Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My 'Right Action'....

The disciple asked, “Reverend Sir! You have talked of ‘Right action’.   What is ‘Right action’?   How should one identify the same in one’s life?”

The Master said, “My Dear! I am glad that you have asked this. It is not possible to define exactly a ‘Right action’ for any one at any point of time. Devoid of total self, the action in front is the 'Right action.’ Since selfishness is part of our lives, the ‘Right action’ for an individual at any point of time lies between his/her requirement in the world and the interference the fulfillment of this requirement causes for others around or in distance. If only this requirement comes down naturally by God's Grace without any extra effort from the individual, the ‘Right action’ will be redefined. All our efforts should be to see this balance state clearly, start living at that level by continuously doing the related ‘Actions’ and be at Peace! Thus our ‘Right actions’ do always exist by our side!”

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