Monday, October 23, 2017


The 8 yrs old boy all of a sudden happened to witness a sad incident. That night his sleep got disturbed with bad dreams followed by an unknown shouting while on bed out of fear and the next day his routine sleeping activity became a terror. The Mom observed that and said,

“Dear! From today, we'll repeat this Sloka of Strength with us before going to bed.. Say with me..

Ramaskandham hanumantham vainateyam vrkodaram
shayane yah smarennithyam duh swapnam thasya nasyathi

The Mighty, Strong and Powerful Lord Hanuman, Garuda and Bheema by your side drive away your bad dreams making you sleep sound!”

And that just clicked with the boy as he believed his Mom beyond and instantly he was freed from his fear and misery an unknown strength replacing that..

That's what the love of a mother does towards her kid!

The same boy at 15+ yrs murmured,

“He never says once that I did the right.. Why does he scold me thus? Always says Learn.. Learn.. Learn! Very easy to say.. It's better, sometime I'm left alone!”

As planned, the father and son went that day evening to the grocery shop 3 km away from their home. There the son was made to

  • Bargain for the price, 
  • Check the weight and 
  • Select the good items 
at the back of many remarks..

Soon all the bundles were moved into a small open van, the son sat in front and the father at the back holding two big tins of oil, a few packets of powders in both the hands..

On the way over a narrow bridge as the vehicle maneuvered the steep up, it suddenly swiveled and rested on the edge of the road tilting precariously towards the waters at depth..

The father instantly jumped out of the vehicle shouting aloud at his son leaving the items in his hands,

  • "Dear! Get down first from the vehicle!"
The next moment, all the oil splashed to the ground as the huge tins hit the road. The powders fell everywhere around. A few items straight away slipped down into the waters below.

Not bothered anything beyond, the dad hugged son saying,

  • "Don't worry.. You are safe. That's enough for me!" 
That's what the love of a dad towards his child speaks..

In a normal situation such caring attitudes from both the parents together help the child grow to a full fledged individual in his/her life.

Unfortunately when certain rift runs thru' such relationship which will have its own reasons as ultimately the freedom of individuals come on top priority, that soon may result in separation of the partners thru' legal divorce proceedings.

Those proceedings detail how the future responsibilities of one time united relationship have to be handled along with the way the children of the family have to be taken care of for the ultimate good of every one.

In such a situation, it's essential that both the parties uphold all those future duties assigned along with the additional responsibilities that come up thru' subsequent married relationships of both the parties to the root and thus move on in their lives taking the best of the situation in front!

The Post is written in line with the week's IndiSpire prompt Divorce affects the social, mental and physical health of a Child. Agree or disagree? #divorce

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Sunday, October 22, 2017


The prosperous man was happily narrating about his discipline that helped him a lot in his work as well as in general in his life to a group of ardent listeners..

“I take all necessary precautions well in advance. I feel that they are a must. If we cultivate this culture, many perils/slips can be very easily avoided in our day to day life. That discipline includes
  • Keeping up time everywhere, 
  • Noting down in diaries the commitments and 
  • Learning at every step continuously! 
Next, I try to manage all the issues well. You see, human emotions are funny. What you think is possible in a way exactly comes to a halt when the person involved shows resistance unknowingly. So my discipline here includes
  • Predicting that attitude in time,
  • Thinking of the best ways of rewarding the man at work thru' certain recognition and money and
  • Implementing the same with final care to see that the motivated man turns out to be life long your man! 
The last is.. In spite of these two having been taken care, still matters do not move by themselves unless followed up well in time. So the third activity viz., continuous follow-up is a must in our life and I do that day and night without a stop thru..
  • Waking up the half sleepy,
  • Nipping in bud the relaxing tendencies and
  • Systematically weeding out the unwanted!
These are the nine entities I depend upon continuously for obtaining the best results and progressing in the right direction. I advise you all too to pick up the whole of this discipline to do the ultimate in your jobs and in general in your life!"

An elderly, a man of wisdom who was listening to the the man's talk for a while gently asked him with a smile,

“My dear! Have you forgotten one more discipline to be followed by you in this scenario?”

The man shot back a bit impatiently,

“What's that, Sir?"

"Living with a humble feeling all along to the extent possible that
  • All these activities in the end.. I've to leave and go, 
  • There's Greater Force in the Universe which moves in It's own direction over which I've absolutely no control and 
  • Ultimately we are all one as many of our familiar traits we normally do not notice are common to all of us!
Include this extra discipline too in your daily routine along with what you have said then I'm sure

You would be the total personality the Almighty ever expects you to live on the earth the ultimate purpose of that living not known at this point of time!"

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Saturday, October 21, 2017


Long ago there was an ‘Original Expertise’ around..

  • People were into it, 
  • True experts were in news and 
  • The followers too were true lovers of being into that field of expertise at various gradations!
And time moved on and brought its own great changes..

The followers increased in numbers but the experts making a living out of the expertise too increased but only in a disproportionate way. Soon it was a situation of

Many mouths to feed!

No doubt, the resources were limited but a few who had less expertise and more smartness suddenly became active in the field..

In no time, serious thoughts and plans were on the anvil. When such a mushrooming takes place around any field 2 distinct things sure happen..

‘Dilution’ and ‘Different ways of saying the same!’

So slowly many boards started appearing..

  • The Super Expertise.. Nothing to beat it! 
  • The Extra Ordinary Expertise.. You can never believe! 
  • The Novel Expertise.. From the very roots! 
  • The Unique Expertise.. A life time experience! 
Soon people were slowly dragged to gather around the places of

‘The once upon a time single expertise’

talked under different

  • Names, 
  • Titles, 
  • Medals and
  • Propaganda

showing extra interest finally culminating into a state of living around with

What all was not there in the Original Expertise


What all was not needed for the Original Expression!

As the pay master was thus ultimately mesmerized to be happy with that in front nothing could stop the momentum gained in the process with the fortune makers shining all along, of course none knowing the ultimate destination of the upsurge!

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Friday, October 20, 2017


The Saying may go that marriages are made in heaven but most of the time the actual married life is be physically lived on earth with lots of turmoil a few times making it feel like hell and

The idea of divorce surfaces!

Before marriage, friendship and wooing may look like a honeymoon experience but after marriage they definitely have to face the blazing sun and withstand and when the heat goes up beyond a limit

The idea of divorce surfaces!

Familiarity is forced to breed contempt in every married life as the parties are too familiar with each and everything known 100% and it needs great patience and perseverance from both the parties to keep up this contempt at simmering levels ever thru' doing good and in spite of such good care too, when certain rift takes birth and starts growing endlessly

The idea of divorce surfaces!

When marriage thus becomes a greater pain and separation thru' legal divorce looks inevitable, it should ever be remembered that that has its own problems hitherto never imagined where in a lot of attention alone can safeguard ultimately the interests of both the partners..

And with birth of children in such a married life eternally smeared with unending rift tendencies, it's ever wisdom that certain additional factors are taken care of before reaching the separation agreements..

Here both the partners and the well-wishers on either side should be aware of the needs of growing children both physical and psychological and take such timely decisions wherein that growth and development are never hampered like..

  • Children respond to love alone and nothing less and that love is nothing but paying the right attention towards them.. 
That attention from two ever out weighs that received from one unless doubled!
  • No rational behavior is expected from children up to a certain age and the parents alone can support them there thru' extended patience at the back of their unending love..
Anything less here is forever a deficiency only!
  • The parents alone together give a certain personality to their children.. 
Without max of that we often grow up violent and insecure individuals ultimately!
  • Child care is a 24 hr task till they grow to a certain age and.. 
Two on sharing basis can sure support this better!
  • Children continuously believe and observe as they grow.. They never forget even a small response from whom they interact and it's very much stored and works to perfection..
True love in abundance definitely becomes an asset in such a scenario!
  • Children never expect pity from others; instead no attention for a while is better.. Further, they expect continuous attention from one individual; never want attention daily from different individuals..
Any rift in the relationship of the parents sure creates a problem in fulfilling this requirement!
  • Children expect no help in all issues where no danger is sensed; instead they start exploring the issues in front.. 
A sincere vigilance from both the parents leaving them to their full freedom becomes a big asset in such scenario!
  • Child care beyond health and safety involves instilling certain confidence in the minds of the Little Ones.. Children learn max in the early years of childhood and beyond it becomes mostly repeating and copying only.. 
Such a confidence is ever doubled when the parents originally carry mutual respect for each other and have max confidence in each other!
  • Finally to say.. As we sow, we reap! If I am honest to core and do all my activities accordingly, my child too sure copies that.. 
In a troubled situation with rift tendencies, how much these honest behaviors from the aggressive party side survive is ever doubt!

The Post is written in line with the week's IndiSpire prompt Divorce affects the social, mental and physical health of a Child. Agree or disagree? #divorce

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Thursday, October 19, 2017


That evening, the child along with his mom and grandpa entered the Toy Shop. Soon the Little One was on his favorite driving type toy cars there..

"I want that car!"

He said.. The daughter smiled and said,

"They won't allow it on our flight back home. For a month of our stay here the cost is too much.. Later it becomes a waste!"

"Next year I come, I'll play!"

"By that time, you become big.. You'll not play with this.. Pick up another toy!"

"No I want it.. Grandpa can we buy this?"

The grandpa remained silent.. The daughter said firmly..

"Dad.. Let's go to the next store. There he'll find something interesting!"

"Dear! We can't snub the interests of the child. As caretakers and well-wishers, we've a role to genuinely look into our boy's timely needs and help him in fulfilling them to the best of our abilities!"

The elderly man said..

"But how can we do that here? After all our monies too are precious!"

"Dear! When I say thus, I never mean saying don't care for your money.. I saw in the Mall in the Central Area having these cars rented out for children to run in their premises for a small amount.. Let's go there!"

Soon the mom and grandpa convinced the Little One on that with a promise to him that they would be going there immediately and the car would be given to the boy!

"I'll buy and bring it home.. At home I want play!"

The Little One said firmly.

In 15 minuets time, the 3 were in the Mall area where different cars in different colors were seen going round. Seeing them, the Little one's eyes brightened.

"I want that car.. Let's buy that!"

He said. The grandpa talked to the In-charge boy and requested him to help riding the child for a while. Then he looked at the Little One and said,

"Dear! You've to learn the car operation.. Don't you like to learn?"

"Yes.. I want!"

"That you can't do it yourself at home.. This uncle will help you.. So sit in the car for 10 minutes and learn all that!"

Soon the Little One was into those activities.. 10 minutes passed, the boy had to vacate the car..

"Dear! I want you learn different cars.. The next car will be with you in 5 mts when the present riding boy vacates.. We've to wait!"

5 minutes passed and the next car was with the child.. Again for the next 10 minutes the boy was in his own world..

Next, the child got into the 3rd and 4th cars successively each looking different and rode them screaming aloud.. By that time, the 1st car was again ready for him.

"Learn and practice more!"

Said the grandpa..

2 hrs passed thus and the Mall crowd started thinning out with the closing time being one hr. Just in time, the grandpa took another initiative. He approached the In-charge boy and said,

"Can you give now the first car to our boy till the Mall closes? I'll pay a fixed charge!"

The In-charge boy instantly agreed for that and soon the Little One started going round continuously in the car. By that time everyone felt hungry.. The grandpa asked,

"Dear! Do you like to have your favorite ice cream? I'll get it for you!"

The child nodded his head and the old man soon headed towards the boy's favorite Ice Cream Shop leaving him with his mom.

Just before it was the closing time for the car ride, he emerged on the scene with boy's favorite delicacy and seeing him from distance, the boy left his car and ran towards his cone..

In no time, he was all into the action of licking his tastiest piece of cone well satisfied with the extended car ride he had..

  • "Our boy is fully charged now with renewed energy. His strong wish of owning the car had melted out silently under the unending rides he had in all types of cars along with his favorite ice cream towards the end..
  • No doubt, it cost me a bit with ride rate minutes wise and fixed but those amounts together in few hundreds are well within our limits of spending towards our child's happiness and mental well-being compared to the few thousands of owning the toy car without using it much except that we almost spent 3 hrs here spreading over our energies for such a good cause.. Anyhow ultimately the Saying goes.. 
No Pains No Gains!

And sure we got our gain here..

One 100% of our boy's confidence that we take care of him well!"

Said the elderly man while alighting at home the 3 wheeler they hired on return the Little Boy giving a pose with a beaming face at the end of the day!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


No doubt it's the answer from Lord Krishna 
Slokas 55 and 56, 
Chapter II 
Srimad Bhagavad Gita 
to a query from Prince Arjuna on who the 
Man of Steady Wisdom 

'prajahaati yadaa kaamaan
sarvaan partha manogataan;
aatmanyevaatmanaa tushtah

sthitadheer munir uchyate'

'Casting off the desires of mind
Satisfied in the Self alone, 
not shaken by adversity, 
not hankering after pleasures 
freed from attachment, fear and anger 
the sage of steady wisdom!'

That Sacred Message 
equally binds me thru'
in my life..

'Refraining max from the wild ways of living
Involve actively in your responsibilities with a
Giving attitude explicitly seen everywhere and thus
Hold the bridle firmly readying yourself to
Take whatever comes in the process!'

With the Sacred Word 
very much imprinted on it!"

Let me.. 
With no recourse straight away 
lighten up this single discipline in me 
on this 
The Festival of Lights 
Start spreading goodness everywhere!

The Post is written in line with the
IndiSpire prompt


Monday, October 16, 2017


No doubt he was the No 1 genius of the town 
He wanted his son too to be in that line 
But the son in no time turned out to be a misfit amidst similar genius personalities.. 

The No 1 genius soon went out of ethics.
Used his clout to forcibly turn a simpleton into a genius. 
Thus remained for a while a clown amidst the genius personalities.. 

But life can never continue thus. 
A clown too has own personality of original expression 
And that personality sure prompts one to be something in life..

Thus, the misfit soon started excelling in his own area 
Not talked of much and never carried a big weight on it's head.
As more energies had gone in that direction forcibly living amidst genius members, he soon became a double clown there.. 

And one day some one remarked beyond 
"What a blockhead is born to a genius.. 
Sure the effect of the dad's past deeds!"
with every one talking on that very quickly as the dad was too famous..

But the Almighty's Scales ever balance. 
And here the genius and simpleton too could never crossover the effect of their live deeds in their life.. 

With the son not getting a bit hurt with that talk he remaining serene and calm with nil publicity
The dad's heart broken into pieces with sharp words thrown at him at the fag end of his life and he becoming totally a lost person with his intact name and fame ultimately turning against him alone!

The Post is written in line with the Indispire Prompt 

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