Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Am I prepared in life?

“Father, we are grown up and have fully taken care of our responsibilities. We play safe everywhere, try to follow all health practices and care for our monies. But you still admonish us daily for being careless. Are you never satisfied with what we do? This is too much and we can take it no more….”

“Yes! My Children! I am doing this and I continue to do this unless you prove to me the best in these three core aspects of life. Sorry, I cannot leave the matter to winds….”

“We are clueless here! Can you explain what is lacking in us?”

“As you stated, the three core issues in life Viz., Safety aspects, Health issues and Monetary dealings of which you are taking good care have three extremities with them….

The first one is….They may fail suddenly unknowingly with all care around. Are you prepared?

The second is….They may demand extra ordinary capacities unknowingly beyond what you have planned with you. Are you prepared?

The third extremity is…. Once in a way, two of these or all three together may show their ugliness by simultaneously failing! Here I should be mentally prepared for the situation even though my physical levels will never support! This is the ultimate in Understanding, difficult to remember continuously but trial in this direction should never stop!

If you have understood what I said and are truly prepared to meet the exigencies then only I can stop further advising. Till that time my responsibility stays!”

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