Friday, March 30, 2012

An Advice in true spirit....

A young man was neglecting his duties often. Many well wishers around him advised a lot but he used to listen and soon ignore the same. He was leading his life thus.

During those days, an elderly relative of him who was an introvert visited him to spend a holiday with him. That way life moved on for some time and people around slowly noticed a change in the young man’s attitude. He started behaving in a responsible way to the surprise of everyone around. But they all the time could not understand what the elderly relative might have told the young man different than what they used to tell that had brought the change in him.

A few of them had an occasion to meet this elderly gentleman on a day and after a few enquires one of them asked, “Sir! Your man was a little irresponsible earlier and we were worried about his future. And he never heeded to our advice given to him often even though he politely used to listen to all. Kindly tell us what extra you could tell him in this case that brought a total change in this man.”

The elderly smiled and said, “My dear friends! There is no extra that any one of us can tell an individual in this world and that what we generally tell is mostly evident to the person himself/herself directly. In fact telling is the least important entity in this regard. It is a fact that if we wish whole heartedly that the other person become the best, he/she will change surely. A truly loving person only can do this and such a person always sees that the other individual lives to the tune of his/her natural way of expression. I simply noticed what the young man wanted in life, just verbally made one statement in that direction bringing out the cause and effect…. That’s all…. his understanding was clear and he had become a responsible person. Remember, here the young man had truly seen himself this change as a benefit to him. That only had ultimately helped him to tune himself up for further greater tasks in his life….”

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