Saturday, August 31, 2013

Am I prepared myself for the 'Tougher Moments' of life? If not let me 'Act' now!

A Ruler thought thus…. "I will provide for my people of working age with plenty of opportunities to do the best works in their life so that they will never idle in the active working time, produce all the essentials required in my Kingdom and with left out energies, turn the lives of people into a heaven with every comfort at their disposal.... If all of them work with dedication, it sure happens! It is possible that a few may get off from these hard works and I may leave them to their fate as still a majority would sure make use of these opportunities and flourish...."

The wise Minister having heard this from the Ruler, quietly said, ‘Your Majesty! No doubt, the first part of the plan is true wisdom.... But we should in parallel advise / educate people to take care of their next man in times of need by foregoing certain part of their comforts.... This policy should mainly be advocated through your direct communication and support.... Instead, proposing mere enjoyment for each does ultimately no good for the individuals themselves!”

But, the Ruler brushed aside the wise suggestion of the Minister and soon was ahead of his plan…. Followers for that were plenty and who questioned were few…. Many, many years rolled by thus…

People in time, no doubt developed a discipline of showing respect for the next man but only through plastic smiles and lip sympathies as beyond that they were totally for themselves! That ultimately did its own damage in those long years.... Over this period, everyone became highly restless inside even though outside life was quite impressive…. And they were, ready to explode at the earliest trigger of 'No Comfort' at the back of their endless enjoyments…. Finally it so happened that they were not knowing the very 'Aim' in their lives…. And the Rulers in succession with no exception too were too busy with their own plans of keeping people under their grip…. In the end, it was a situation of the best discipline seen outside, but maximum unrest inside!

The Wise people around mused….”What a Golden Opportunity was missed by all these people!  One may lead any type of life, but when one reaches a dead end in life or to nearer to that, the maximum 'Mental Peace' should be with him / her…. For this to happen, the only way in front of every one is go for somewhat lesser enjoyments in their life and care a little more for the other human being with their saved resources along with a firm belief that the Almighty is ever with them in this Noble Activity....  And nothing less of this should be thought of at any point of time in one's life!”

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

This Attention Truly helps!

There is definitely a disorder in my life….The questions here are....Why did I embrace this disorder? Is it not wisdom not to have the disorder?  The first one has no answer as myself do not know where I began.... But the second has a definite relevance and for that I should look at myself alone and nowhere else as no one else is the cause for this!

What is this disorder?  

This disorder is nothing but a doubt in my course of action at a any given moment…. Had my earlier actions been tainted with more and more emotions, the disorder is bound to enter my life at a certain stage with further works guided by these emotions producing more and more disorder only.…

Then what is the solution here as these emotions are a fact with me this day?

Yes, it is true that I am not free from these emotions.... But there is a ‘discerning step’ in every moment of my life where in I only decide the importance to be given to my emotions or the certain Truth of that moment…. And let this question be ever burning in me whatever the immediate course of action I may do!

If I am aware thus, I may by God's Grace distinguish between the Truth and my emotion and with a firmness but with gentleness, guide myself in the direction of Truth at the same time keeping my emotional touch intact simultaneously observing my own reaction to the world responses....And these three unique actions alone bring in me Peace with least conflict…. And there is no better option in front of me at this moment other than living with this constant Awareness and thus Acting through!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Am I Alert Here?

Protecting my ‘Right’ in this world is ever a Sacred Activity…. One may search various ways of doing that, but all methods one adapts are always either inferior or short time lived!  Even though these appear to be fully protecting my 'Right'  for whole of my life, there is a great amount of  ‘Negativity’ in me and around, simultaneously accumulating in these approaches! And that 'Negativity' strengthened over a period of time without my knowledge does its own ultimate damage and to escape from its wrath becomes truly a difficult task....

What is this 'Negativity built up' in our lives?

As I constantly believe and depend on certain entities in my life such as money, power, groupism etc as the ones in the world that ultimately protect my 'Right', I tend to relax in respect of two aspects of living under the cover of these elements....

No one is.... I forget doing my duties in time which actions alone are indirectly protecting my 'Right' here on the earth and No two is....I start believing in the wrong and start looking out for wrong connections for rescue in case of a crisis…. And the effect of these two over a long period of time accumulate and become my right and left monsters....

It is strange that I lead so many years of my life with these two monsters around me feeling all the time that I am safe and secure…. In this mesmerized state, my ‘Rights’ are slowly lost as they would be taken away from me in time without my knowledge….

And.... Very much, there can be finally a moment when exactly the whole drama would blow up in front of me and behind the falling debris, I would see nothing but the rule of Satan….A Chained Slavery from which coming out is a Herculean Task as the History ever tells us!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Where do I stand here?

It was a moment of total helplessness....

All these days, the monies, strength, power and the related people were believed to be of a good help in tough situations but suddenly, there was a big doubt.... "How much of these materialistic entities would really be useful and how many of my people with all seriousness come to my rescue in such times?"

And in no time, a great worry was on the anvil.....

The thorough introspection quickly established the 'limited connection' in these helps!  "As long as the issues come up in a controlled way, the help which one is on the look out, can be sought and would definitely come to rescue…. But when things go out of this boundary, the help around nowhere can match with the need of the hour!"

But, a sincere introspection quickly revealed....

"People forever are the same.... It is I, that turn them out favorable or non favorable.... As I am continuously interested in exhibiting my monies, strength and power, people with me too are constantly tuned to do similar activities and the word 'true help' would never be in their dictionary!  In such a scenario, when I suddenly encounter a situation of real helplessness, the people with me would truly be helpless in reaching me as I only groomed them that way.... The situation is exactly similar to the one where the Saint could bring out a great obedience even in the most dreaded Rowdy Element where as the greedy man fails to stop the grabbing tendency in the minds of even his own kith and kin!

And finally, peace prevailed through the firm conclusion....

"I need monies, I depend on strength and I use power to survive else the life in front comes to a halt.... Beyond this, a craving for these with a false belief that they help, they support beyond, they rescue in helpless situations is a myth and since I am in the race of accumulation of these entities, I would be believing so.... The right action here is to constantly check this urge and thus divert the precious energies to build truly a better world!  And, from today on wards, this is going to be my discipline for the rest of my life!"

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What other Great Treasure do I want here?

When the proud King Dhuryodhana, thinking himself as the most powerful King tried to arrest Lord Krishna during the Peace Mission, the Lord in no time showed how small the King was in front of His Divine Form....

When King Yudhisthira with all humility asked the Lord what to do if there was a doubt in his action as the King,  the Lord gave him a folded Write-up and asked him to open only when the situation would become the toughest.... In one of the moments, the situation was felt by the King as the toughest and when he opened the Write-up, a simple sentence was written there….'Even this will pass!'

It Means......

When pride over takes me with a feeling that I am everything, the Almighty gives a small hit and straight away shows me how small I am.... And when I truly realize there and just become humble with a feeling that 'He alone Plans and I just follow His Order!', instantly the Lord is by my side and my tough moment passes!

Thus, as the Great Saint said 'Truth is as hard as stone but simultaneously as soft as butter.... ', it is ultimately my attitude that makes my life either a misery or Peaceful!  Further, as the Master said, 'Like the mother who leaves the child so long the little one plays with his / her toys....,' the Almighty leaves me when I am amused around but '.... like the same mother who equally runs and embraces the child the moment the child loses interest in play and cries for the mother....', the Lord too takes me into His Fold the moment I, with all sincerity Seek His Help!

Thus, He is Ever by my side and I am Never alone!