Monday, March 19, 2018


It was evening hrs.. The child of 6+ had to study for an hr after his evening play.

That day, he was not in a mood to do that. The mom tried to convince him for a while but seeing his relentless mood not to study, she decided to impose her own discipline.

That situation soon lead to an emotional out burst of a cry from the child who appeared to be firm not to study.

All the while, the grand father was observing the happenings and the helplessness of the boy's mom to make her boy study at that point of time. He knew that such a situation could become too emotional if not controlled in time and thought of making it lighter if possible so that the child did his work happily and the mom kept her cool.

He patted the boy, smiled and said,

"Okay, dear.. If you don't want to study we won't. We'll do what you like to do. Promise!"

"I want to play!"

The little boy said in a crying tone looking at his grandpa..

"Okay, okay..You'll sure play.. But today, You'll not play with your usual play items.. You'll play with your books!"

"Silly.. How can I play with my books?"

"Yes.. There's a way.. Bring your maths, history and geography books. I promise it's play only!"

The child was amused. Instantly, he brought his school bag and took out the 3 books. The grandpa looked at maths text book for few secs and instantly said bringing out an old riddle and his own addition to it,

"Why's the maths book so sad?"

The boy got wondered with what his grandpa had said and looked at him. His mom too was not knowing why her dad asked thus..

"It's very sad.. Do you know the reason? If I tell you, you should promise me to help the book. Nothing more!"

"Sure, grandpa.. I'll help!"

  • "Because it has so many problems, it's very sad. So many problems and no one is solving its problems.. We'll help in solving at least few of them today. Rest we solve slowly over many days. It'll be very happy, okay?"

That funny talk instantly made the child very curious.

"Next, the history book is not caring. Shall we tell it to be more attentive?"


  • "Because all the people it talks of are not there today to question it, isn't it? So it became careless. We'll make it alright.. We'll open the book, I know where it had become careless, we'll read that portion and say aloud to the book, what great works the great people had done to the world and ask the history book to be disciplined, okay?"
The child was too jubilant to listen to his grandpa talk thus..

"The next.. The geography book is very happy.. You know why?"

"I don't know.. Why?"

  • "It has everything of the world in it and wants to share that with others.. So we'll open the book, read some chapters, take all that for today and make our geography book happy..
If you do all this,
  • The maths book will be happy because it's problems are solved..
  • The history book will be happy because it knows now how to keep up it's discipline..
  • The geography book will be happy because it can share it's treasure with us.. and
  • We'll become happy because we make our books happy!
We'll do this now and then you will have your favorite drink..... I promise!"

"Yesssss...." said the little boy coming to a totally different mood and soon got into the studying mode for the day!

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Friday, March 16, 2018


I murmured aloud..

  • "All along, my life remained average with nothing to proclaim from my end as an achievement!"
The wise man heard saying,

"Life gives every moment a chance to connect with the world and it's people..

  • Instead of constantly craving for achieving the limited, make use of that great chance to express yourself the best thru' a service to the world!"
I continued my murmur..

"Forget.. All that service etc. It's not for people like me.. Okay..
  • I lived in this state for so many years. Never I got one thing as special to me!"
The wise man again said,

"Whatever you may think, Life never stops giving a chance to connect with the world and it's people..
  • As a part of gratitude towards all the unseen plus you got, why don't you drop the idea of expecting more in the scenario?" 
I murmured again..

"Again the same.. That's okay but what about this?
  • All these days, I felt that it's my own place. But having seen the wide differences among-st people, I wonder now, what that my own is here?" 
The wise man continued saying,

"Life never stops giving chance to connect with the people of your place directly..
  • Instead of looking at these differences and remain static, why don't you do a single work of unifying those differences?"
I continued my murmur..

"Fine.. What do you say here?
  • All these years, I was proud of my neighborhood. But seeing the endless gossips going around, I sometimes get dejected and feel lost!" 
The wise man said,

"Life forever gives a chance to connect with the people whom you know and like..
  • Instead of lending an ear to such gossips, why don't you take certain lead in preaching something good in your neighborhood?"
I murmured next without a stop..

"Got it.. Let me try if I can do anything.. Okay.. One more issue..
  • Of late, the grown-ups of my family are countering my advices given for their own good. It's a real pain hearing all they say!" 
The wise man firmly said,

"Life 100% gives a chance every moment to connect with your people whom I' am sure, you love most..
  • Instead of finding fault with the behaviors of your grown-ups, why not just advise them on the right and keep off beyond respecting their decisions 'as is'?"
I said in the end..

"Yes.. I agree that I should do something here. Okay, tell me on the last point, whether I am correct here..
  • This life looks to me aimless and totally meaningless with so much unhappiness and pain around. Am I becoming philosophical?" 
The wise man smiled at me and said,
  • "That's called dry philosophy with you at this point of time constantly seeing misery alone everywhere ending up in nothing. All along, it will be taking out your attention even from the small work you wish to do in the right direction. And that's the exact reason why I advised you to act supporting everywhere. It's.. 
The No 1 Magic Action
  • In the world for all evils and here the doer is 100% benefited thru' happiness and peace within without a single exception!"
The Post is written in line with the Week's IndiSpire prompt #Life gives a chance to connect with the world that people which you love the most.... Do you agree..#addlifeforsomeone

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Thursday, March 15, 2018


“Sir.. Now a days, I'm not finding any time at all to do my personal works because of too much pressure at work in my Company. My family and people say that I'm not paying necessary attention to them in time. I'm finding myself helpless in meeting both the demands at the same time. Is there a way out here?”

“My dear, I can surely say that you are not very clear on the concept of true working and so this confusion in you. The ten Golden Rules ever to be remembered as I take up my work are..

  • Whatever said and done, my work alone truly supports my basic living all the time not the many other activities which appear to do that..
  • My work starts in youth in twenties and ends with retirement past sixties. All along, it's to be seen as a single entity with me and never in bits and pieces..
  • My job except in very few cases invariably is in buyer's market and the buyer has no time to listen to my stories other than taking the best available in the market..
  • No one truly knows when the work picks up pace and tempo and when that eases in between. I necessarily need to wait for that right time to attend to the important personal works of mine..
  • Leave from my work is just a privilege given to me and never a right bestowed upon at any point of time in my employment..
  • Leave from work should be either for sickness/injury of self or family and to discharge the related core family responsibilities, for meeting social obligations or for personal needs and no other reason has a place here..
  • I can't take the leave off from my work without appropriate permission except in case of exigencies / emergencies as it may affect my Employer's business and can create loss therein which can't be corrected subsequently..
  • Too much of leave taken for any reason in spite of being sanctioned appropriately forever gives a feeling to my employer that I have too many personal problems and hence another one with less problems may do his/her job better in my place.. 
  • Unnecessary leave from my job gives certain leverage to the members of family to take issues easy as additional help is readily available for them making them indirectly less effective and dependent.. 
  • Finally to say.. It may be difficult to understand in depth the concept of work but all other ways of grasping it quickly is nothing but ultimately myself working against me only.. i.e., 

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018


"Let me live my life to the brim seeing the best part of it and let me never forego this whatever the pressures from various quarters be. Then alone this life will have true meaning!"

Remarked a man.. God remained silent and life pulled him towards world the next moment..

  • "Enjoying alone is not life. As I live thru' my life, let me do a certain charity with my regular income and never keep off from that activity whatever the pressures from various quarters be. Then alone this life will have true meaning!"
Firmed up another.. God smiled and blessed him go ahead with his activities..
  • "Doing charity alone is not the end. I should equally spend a certain of my time towards service to a cause and never keep off from that activity whatever the pressures from various quarters be. Then alone this life will have true meaning!"
Asserted the third.. God smiled and moved towards him to support his activities..
  • "Doing charity and service to a cause alone are not the end. I should equally spend a certain of my physical energies here making it a total contribution and never keep off from that activity whatever the pressures from various quarters be.. Then alone this life will have true meaning!"
Reiterated the fourth.. God smiled and joined him in his activities..
  • "It is said 
'Brahma Satyam Jagat Mithya!'
  • What all I see, perceive and experience in my life is nothing but a dream. Let me understand this to the root thru' discrimination at every moment of my life and thus live thru' non attachment doing minimum activities required in my day to day life and never keep off from this discipline whatever the pressures from various quarters be. Then alone this life will have true meaning!"
Said the fifth.. There was an instant caution from the Skies..
  • "For people of average understanding, 
'Jagat' is very much 'Satyam' and never 'Mithya!'
  • Better check your potential thru' repeated testing before embracing such a discipline. Rather, living normal life utilizing one's own monies, time and energies for a good cause and thus live thru' is sure the right way for many on the earth!"
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Sunday, March 11, 2018


The 4 meaningless traits in me that quickly make me lose my freedom..

  • Taken over by emotion, giving it off for a throw away price firmly believing that that's all the life..
  • Taken over by intoxication, auctioning it off in the fastest way having been lured by the other party firmly believing that that's all the life..
  • Taken over by a blind belief, surrendering it off and remain chained firmly believing that that's all the life..
  • Taken over by greed, pawning it off indirectly thru' meticulous balancing the give and take in every exchange without a least consideration for human values firmly believing that that's all the life..

The 6 meaningful traits in me that eternally help me in securing that freedom..
  • Ever be ready to pardon below a level in a situation and never to retaliate beyond a level..
  • Ever be ready to get into the action part of a moment leaving the questioning part of it..
  • Ever be ready to get off from the discussions beyond by diverting the topic..
  • Ever be ready to avoid an impending ugly argument by politely saying 'one minute please’ in time and get off from the scene..
  • Ever be ready to refuse politely an extended unnecessary help and depend on self help alone therein..
  • Ever be ready to memorize the ultimate fact in life Viz., 
'Leaving the Truth part of it, caring for various ideas/views all along the life really carry no meaning when the time ripens to leave the world!'

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Friday, March 9, 2018


A man approached an independent 3rd party for a specific requirement. In the process, the 3rd party straight away asked him 3 questions..

1. What are you all by yourself?
2. What is your ancestry?
3. What were doing all these days?

There, he was forced to answer all the 3 questions and the man invariably modified them slightly to make them presentable for the primary acceptance of him by the other party.

Of course, that disclosure wasn't just taken on the face of it by the 3rd party as the final acceptable criteria, it was checked and cross checked again and again thru' reliable agencies and then only the accepting party took a decision whether to..

'Accept the man' or
'Keep him away'

For their requirement..

As I look at the 3 questions asked, it's very much evident that at any point of time in my life, I'm defined as

'So and so'

Forever referring to the 3 entities of mine Viz.,

1. My own traits with which I am born on the earth,

2. The genetically acquired traits I got from my parents and the near time ancestors and

3. My own learning thru' constant interaction with my surroundings around

Which in total is

'My past.. The ignorance in me'

Living today as

'The present',

Very conveniently covering up

'The Untainted'
'The Unattached' and
'The Unscathed'

'I in me.. Truly the Present'

Nothing less or nothing more!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Your past never define your character but the present can tell that what type of person you are... Anyone don't have much time to know about your past they always look at your present situation so stay in present not in past.. #followpresent

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Thursday, March 8, 2018


A service provider gave his details to 2 individuals to fall back upon him at any time for the particular service he provided. As soon as he left,

One man discarded the details saying that better he hired on the spot service as much possible rather than took the service from a known person forever..

The other stored the details saying that better he took the service from the known person as much possible rather than hired on the spot service..

The first one asserted,

  • "It's an ever green fact that familiarity breeds contempt!"
The other equally said,
  • "It's a well known fact that familiarity brings in its own safety!"
The first one continued saying,
  • "The more familiar one becomes, the lesser ease one will have in certain of day to day movements!"
The other too said,
  • "The more familiar one becomes, the more ease one will have in other day to day movements!"
The first one again said,
  • "Familiarity takes out the carefree life in front and imposes it's own chains!"
The second one too was no less in saying,
  • "Familiarity instills it's own carefulness and brings in it's own safety!"
The first one emphasized,
  • "Become familiar, the newness in life is lost!"
The second one too equally emphasized,
  • "Become familiar, a new life is in front of you!"
The first one finally said,
  • "Live today forgetting the yesterday's happenings that force you to become familiar!"
The second one too said in the end,
  • "Live today remembering the yesterday's happenings that help you in becoming familiar!"
Thus went on their arguments endlessly. An elderly wise man listening to their talk, intervened with their permission and said..

  • No doubt familiarity breeds contempt but managing there and making use of the safety net it provides is ever the wisdom in life..
  • Yes.. My freedom to a certain extent is curtailed in a familiar environment but it's equally true that that extra freedom of mine sure ends where the other man's nose begins in an unfamiliar environment too..
  • Carefree or careful movements, the yardstick in life for ever is the right discipline of living and when that is given due importance, familiarity sure will have an edge..
  • Become familiar or not, the newness of every moment in life is a fact. Once seen that, one can meditate peacefully in the most interactive familiar environment too but when not seen that, concentration in isolated unfamiliar environment too becomes a herculean task with streams of past thoughts engulfing the individual endlessly..
  • Finally to say, knowledge is ever power and familiarity truly helps one secure that with utmost ease but when one gets lost to the same familiarity thru' an attachment feeling, that sure takes out the benefit of securing the very knowledge!"
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