Saturday, September 3, 2011

Responsible actions....

1.   I should never give free hand totally to some one while handling/discharging my activities both pleasurable and duty bound.  He/she may not be interested the way I am interested.  He/she may not be answerable the way I am answerable. 

2.   I should spend at least a part of my attention on true responsible activities and not on those interesting to me.  True responsible activities generate peace in and around me. 

3.   I am selfish to a great extent.  I should remember that the quality of self is important in discharging my responsibilities effectively. 

4.   I should remember that I lived with some one for a long time not because I could adjust with the other but because I looked into and cared for the other in a responsible way.  So always I should act in a responsible way to keep relations. No chocolates will help. 

5.   I should be prepared to leave a person if he/she proposes irresponsible action and recommends too much pleasure.  But I should join the same person, the moment his/her attitude changes. 

6.   I enjoy the day’s work in the evening only if I work in the day; the week end if I work all days in a week; the month end with salary if I work all the weeks; the year end with a raise if I work all the months.  Enjoyment is to be preceeded by responsible actions.  I should do responsible actions through out the life and thus be at peace.  

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