Tuesday, November 19, 2019


"I don't understand why people hold money to the last pie. Nothing comes with us and even the last pie has to be left behind when we leave the world.

With such a reality in front of us, why not stop all these calculations and straight away share what we have with few others too and be happy in life? What do you say, Sir in this context?"

"Dear! Giving and sharing are truly the great activities in our life and there is no doubt that I should ever be ready to be part and parcel of those noble works..

Given a chance as self interest in me takes front seat resisting giving and sharing, I was told repeatedly by our Scriptures to say 'NO' to that self interest and start doing charity actively..

But unfortunately, at times the self interest in me takes the other side of the coin retaining the same level of calculating and holding, the moment I see few tears or listen to a sad story. Instantly I get involved there in giving and sharing pampering the recipient and making a habit in him/her to repeat such false presentations..

Here alone I should come to attention, be ready to distinguish clearly between

  • The actual need of the other man and
  • What is projected in front of me to gain sympathy and
Firmly limit my giving to that extent only. If diligently done so, I
  • Sure become part of the noble act of giving and sharing and thus help genuine individuals elevating myself in the eyes of the Almighty,
  • Sure not remain part of encouraging ease and laziness in the other man but show him/her true path of living thru' hard work and
  • Equally become the wizard of financial wisdom of managing my own finances which this day is again a duty with me without an iota of doubt!

~ When a stranger asked the Great Man for some food, the Great Personality asked him complete a work for Him before or after eating the food but when the stranger refused to work, the Great Man just refused giving
  • Even though the content involved was just a morsel of food.. But 
~ Having seen more as their right the same Great Personality made His tenants, owners of the respective houses by straight away surrendering His ownership
  • Even though the content involved was foregoing His own high valued assets!

Sunday, November 17, 2019


'Sun rises and sets,
Day light breaks and fades,
Seasons come and go,
Tides rise and fall,
Flowers bloom and fade,
Generations come and go
In perfect synchronization 
As time moves on eternally at the back of

**** The picture drawn with pieces of chalks of different colors looked so perfect as the passers-by could not take off their eyes from it for a while..

No doubt the in-built artist, a jobless man on the road did his best and brought out a master piece..

A quality work of one's expression turned out!

**** "This box is to be installed in its place!"

The supervisor instructed..

The workman smiled, took the box, pushed it thru' the narrow curved passage which couldn't be seen beyond, positioned it in place, inserted the bolts and using a special spanner tightened them to the required grip..

A quality work of one's special skill turned out!

**** The customer said,
"I need the certified product by tomorrow!"
The certifying agency said,
"We need the quality report to accord certification!"
The quality man said,
"The defect is to be rectified for the quality report!"
The Assembly man said,
"It takes a day to rework the product!"
The boss said,
"It's crucial and the customer shouldn't be unhappy!"

The Manager In-charge was no doubt on the altar but soon he was thru' the task with his own ease and cool..

A quality work of one's managerial skill turned out!

**** The son was in total tension. He couldn't ask anyone for advice and consolation and was a bit silent at home talking on and off..

The dad said,

"I've the best solution here for you...... Do this way, the rest will be controlled automatically!"

That's the back ground work the dad did all those days for his son to be useful in the tough moment!

A quality work of unique love turned out!

**** The son decided to eat at his place and sent the carrier thru' his attendant to his mother with a chit attached that read thus..

"Ma! You finish lunch and send back the carrier. I'll eat here!"

The mother promptly sent back the whole. The son on return understood the duel message of his chit but enquired why she didn't eat at least half.. 

The mother smiled and said,

“Dear! That full carrier food too is not enough for you when you are hungry. I can't take a chance and make my son go hungry!”

A quality work of certain sacrifice in nature turned out!

**** The Saint beaten by a rowdy element on road to unconsciousness and subsequently served by a disciple and brought back to consciousness, when asked whether He could recognize the man serving Him, smiled and said,

"The hand that hit me is serving me!'"

The Quality Work of Ultimate Sacrifice in the Universe turned out!

In between, the presence of capabilities of various working personnel around making out and deciding based on,
  • A knock on the metal door,
  • A small hammer hit on an assembly,
  • A look at the color of the burning flame,
  • A tiny extra sound heard amidst moving parts,
  • An aroma of a dish,
  • A sense of feeling of being in control,
  • A glimpse at the strange environment
Etc.. in respect of
  • Manufacturing,
  • Construction,
  • Energy,
  • Transportation,
  • Hospitality,
  • Healthcare,
  • Defence
Etc.. fields backed by years of dedicated work indicates that amidst us, every one is


  • Openly seen at times,
  • Partly seen many times and
  • Unseen a few times

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Post

Quality has made significant contributions to advancements in healthcare, manufacturing, construction, energy, defence and transportation. What does quality mean to you? Recognize and acknowledge quality professionals you know. #WQD19

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019


In class 7, as he avoided giving his name for speaking in the elocution period, the dad straight away met his class teacher and included his name..

  • "I don't like giving a speech in front of my friends!"
He pleaded..

"Avoiding is no solution here. Select your topic, prepare well and speak!"

Ordered the dad..

In class 9, on a day as he avoided giving his name for a voluntary service the dad went to the school and straight way gave his name..

  • "These come in the way of my studies!"
He said meekly..

"Do both.. You should involve in such works once in a way!"

Clarified the dad..

In class 12, even though he was thru' local competitive exam, the dad made him apply for other competitive exams too and write those exams..
  • "Why all these when I'm already thru' my local exam?"
He asked back..

"You should know what competition is and better you take all these exams!"

Explained the dad..

After graduation, he had his selection of job.. The dad insisted him select one..
  • "The other company is paying more and their training is just for 3 months. I want to join the second company!"
He asserted..

"It's better you do what I say. There's good in that for you in the long run!"

Assured the dad..

After training, on the 1st day of his job, he returned late in the evening quite tired and was resting in his room. The dad asked what had happened at his first day of work..
  • "They showed my place and assigned me some work. I had to do that full 8 hrs till the last minute except for lunch and coffee/tea breaks!"
He said with a tiresome tone..

"Dear! All these days, my constant worry was to put you in this line which was never a day's job. It's a total build up from scratch from the time you entered your school. Today, you became reasonably the right personality prepared to take up the coming days'
  • Turmoil,
  • Stress and strain and
  • Cut-throat competitions at work and
  • Overall ups and downs in life in parallel..
Now relax and rejuvenate yourself for the tomorrow's likely more difficult day in your job.. All the Best!"

Said the dad with a gentle pat on his back!

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Saturday, November 9, 2019


That evening, as usual I started murmuring within endlessly..

“It appears God is unfair to me. Many times what I plan and what happens exactly go opposite leaving me sad in my life..

  • I regularly pray to God,
  • I am all the time devotional,
  • I do many good things and
  • I remain simple and humble.
Yet, the Almighty is not kind to me. I don’t know why my life is like this!”

The wise man in distance was seen smiling and directly communicating to me..

“Dear! Are you not happy of your own ‘Self’ comprising of your basic

  • Physique,
  • Mental capabilities,
  • Well-being?”
"Yes, I love that my 'self' without a doubt!”

"Then as


Why don't you thank the Almighty for making all that straight away your 


Without default? Next,

Have you not got your birth as descendent in the family tree of yours of which you are proud today?”

"Why to question on this? I love my ancestry like anything!”

“Don’t you like your parents?”

“What like them? I worship them. What's that they haven't given me in my life?”

“How do you like your siblings?”

“They are the dearest to me; I work a lot for them and ready to give them the best always!”

"Then as


Why don't you thank the Almighty for making all that straight away your 


Without default? Beyond,

Do you love your Mother tongue?”

“My Mother tongue is the sweetest language ever known to me in the world!”

"Don't you like your Native Town?"

"I'am proud to call myself one born in my Town!"

“Are you not a proud man of this great Country?”

“I Salute here!”

"Then as


Why don't you thank the Almighty for making all that straight away your 


Without default?"

I was speechless.. The wise man concluded,

“Dear! Do understand that a sincere Daily Prayer and living your life with all humility ready to return to Him through a Service to His Creation truly completes that


From your end at this moment and never, never those endless self pitying murmurs!"

The Post is written as an introspection into one's life in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt

Its the month of gratitude. Share three things you are grateful for. #gratitudemonth


Tuesday, November 5, 2019


When the devotees decided to celebrate His birthday, the Great Saint smiled and said,

"Why not celebrate the Day of Realization instead of the birthday?"

Seen in the above context, any celebration of my joyous expression should ever try to concentrate

As much on the higher aspects of life embedded deep within me wherein

I care for and accommodate

My next man in particular and
My next living being in general

Rather than

Concentrate totally on the mundane aspects of life ever accommodating 'my own'..

With such a firm mind, If I carefully start looking at myself the second time of every moment, the first time invariably being my own interest of over flowing emotions within me,

I sure find certain cushion with me which can accommodate the said activity..

Then why not straight away make use of that cushion

In conducting all my functions and festivals in the right way

Instead of making Mother Nature suffer silently myself carrying reduced respect towards my Original Mother hurting Her deep within and thus celebrate all such functions and festivals feeling myself superior?

Thus my festivals of today laced with

The good and the pleasant

Should be looked at a second time myself carefully distinguishing between the

Good part of it and equally
Not so good part of it

And thus remain useful to me as well next to me..

No doubt, human expression is continuously undergoing change

Ever trying to trace the good thru' understanding the truth part of life and
Constantly subdued by the pleasant by the side


Old may be Gold but that
Old too was associated with cruelty


The improved present day celebrations are 

Ever set in the direction of truthful living but
Equal number of times are dampened by the associated pleasantries of life..

Ultimately it's

My constant alertness and dedication alone that brings back me to the right track sooner or later and makes my life truly worth living!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt How have festival celebrations changed for you over the years? #Change


Wednesday, October 30, 2019


"There is so much suffering in the world. If I don't help here, what's the meaning to my life and what's the use of all these monies, time and energies with me?"

"Dear! You should sure do that all the time in your life. But do you know or have you assessed


As you do so?"

"What other calculations are required here, Sir? I have more in everything and the man next to me has so much less in respect of all of that. So clear and straight forward!"


  • I have a body and the self interest in me beyond will not listen to me and forces me to stick to it a 100% if not done so..
When cornered by a mob, the Great Man too initially took shelter in a Police Station and subsequently with the help of Police escaped from there in front of the mob in the guise of a policeman!
  • There is an order around me imposed by Nature and the laws of land backed by certain ethical ways of human expression and that need to be respected and I should never become a hindrance therein..
When a stranger asked the Great Man for some food, the Great Personality asked him complete a work for that. When the stranger refused to do that, the Great Man just remained firm sticking to what He said!
  • I have a duty as human being too and here a certain part of mine which I can easily negate, should necessarily be done so..
Having seen as their right, the Great personality made his tenants, owners of the respective houses by straight away surrendering His ownership!

Seen in the above context, it is imperative that I first take care of the first 2 core issues in respect of my welfare in particular and my greater surroundings welfare in general which means indirectly


Beyond alone I should start taking care of the 3rd issue of my life Viz.,


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Monday, October 28, 2019


No doubt,

  • Being straight forward and firm,
  • Speaking out what's the right known without hesitation and
  • Doing that right as well within the frame work of law
Truly form part of my discipline in life but our Scriptures very much ascertain that I always live in the world at the level of truth known to me and never deviate from that on either side except a little here and there..

If I look at lives of the Great Saints and Hermits I sure notice that, at times they too though totally left the world and embraced seclusion ever full within themselves, used to smile and join people at normal level to meet the requirement of equivalent longing coming up in Them now and then due to traces of ignorance left out..

I being, infinitesimally small compared those Great Men and Women in spite of myself appearing to understand


So much, necessarily need to associate with people around me at various levels and in various situations continuously in my life and thus carry on


Of sticking to


Which if seen thru' actions, is nothing but the discipline comprising of

  • Routine exchange of warm greetings,
  • Living thru' the known mannerisms and
  • Actively involving in give and take..
If done so, all that itself becomes


With me and with such an attitude from my side when I approach others, I would straight away be accepted as their man and people very much come forward to co-operate with me..

Having successfully established that channel of communication, beyond I should ever be ready to tell my point of understanding


And subsequently continue doing in that line. If done so, all my messages/doings sure slowly percolate into the hearts of people without an iota of doubt and does the good everywhere.. 

On the eve of


The festival of lights, let me with no recourse, straight away light this single discipline in me and start spreading