Saturday, March 2, 2013

Right Advising....

A man of mid thirties used to advise very young people on important aspects of life….”Do this way, you will have no problem and every issue comes under control!” he used to say…. No doubt, he used to advise on issues which were more less part of every one’s life including the solutions…. 

An elderly well-wisher, a man of true wisdom who observed him for a while, at length decided to educate him in the right way in these matters…. Accordingly one cool evening he met him and after a brief enquiry, straight away said, “My dear!  I saw you advising constantly many young people in matters of education, work and living the life….But I would like to bring out to your notice two important points in this context….”

“What are those points, Sir?”

“Number one is…. Advising should never be done without the life experience which generally becomes part of you as you live through major part of your active life….The issues mainly covered here include all those related to honest living, hard work, caring for people, good values in life, safe way of living and other related to financial aspects….Diplomatic way of managing the issues around too forms part of this advising….

Number two is….To understand clearly that advising is never complete unless one is relatively free from the “known!” This aspect depends exclusively on an individual’s depth of perception of life.  No age can help here and no Austerity Measures, Spiritual Practices, Worships and Practice of Morals and Ethics can make us free from the “known!”….If that happens, instantly the individual is a different personality to the level the Clarity comes through and that personality alone can authoritatively speak on the related issues. This is totally a Divine Gift but good practices would aid in the process, if not bring the change by themselves…. A personality thus freed from certain “known” alone knows the ‘Unknown” part of it to advise exclusively in that direction! 

If advising is done without either of these two back ups , it will have no effect on the Receiver except when he / she  himself / herself understands in the right way but a few times may confuse the individuals charged with emotions!”


While leaving the well-wisher smiled and quipped, "Such personalities actually never advise but only gently correct and leave the 'change' required to happen through Mother Nature's Plan for the particular individual!"