Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Education, Enterprise and Money....WORK CULTURE....


Training at work is a concept through which the employee’s capabilities are continuously improved for competing and being in business.

The best human traits are the original capabilities. A few are: 

Good character is number one capability.
Good physical and mental health are the best capabilities one can have.
If your work is what you like to do in life, the best capabilities are out in that particular field.
Lastly, accepting whole heartedly all limitations in oneself as they are but still be Optimistic in life is the highest capability an individual can have.

Beyond the original capabilities, other capabilities can be improved through dedicated regular training only, the reason being: 

Capabilities are built through time.
Repetition improves capabilities.
Knowledge levels define capabilities.
Good references are capabilities.

Every employee is to be compulsorily trained in his skill areas on a regular basis.  If you don’t undergo training regularly, you are no more competitive.

An employer, who does not spend time and money on training, will be soon out of  business and the employee working there will be out of job.

The employer may give you training with certain conditions but it is worth have the  

 training with all those conditions.

A cutting knife is sharp under two conditions:

Involved in continuous cutting process and 

Repeatedly sharpened by external agency

Else, it gets rusted and is thrown out.  We are no way different. 

Training in related areas of your core competency is the best.   But training in other related fields is equally required.

Broader knowledge is the personality.   Effective personality helps progress the work and sells the same. Core competency plays fewer roles in the above.

Remember if it can reasonably be established, the customer is happy to pay for the employee’ s training cost.

Training caters for better competitive skills; out-smarting stays no where near to it.

All trainings are of three types:

Theoretical conceptual training
Supervisory/managerial/personalitydevelopement training
Latest job knowledge related training

All the above trainings are a must during the employment.

Finally to Remember

Knowledge is strength then why be weak?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Meaningful Life....An Introspection....

The Joy of Life….is never away from us….Am I listening?

There is no reason for not being  healthy, happy and prosperous in life.

If some one is lagging in any one of the above  three, let it be only under the condition that one has done the best in this direction but still Almighty has other plans for him/her…

The belief goes that the wandering soul takes a birth on this earth as per its free wish and enters the chosen mother’s womb accordingly!

So, I am free before birth itself to do what I wish!

Here the caution…. Not to overuse that freedom to work against my own happiness, health and prosperity….

So, the introspection….Am I working at any time against these?

A moment of indiscipline in life does that damage!

But Mother Nature gives me always the chance….

In my routine, I can always correct myself!

If not today at least tomorrow or day after but definitely soon!

And Mother Nature is kind.

She provides me enough number of chances to make amends for the failure.

Let me make a note of the same, and straighten myself this way….the earliest….Barring this, there is no other great achievement in life! 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nature, Life and Beyond....A Discipline....

Life is a beautiful journey and freedom is the gist of living.  
So expressing one hundred percent should be the way of life.

But my living is always supported by three things....Health, Safety and Work…. Taking care of these three to the core is wisdom because body expression is possible only when these three are supportive and this Eternal Law applies for ever….

Of course, luck overtakes sometimes these three and makes life possible the other way for me but wisdom takes a back seat when I leave everything to luck and  neglect the core....

Here, a discipline to follow is the order of the day....

What ever may  be the turmoils of life, I will   always be  happy, because to be happy is the gist of life and nothing less.  No one can stop me from being so!  Hence, let always the tough situations in life  be out of what the Almighty plans for me, not out of my carelessness and misdeeds and I can still be happy as usual in these times.....

Sometimes,it may be  a wonder that  events happen that way, but even where hard work, dedication and honesty are the key, they may happen that way only....except, that  we should wait in Time queue till  God' s plans are through....

So, I am  waiting patiently in the queue…..my turn is coming….Let this wisdom prevail in me!

This way only I have to express myself... meaning...without loosing an iota of grip on what Mother Nature tell me....

Mother Nature is very kind…If I go out of way, She gives me many times a small whip but puts me quickly back into activity… But am I listening to her?  I start repeating the wrong , She becomes progressively  helpless and the Demon in life takes over….and  should I hand over myself to Demon?

Here lies the Wisdom…

It means, there is great difference between expressing myself as I wish and expressing  the right way and let me be alert every moment and remember for ever that..... 

If I derive happiness in life through activities which are against  taking care of body, caring for people and work, there I come to a total  full stop may be the rest of life.....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meaningful Life....Work.... The Greatest Stress Buster....

All problems can be resolved in time.... only through time....

Mental adjustments do come....

Reality rules....

True problems surface; fictitious problems take  back seat....

Right personalities will be recognized....

Few friends will stay stand by....

True love prevails; false appearances vanish....

and that way only......

Life goes on........

So wait, wait, wait.... Patiently wait....

Calm the mind and in this time....  

Just do work, work and only work....  No other  activity.... helps....

Individual, Family and Society....The Right Way in Life....

Well before marriage, an individual may be thinking about his married life…‘It looks so funny; it looks so interesting; it looks adventurous; it looks such a gain...’

He gets into the knot, starts enjoying the life and feels that he is at the brim of life but soon a few may realize that they are at the brim of a cliff in their lives… from where escape seems impossible in any direction……. This happens not to all but a few may seemingly be in endless messy affairs…

The iron hand of law one side if at all known, the social compulsions, own personal requirements and finally difficulty to face one’s loneliness which in fact is the only force that drives all of us into the tie, come in the way of getting out…

There may be comedy in life before marriage but after marriage it is real and life looks like a real comedy for a few.  Finally, lamenting for the rest of life becomes the order of the day. The life may totally look like a joke….

A few hilarious sayings in this direction.....

A married man always wants to watch /run his wedding video album in the reverse direction so that he slowly walks out of the church as a FREE MAN freed for ever.....

Marriage is the continuation of higher studies and I’ ll never pass the tests!

Yawn : The only time some men ever get to open their mouth in their family life....

In order to see that his wife never makes an issue, a man fixed up with local Florist to deliver her flowers on their Wedding Anniversary every year as he may forget the day. The problem surfaced when his wife told the next Anniversary day that she received the flowers and he asked her, "What for?

Some continuously suffer in life and some cover up with brave face. The lucky ones who have understanding partners don't know this suffering…

But then, what is the solution?

Not leading slavery life, smiling when not at all interested or leading life like a living corpse…. Also putting up brave face coming out of relation is not the ultimate; may be a temporary solution for a few….

In fact, we are born to live in relation and so we soon make another trial else we are unstable.....

The best solution is very simple.

Understand that it is a duty.....it is a work... and there is no escape from it....

If done well on lines of Dharma, there is no praise from the receiver but there is peace for self.

If this sacred duty is neglected, there is censure from everywhere and may be threats from every corner.

Even when I leave the world with neglected works; rebirth is a must to repeat the right….

So the only way is: do all for family and retire empty handed and no left out memories…… That is salvation and one may not need a re-birth at least for the finished portion of duty. Only higher birth to finish higher responsibilities is the way up ladder the next. Infinite ways of doing is the ultimate birth less state with dawn of Gynana, The Supreme Knowledge!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Insight....


There is a purpose for my living!  I have to find out that through a constant search in me only and see where I am totally at ease, can contribute the best in that field and get 
lost when involved. That  life, I have to live through at all costs even sometime at least in a day every day. 


1. Health is the primary requirement in life.  We have to sacrifice anything for that.
2. If I don’t have health, my life has no meaning.
3. Health is controlled consumption, sweating out and being happy.
4. Health may fail in spite of my care but carelessness in maintaining health is to be
    totally avoided.


1. It is the second most important requirement in life…. Work gives me food!
2. If I do not work I become poor.
3. Work gives protection from environment threat.
4. Work gives engagement in time.


1. Regular earning is a must in active life.
2. Controlled safe loans alone should be with me.
3. Spending money in proportion to earning is only to be practiced....
’Do not sell 
    properties and spend.’
4. Saving money is a duty.


1. A family is required because I don’t know what to do in life after working, eating 
    and sleeping.....
2. A family uses exact money, time and energy in life from me even though they appear 
    more in quantum.  If family is not there, my available time creates habits in me which
    consume more and  more time, energy and money as days pass ultimately leading
    to catastrophic  figures. 
3. When I interact with family, I am forced to forego my comforts and pleasures to 
    a great extent and use the resources associated on the family members thus
    creating a  sharing habit in me. This great living ultimately  generates Peace in me 
    else from where do I get that? 
4. Lastly to say, family interactions are less enjoyable and demand more responsible 
    actions from me in life.  If  I am not interested in a family, more responsible actions 
    towards members of society have to be taken up which may not be the standard of 
    my psyche.  Here lies the trap.  Leave the family; leave the society ultimately  where
    am and with whom am I?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Where we stand....

A parable modified and retold........

One day, a certain man in a village, out of his curiosity visited a near by astrologer's place to know his future....

The astrologer told him with all firmness, “I am sorry to tell you this!  As I see, it is strange that by sunset today, there is a big catastrophe in your life as you drink a harmless sweet dish.” The man was astonished at this prediction and left the place a little confused!  But he was still feeling confident that nothing would happen….Any how as a precautionary measure, he decided to go home and take nothing for the day as food and drink till sunset.

On reaching home to his surprise, he found his wife cooking a sweet dish with all aroma all round.  On enquiry, she replied, “Last week, because of some urgent pending works, I could not celebrate your birthday.  Today, I found some time and decided to remember the day with some sweet for lunch.  Please wait a while before I serve the same."

As he could not explain further to her, he hastily left home promising the spouse to return in a short time. In order stay away from all food and drink, he decided to go to the nearby woods for the day and come back after sunset.  Thus, he headed for the forest and reached a comfortable spot.  To be further sure, he further climbed a good tree and rested there on a huge branch deciding not to get down  till sunset.

A little while later, a group of travellers going that way came there and rested under the tree for a good shade.  They collected some fire wood around and started preparing their lunch for the day.  Lo! Here they were preparing only  one item for lunch i.e., a sweet dish!
The man started getting a little worried at this point of time.  Any how, he decided not move from there….As the travellers spread out themselves to eat their lunch, suddenly a gang robbers attacked them.  Seeing the robbers, the travellers ran away from there leaving their belongings.  The robbers happily collected all the valuables and when they were about to leave, one of them said, "We are hungry and it is lunch time.  Why not we eat something and go?  Any how, I see some good food  is ready here."  All others immediately concurred with this idea.  But the Chief totally opposed this and said, "Look! Our discipline is never to eat any unknown food without testing. This tasty sweet dish in this place...., I doubt some trap laid by the king to catch us.  He might have got some poison mixed in this.  So better, we do not touch this.  Also some spies may be watching us around.   So, let us be alert.  Any how, it is very hot now; it is better we rest a while under this tree and decide what to do later."  Saying this, when the Chief rested on the ground, to his great surprise he saw the man there directly above.  Immediately he shouted aloud, "See, I told all of you.  This man is the spy sitting here to trap us.  Any how, now I will teach the king a lesson."  With this, he ordered him come down the tree.  The man was totally at his wits ends. He got down and immediately tried to run away from the spot.  The Chief physically caught him and said, "Do you want to fool us?  I will teach your  king a lesson.  You wanted to poison us, is it not?  Now, come on!  You will only drink this whole bowl of sweet dish kept for us."   With this, the Chief forced the man drink the dish. The man out of panic resisted violently and all the while maintained not to drink the same thereby confirming in the minds of robbers the king’s plan of poisoning them.  The Chief became furious and beat the man left and right and physically poured the entire bowl of sweet into his mouth and made him drink the same.  Subsequently, the robbers left leaving him in that condition thinking that he would die of the heavy poison!

Yes, the man succumbed after drinking the sweet as he was beaten black and blue!

When destiny strikes,  there end one's all and aspirations!  Having done the job the best, a sincere Prayer to God leaving interest in the result to a large extent is only the way of securing Peace for ever....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Responsible actions....

1.   I should never give free hand totally to some one while handling/discharging my activities both pleasurable and duty bound.  He/she may not be interested the way I am interested.  He/she may not be answerable the way I am answerable. 

2.   I should spend at least a part of my attention on true responsible activities and not on those interesting to me.  True responsible activities generate peace in and around me. 

3.   I am selfish to a great extent.  I should remember that the quality of self is important in discharging my responsibilities effectively. 

4.   I should remember that I lived with some one for a long time not because I could adjust with the other but because I looked into and cared for the other in a responsible way.  So always I should act in a responsible way to keep relations. No chocolates will help. 

5.   I should be prepared to leave a person if he/she proposes irresponsible action and recommends too much pleasure.  But I should join the same person, the moment his/her attitude changes. 

6.   I enjoy the day’s work in the evening only if I work in the day; the week end if I work all days in a week; the month end with salary if I work all the weeks; the year end with a raise if I work all the months.  Enjoyment is to be preceeded by responsible actions.  I should do responsible actions through out the life and thus be at peace.