Sunday, December 30, 2012

It is always a duty to be prepared for a tougher situation in life!

“I don’t want to take too many challenges in life. What is the use? It is always a tension by the side. There won’t be peace of mind so easily. Even at work ultimately the earnings do not match with the effort that goes into meeting these challenges. Further, there is a sizable risk too. See! All these entities with us today do not come with us one day. Even I earn millions, I have to leave them all and go…. You may say that I leave them to the next kith and kin. Even they do not need that much. Then what is the use of this extra effort? Be doing normal activities everywhere including at work, be off quickly from these and relax! Life is meant to live tension free. So challenges to the extent forced only have to be taken up, not beyond!” Thus used to say a man of mid thirties firmly on how one should plan and live his life….

An elderly well-wisher who noticed this man for a long time decided that he should to talk to him a bit on the subject. Accordingly, he raised the topic when he happened to visit him one evening. The man was quick in responding to the same and repeated all his ideas with a firm tone….

The elderly looked at him and said, “My dear! There are always two types of works in front of us in life; Essential works and Pleasant works…. Our safety always lies in doing the Essential works. It does not matter whether I do here Pleasant works or not. But the time required for Essential works can never be eaten away by Pleasurable works….

What’s happening in your life is…. If I am permitted to say…. The Pleasant works are eating into the time of Essential works and thus you have become lethargic! It is a very dangerous trend in life! Taking up reasonable challenges at all levels and continuously living through these challenges and the associated risks in life is a duty with us and in your case, you have simply closed this almost except allowing it to operate at low level and occupied with pleasantries all other times. Here you are bypassing the Order in Nature and the coming up results in the form of difficulties soon will encompass in numbers!”

The elderly as he was leaving just smiled at the man and said, “A body and mind which never faced challenges and hectic running in life are never tuned in to take up the physical and mental strain one faces when difficulties strike in! I may be up now in having a peaceful life in front but every up has a down followed sooner or later. Am I really prepared to face that down at this point of time?”

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