Sunday, December 30, 2012

It is always a duty to be prepared for a tougher situation in life!

“I don’t want to take too many challenges in life. What is the use? It is always a tension by the side. There won’t be peace of mind so easily. Even at work ultimately the earnings do not match with the effort that goes into meeting these challenges. Further, there is a sizable risk too. See! All these entities with us today do not come with us one day. Even I earn millions, I have to leave them all and go…. You may say that I leave them to the next kith and kin. Even they do not need that much. Then what is the use of this extra effort? Be doing normal activities everywhere including at work, be off quickly from these and relax! Life is meant to live tension free. So challenges to the extent forced only have to be taken up, not beyond!” Thus used to say a man of mid thirties firmly on how one should plan and live his life….

An elderly well-wisher who noticed this man for a long time decided that he should to talk to him a bit on the subject. Accordingly, he raised the topic when he happened to visit him one evening. The man was quick in responding to the same and repeated all his ideas with a firm tone….

The elderly looked at him and said, “My dear! There are always two types of works in front of us in life; Essential works and Pleasant works…. Our safety always lies in doing the Essential works. It does not matter whether I do here Pleasant works or not. But the time required for Essential works can never be eaten away by Pleasurable works….

What’s happening in your life is…. If I am permitted to say…. The Pleasant works are eating into the time of Essential works and thus you have become lethargic! It is a very dangerous trend in life! Taking up reasonable challenges at all levels and continuously living through these challenges and the associated risks in life is a duty with us and in your case, you have simply closed this almost except allowing it to operate at low level and occupied with pleasantries all other times. Here you are bypassing the Order in Nature and the coming up results in the form of difficulties soon will encompass in numbers!”

The elderly as he was leaving just smiled at the man and said, “A body and mind which never faced challenges and hectic running in life are never tuned in to take up the physical and mental strain one faces when difficulties strike in! I may be up now in having a peaceful life in front but every up has a down followed sooner or later. Am I really prepared to face that down at this point of time?”

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Way to minimize Tensions!

“Master! I have a question….I am constantly bothered about the uncertainties in life and the associated tensions with me. These thoughts haunt me beyond a level and I almost find myself helpless in these matters. In this scenario, what is the best course of action in front of me?”

“My dear! As long as one is living on this earth with body and the associated desires, these tensions are inevitable….It is like going on a vacation on to a top of hill, suddenly coming across the edge of a cliff and then coming to know that the way ahead is totally blocked. The only way there is to return if not fully and try to find the alternate routes. To avoid a similar painful process of being psychologically immobilized at certain times in life, one should have a discipline with him / her and the same generally broadly comprises of three activities viz.,

Go on distinguishing between the stable and time tested entities and those which surface suddenly with glitter and glamour and try to keep off from the temporary ones as much as possible,

Go on doing all works of responsibilities well with more attention and less interest in closing and not feeling high for the results and

Live with a Prayerful attitude as much time as possible with a firm belief that ultimately He is the Doer!

For any ordinary individual, a discipline combined with all these three actions alone keeps off the tensions in life and puts them in a corner without a say!"

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

* The World of Computers....

A man borrowed certain loan from a Company for his financial needs and on one of the days  he received letter from them which read as follows:

Sir / Madam,

We request you immediately to note the following.... This is a one time warning and further reminders will not be sent in this context!

You know very well that you entered into a loan agreement with us on a clear understanding that you will arrange for prompt repayment of the due amount from your end on or before______of every month.... A default in this payment might have been be an oversight or willful neglect from your side.... Whatever, in both cases the penalty is as follows:

If you pay on or before __/__/____, the penalty is calculated at a lower interest rate of ___%.  After this date, the penalty is calculated at a higher rate of___% interest....

Please note that a default /delay in payment reflects in your Credit Worthiness and will be reported to Credit Rating Companies without a concession in this regard!  And this in turn will adversely affect your future borrowings from all the Established Financial Institutions.

Further as per the loan agreement you entered into, a legal action will follow to attach your properties and other assets if payment of over due amount is ignored for such a time after the firm receipt of this letter which will be decided solely at our end!

On scrutiny, we found that your overdue amount pending as on date is Rs 0/-      and we sincerely advise you pay this amount immediately and thus avoid all the penalties stated above....

Your Payment Mode : Only A/c Payee Cheque with clear mention of your loan account number on the Cheque.



Note : This is a Computer generated statement and as such does not need any authentication....  If you have already paid your dues in time, please ignore this letter....

Monday, December 10, 2012

The problem itself, many times a solution!

A man got into a permanent problem in his life. As life moved on, many started sympathizing with him. For that, he smilingly used to say, “See! For all of you, when a problem surfaces or threatens to surface, there is a profound fear in every one as the immediate cozy and comfortable life is being disturbed. That way, problems will be coming and going. But for me as there is no solution to my problem, I have only two options in front of me….Either be afraid for ever and thus live a low life with head bent down or as even a cat when cornered gives back, react on the positive side and firm up the mind that the end would seen whatever it may be! That way life is peaceful immediately and any how, how the future is destined no one knows!”

There is a saying that if one stoops down to a level of taking out everything from a person, indirectly the person is freed from the other side and having begged up to a stage for not taking out the things,  suddenly the affected individual  feels free and gives back!

The above distinctly shows that many times the fear and the tension of how the problem gets resolved create more trouble than the actual pain the problem gives as time moves on….So it is the attitude in life which ultimately gives us happiness clearly making us know the ultimate purpose of our living and the impermanency around. These truths always totally bring solace to a disturbing mind which otherwise feels that in the whole life some thing seriously is lost. In fact, if the understanding deepens, voluntarily relinquishing the comforts, luxuries, wealth and titles takes place embracing a simple life and a highly contended feeling firms up in the mind.... A Great Phenomenon in Nature!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Relieved the next moment as the gentleman slowly removed from inside of his mouth a small grassy leaf left out in the Soup which accidentally got stuck in his throat as he gulped the liquid..