Saturday, April 20, 2019


"I'm not gifted by God with the 'usual plus'.. I frequently suffer from 'certain minus' which people around often point. Whenever I protest on that happening, it has an immediate reaction of rebuke and making fun behind. This puts me off in no time and I'm ever sad. Why am I thus doomed in my life forever as an inferior individual? Can't people around have a consideration here?"

I asked my consciousness..

  • "Dear! People around sure have consideration for your deficiency. I say 100%!"
Said my consciousness with a smile..

"No.. I don't agree. The way they behave, I'm 100% sure they don't have that!"

I said with all firmness..
  • "See, dear! The small physical deficiency may be a fact with you but a part of this deficiency can always be hidden in a polished way to avoid the usual embarrassment and unnecessary pointing out when you are amidst your people..
  • If that's not possible, your determination to live thru' the deficiency with a smile will sure avoid this embarrassment..
  • Instead of doing these actions, you are ever living thru' a psychological inferior feeling expecting others to show sympathy for that. Seen thus, it's your own demand for support in the situation which actually as a good member of the society, you shouldn't ask for!"
My consciousness said firmly..

"Why not? It's so clear.. People are not considerate for my deficiency. What should I do here as extra?"
  • "Dear! It's not extra.. Seen in the right way, it's nothing but a higher duty of yours to care for others..
  • You know.. The Great Saint afflicted with a serious disease too when offered help by his Devotees used to say..
"As long as this hand moves, let that alone do the job. When it ceases to move, you can sure help!"
  • Thus passing on an Ever Green Message to all of us not to expect sympathy from others for a deficiency with us as such a satisfaction sure propels us endlessly to take our life cool and once we cool off thus, the one precious life with us sure will be spent in vain with the end having no meaning!
  • Thus seen, people around you who are interacting with you as you said are not really troubling but helping you to have a Greater Meaning to your life.. When you thus express yourself, and live with a thankful attitude for the invariable good they are doing to you, in the process sure people around see your determination to live thru' your problem and carry their
Never Failing Respect for you Ever taking you as their man!"

That clarification instantly turned my till then held idea that

All people are against me

To the fact that

All people are with me

With no logical reasoning behind except an instant eye opening!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019


It's not limited to a few professions but seen in a broader sense, all professionals basically need to

Earn reasonably in their profession to lead a decent life and make some lifetime savings,
Do justification to the job taken up by them,
Express themselves the way they want and
Beyond look at life in the way they wish to perceive and rise

Of course all along all the activities remaining within the legal limits laid out by the law of the land..

Somewhere in the other part of the globe, a family of 2 with their older kid travelled to a tourist area of prominence and checked into their cottage. As they entered the cottage, they straight saw in front of them a big board stating the house rules thus..

Love unconditionally,
Laugh uncontrollably,
Forgive quickly,
Forget the differences,
Behave well,
Talk the required,
Keep silence as much,
Be patient,
Care everywhere etc..

Seeing all that writing, the boy asked his dad,

"Dad! If we start doing all these all the time, what are we left with doing as our own?"

It may be a joke here but seen a bit deeper into the extra moral code one has to follow, no professional is truly destined to do that compared to others other than doing the normal duties assigned to him/her and here a teacher too comes in that group only..

Truly speaking, ultimately it is the parents that indirectly act as teachers of their wards in assisting and guiding them on what their teachers have taught them in their daily routine and guide them over all

In learning the right and molding their psychologies accordingly..

The rest of learning comprising of studying of various subjects is of course, truly imparted by the teachers and there if the teacher is doing his/her basic job, sure a great work is done..

Here, doing more than that is left to the individual teachers considering that as their own inherent expressions of interest towards the students..

The Sanskrit Saying glorifies the Basic Learning in the World thus..



'(In this world) the Speaker is a Wonder; the Listener is (equally) a Wonder!'

An example of this Saying goes thus..

A night watchman on his usual rounds at mid night was shouting aloud,

“Awake and be alert!”

Every one woke up, looked out, re-checked the locked doors and went back to sleep. A Great Personality too sleeping like them got up with the watchman's words and instantly thinking within,

“Am I sleeping in my life?”,

Opened the doors, moved towards the forest to meditate and finally attained Salvation!

Thus seen, any learning with an individual truly starts from this basic urge within him/her and continuously moves in a particular direction endlessly so that all the subsequent contributions of the person from that very learning would be directly helping out to meet certain requirement of world invariably existing by the side and sure 

The Teacher therein will be doing a yeoman service to the society in imparting that Sacred Knowledge to the young ones!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Who should be a teacher? Teachers are the backbone of nation, it is a profession for more altruism rather than earning more money. In present days govt schools are lacking quality education as people has just taken teaching as any other profession. #teachers

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Sunday, April 14, 2019


Very often in my life, whenever I've to call a Spade a Spade..
  • I very quickly change the color of the Spade according to my liking,
  • I change the shape of the Spade according to my wish,
  • I change the size of the Spade according to my ego,
  • I talk on the use of the Spade according to my own interests,
  • I express concern over the danger of the Spade out of my fears,
  • I try to glorify the Spade as I see its worth and
  • I condemn the presence of the Spade when I dislike something about it!
Not only leaving the matters there, I further believe that
  • My people too should concur with me,
  • I should be on the throne in the eyes of every body and
  • Those who oppose heroically will almost be seen as the life time enemies
Thus dividing the entire Humanity eternally thru' such


No doubt, a 100% deviation from this behavior, is truly not possible for me to get off as the enchanting colors and fragrance of my doings never leave me so easily but

Why not I try doing my bit here with all sincerity and rise with a firm conviction that..
  • The Spade will never be called as any other except only the Spade to uphold the dignity of Humanity around me whereby all around me live and express with their own freedom in their life and never I surrender here and 
  • In the process whatever smaller life that would come to me from the world point of view will be accepted by me with all Grace as the Gift of God for the one life on this Earth known to me this moment!

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Thursday, April 11, 2019


At 5 yrs age, the son used to ask often
  • "Dad! What's this?",
  • "Where's my bag?",
  • "Which pen should I take?"

Etc.. Etc..

"Wait.. Am coming.. I'll tell you everything!"

The dad used to say every time and answer all his questions with a broad smile.. Soon the son was a grown up boy of 12 yrs. The questions continued but the content was different..

  • "Dad! You have to come to my school tomorrow.. There's a........!"
  • "Having PT class tomorrow evening.. Can you pick me up after that?"
  • "My friends are going for the movie........ Can I go?"
Etc.. Etc..

"I'll tell you and you do accordingly!"

The dad used to answer and help out his son thus with a never failing smile on his face.. The boy was a grown-up young man of 18 yrs by then..
  • "My dad always tells and does the right. I'll just follow him!"
He was heard saying to one of his friends..

"Yes my boy.. I can never think of telling you anything less!"

The dad mused within with a silent smile.. Soon the son was a man of 28 yrs with certain family responsibilities attached to..

  • "My dad may be telling me to do this and that but I feel that so much telling is not required at our age.. What do you say?"
He was heard conversing with his friend on a day at home..

"I know that my telling here will not go into your actions so easily now but telling is my job!"

Said the dad with a simple smile after the friend left.. Time passed and the son was a man of 35 with hectic activities of going around without a second to breath..
  • "Gosh! These works never end. Don't know how to pull on in this situation!"
He was murmuring..

"The same activities I too did in your age but with more calmness. Everything is OK here, only patience is missing!"

Said the dad with a confident smile..

The son was then a matured man of 45 yrs and was into buying an Apartment from a particular Builder..
  • "I'm planning to go for this flat and the bank is ready to give me loan for this.. What's your view?"
He asked the dad..

"Let's consult few independent specialists in this area and act based on that. Our monies are precious and any litigation eats us out in no time. Deciding ourselves is never correct here!"

Advised the dad with a caring smile.. The son in time was 55 and the dad who was eighty had a typical health problem..
  • "He did a lot to me in my life and let me take care of him now.. Tomorrow I'm taking him to the Super Specialties Hospital for a Check Up.. Let me not look at the cost here!"

Thus was thinking the son aloud with an outburst of emotion..

"I'm happy to be as is with a mild necessary medical care advised. I feel that this is the best course of action in these years of life. Take care of yourself more and safeguard your finances!"

Said the dad with a feeble smile!

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Sunday, April 7, 2019


  • "I can't allow a wrong to happen in front of me. Let me see the end of this non sense drama right this moment!"
Thus ran my thoughts in mid 20s and soon I got involved actively questioning everywhere, when suddenly on a day, I was cornered beyond by the powerful where nothing could help..

On one of those gloomy days, as I was casually going thru' few religious books, I came across Sloka 35, Chapter III from Srimad Bhagavad Gita which instantly boosted an indirect strength in me confirming that..

'Shreyan swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanusshthitaat
Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah.'

'Ever safe is one’s own duty than the duty of another even well discharged. Better is even death in one’s own duty than the duty of another full of fear!'

Soon motivated by that Message, I decided to go ahead in my life in that path and further started reading thru' the Great Book..

Thus the Sacred Book Srimad Bhagavad Gita has become one book of my reference for a life time!

  • "I can't allow the alluring and interesting life go waste in front of me. Let me touch the height of these enjoyments right this moment!"
Thus ran my thoughts in mid 30s and soon I started touching the limits of enjoyment everywhere, when suddenly on a day, I was cornered beyond by fate where nothing could help..

On one of those gloomy days, as I was casually going thru' few religious books, I came across Sloka 1 of Bhajagovindam which instantly boosted an indirect strength in me confirming that..

'Bhajagovidam bhajagovidam
govindam bhaja muudhamathe
samprapte sannihite kale
nahi nahi rakshati drukrun karane.'

'Worship Govinda! Worship Govinda! Worship Govinda (limiting yourself to the ordained duties).. When the end approaches, the Grammar Rules (the craving for materialistic gain and recognition) will not save you!'

Soon motivated by that Message, I decided to go ahead in my life in that path and further I started reading thru' the Great Book..

Thus the Sacred Book Bhajagovindam has become the second book of my reference which I want to read all my life!

  • "I can't allow a wrong to happen by me in this life voluntarily. Let me see the end of this non sense drama my mind plays with me right this moment!"
Thus ran my thoughts in mid 40s and soon I got involved actively questioning myself everywhere, when suddenly on a day, I was overpowered beyond by my own mind where nothing could help..
On one of those gloomy days, as I was casually going thru' few religious books, I came across an advice given by the Great Philosopher to His disciples,

  • "I can never teach you anything except that we together
  • Read our own 'Open Books' called the minds separately ourselves,
  • Understand the content solely by ourselves and
  • Plan our own strategies for our betterment!"
As my doubts in that context continued with the reading of my that book, the message expanded further

"To see the 'Great Strength' within, an attitude of calmness is required which comes up when part of the time in a day however small is allotted for that study with the 'Quality' of that time maintained by not being anxious, greedy or calculative..

If done so the turbulent mind

  • Initially tries to educate in its own line..
  • Then tries to lure there..
  • Further gets into a bargain..
  • Finally terrorizes beyond..
If withstood by gently remaining calm as much by substituting,
  • 'Vicious' thoughts with the 'Pious' ones..
  • Thought of 'Self Pity' with that of 'I'm not less..'
  • Thought, 'I'm loosing' with 'It's OK.. The loss isn't to that level that makes me collapsed!'
  • Thought, ‘There are burning problems.. What are you doing here?’ with ‘Only a few minutes.. I'm coming back!’
With a humble feeling that
  • Everything is OK..
  • Nothing is going wrong..
  • Only small times are spent this way..
  • This'll not affect the general living
All along carrying respect for every other method of getting there..

That 'Very Existing' indirectly is nothing but just claiming 'No Result' as much as possible and that alone is ultimately seeing/feeling the 'Great Strength' which drives out the all the weakness!"

Thus the 'Open Book' with me Viz., my mind has become the third book of my reference which I want to read all my life!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt List THREE books that you want to read in the coming weeks... with your reasons. Will you consider reading habits that go beyond text-books as the real education?#ReadBooks

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Saturday, April 6, 2019


That night before going to sleep, I ascertained within..

“They say that what one thinks, one becomes that..

Then why can’t I straight away be free from all theories and beliefs working in a concrete way?

That alone ultimately makes my life and not all that story telling or listening to it!”

Suddenly, an unknown voice was heard asking me,

“How was your day?”

“Great.. Really fantastic.. What's the problem?”

I replied not knowing why I was asked such a question.. The voice further asked,

“Was everything perfect since morning?”

I said,

“Yes! The day was quite interesting. I got up, did what all I planned for the day and I'm resting now!"

The voice asked,

“Can you recollect a few moments of today where something happened without your pre plan?”

I got surprised at the question and said,

“What are you saying? To my knowledge, nothing less happened!”

“Can you try to recollect minute by minute the small happenings where something you never planned?”

“It’s funny.. OK, let me remember.. OK.. OK.. A few happenings..

  • I just slightly slipped while moving but it was nothing..
  • I bumped into a man on the road and that was a bit funny..
  • The change given by the bus conductor fell in the bus and that required certain of my attention..
  • I forgot to carry my ID but that was OK as such things happen once in a way..
“Means.. What you never planned too happened.. Since those unplanned ones are of minor nature and are not in the way of your original plans, you are brushing them off so easily..

Imagine.. Suppose, those small happenings extended a bit more and blocked your major plans, would you be still talking like this?"

I said,

"May not be immediately but sure in some time when I recover!"

The voice said,

"Where is that 'ME' in concrete in you when that happens? Isn't it broken to a thousand pieces with no way joining them back to 'ONE'?"

I was speechless..

"Remind yourself.. As long as the Lord's Grace Bestows on your Plans alone, you are smiling else never!

Then, why not pray to that God at this moment so that the Almighty

Takes care even when certain plans fail too by giving you enough courage to face the change and re-direct your life in the new environment?"

Saying thus the voice became totally silent..

Suddenly I woke from my sleep and as I sat on my bed recollecting the early morning dream I had, from distance on the loud Speakers

Sloka 66, Chapter 18 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita

Was heard being recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel..

'Sarva dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja
aham tvam sarvapapebhyo moksayisyami ma sucah.'

'Relinquishing all ideas of righteousness (the right and wrong as known to you), surrender unto me exclusively; I will deliver you from all sinful reactions (what your mind proposes), do not despair.'

I instantly folded my hands and offered my heart felt Prayer to Lord saying,

'Lord! Take care of me all along!'

Thus allowing that


Firmly establish in me for life time!

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Thursday, April 4, 2019


'If I'm just lax, a few will be found, 
If I become more inattentive, more will be found and 
If I'm caught with an unknown fear within, the most numbers will be found around me called 
The self assumed authority 
Originally not there as per Nature’s requirement! 

Nature fixes just 
At a moment in my life in tune with
The Law of Nature for Survival 
And identifying that 
No doubt, becomes a tough job 
As I'm forever carried over by my emotions more than my need 
And that being the average situation,

Their indirect power makes me weak in time 
As I alone have accepted them and
Soon a stage would reach where 
Getting off from their clutches would be seen impossible.. 

In such a scenario 
Would remain just as weaklings alone 
Not able to pull me from the deep drench of mud,
I got into my life.. 

As time moves on the situation only worsens, 
More and more 
Start terrorizing me with 
Becoming fewer and fewer and 
Many non interfering people getting off from me 
Not able to cure my deep-rooted disease.. 

That way, this one life of mine is 
Forever compromised and written off indirectly with all the 
Permanently put into cold storage..

When the villagers under a strong belief 
Continued to worship the presumed demon in an adjacent cave, 
A young man of the village with the permission of the villagers on a day 
Entered the cave, 
Checked himself every corner of the cave, 
Waited for a day there for any changes to happen and 
Finally ascertained himself that there was nothing other than 
Clusters of cob webs hanging all round.. 

He came out and declared the Truth to the villagers, but the villagers who never had 
Never accepted that and were happy to continue with their 
Fear worshiping the cave..

The young man who had seen 
Too lived with them looking like them only 
Forever free of the fear of cave!

Is just like the cave.. 

If I am afraid, very much there.. 
If I yield, terrifies me more and 
If I succumb to the pressures, makes me a permanent slave but 
If I stand up and look straight once,