. Got my message?”

In the Cubicle of the 4th Manager..

"Sir! I want to you to resolve this one issue...."

Nod.. Nod.. Nod.. "OK, tell me further...." Nod.. Nod.. Nod.. Finally a big double nod with instructions.. "You please see that by evening your work is completed and...."

In the Cubicle of the 5th Manager..

"Sir! The job with me has a problem...."

“What are you telling? Where? When it happened? Who? Which file he wants? Come on.. How can he ask like that? OK! listen.. You got to finish this by today itself and then only....”

In the Cubicle of the 6th Manager..

"Sir! I need your help in my today's...."

“Sorry.. Am too busy.. No time.. I don't know what's going on here. Please no more clarifications on this. Just start your work and I'm telling you by evening, you should finish....”

All the Assistants 

In no time, with whatever they understood were back to their Spots briefing their Staff on the day's work..

All the Staff 

Soon, were back to their respective places to finish their work for the day which ultimately,


Whatever the intervening problems be!

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Sunday, January 16, 2022


The man touched 30..
"Time for Me!"
The Philosophical Quest within said..
"Not now.. I'm loaded with many tasks!"
Said the man..

Soon he was in late 30s..
"Is it time for Me?"
The Philosophical Quest within asked..
"Not now.. I am loaded with imp tasks!"
Said the man..

Then he was in mid 40s..
"Hope, it's time for Me now!"
The Philosophical Quest within queried..
"Not now.. I am loaded with crucial tasks!"
Said the man..

Subsequently he was in early 50s..
"Think.. It's time for Me now!"
The Philosophical Quest within reminded..
"Not now.. I'm loaded with priority tasks!"
Said the man..

In no time, he touched 60..
"At least, can you allot some time for Me now?"
The Philosophical Quest within pleaded..
"Not now.. I'm loaded with closing tasks!"
Said the man..

Soon, he moved to late 60s..
He looked at the Philosophical Quest within and said,
"Okay.. I'm free now!"
You were with Me up to 30..
Subsequently, you left Me saying you were busy
Presently, I don't need you as
Your energies have tapered down,
You can no more be attentive and
There are no great tasks with you to show your straightforwardness!"
Said the Philosophical Quest within..


Saturday, January 15, 2022


"Yes.. Sure.. The most needed Virtue of today in me.. is
  • 'In every action of mine, let there be a lesser say of mine however small according to my wish but never zero making space for the other whom in no way I credited as my person other than the individual is human!'
I'm 100% sure of this as I carefully worded that taking care all round!"

I came out for my morning walk and the Little Girl of my neighborhood was heard loudly repeating the Saying in her book,

'Pride goes before fall!'

In her morning Learning Session. Suddenly it struck me.. What's the God Send Little One here talking of?

"Am I humble when I vouched on the above diligent practice?"

As I looked at myself,
  • Every single thought in my mind,
  • Even small word of my talk and
  • Every tiniest action of doing that
Was filled with pride..

"God! What a false virtue I was proposing?

Thanks, Little Girl.. I learnt from you the right approach.. Many, many thanks.. Now I know!"

Instantly my Intuition within cautioned..

"Good, the Little One opened up a Great Chapter of Learning in you. It started now.. 


Don't ask me!"

"I don't understand!"

"This one Learning never completes in one's life, let years roll by..

There's no completion of this with mundane body living as the 'self' is the basis for that proud feeling..

The Learning in utopia would be complete only when
  • Infinite sacrifices are done from your end,
  • Nothing of yours stays with you and
  • You exist as nothing!"
On distant loud speakers, Sloka 60 Chapter 2 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita was heard recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel..

'yatato hyapi kaunteya purushasya vipaschitah;
Indriyaani pramatheeni haranti prasabham manah.'

'The turbulent sense O Arjuna (in no time) do violently carry away the mind of even a wise person (without one's own knowledge) though one be striving hard (to control them)!'

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt What, according to you, is the virtue that the world stands most in need of today? #NeededVirtue

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