Monday, April 2, 2012

A Change required in Me....

A man’s life was good;sufficient money, steady job and other comforts of life….Highly enjoyable without a problem!  A large number of friends and well wishers were around him all the time at beck and call.  Life was going on thus on a high profile note….

Suddenly the man got into a difficulty.  He had to fight it out to the core….That way he had done it with all his might and re set his life. Most of his friends and well wishers were far behind him in this transformation.  None could whole heartedly support him on his new venture except very few on finger count!

But soon, the man had new set of friends and well wishers with him except that they were few in number and life moved on thus….

The man got into another difficulty. He was not much disturbed this time as he had already determined himself to be in the direction of facing such difficulties. To his surprise, the new friends and well wishers never left him at all....They continued to be with him through all travails of this new challenge; a sea of change in attitude compared to the earlier situation!

The man felt within himself, “The only way world around could become better is that I change and keep myself steady in that direction; that’s all!  Change around soon surfaces and gains momentum in no time….”

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