Saturday, August 31, 2013

Am I prepared myself for the 'Tougher Moments' of life? If not let me 'Act' now!

A Ruler thought thus…. "I will provide for my people of working age with plenty of opportunities to do the best works in their life so that they will never idle in the active working time, produce all the essentials required in my Kingdom and with left out energies, turn the lives of people into a heaven with every comfort at their disposal.... If all of them work with dedication, it sure happens! It is possible that a few may get off from these hard works and I may leave them to their fate as still a majority would sure make use of these opportunities and flourish...."

The wise Minister having heard this from the Ruler, quietly said, ‘Your Majesty! No doubt, the first part of the plan is true wisdom.... But we should in parallel advise / educate people to take care of their next man in times of need by foregoing certain part of their comforts.... This policy should mainly be advocated through your direct communication and support.... Instead, proposing mere enjoyment for each does ultimately no good for the individuals themselves!”

But, the Ruler brushed aside the wise suggestion of the Minister and soon was ahead of his plan…. Followers for that were plenty and who questioned were few…. Many, many years rolled by thus…

People in time, no doubt developed a discipline of showing respect for the next man but only through plastic smiles and lip sympathies as beyond that they were totally for themselves! That ultimately did its own damage in those long years.... Over this period, everyone became highly restless inside even though outside life was quite impressive…. And they were, ready to explode at the earliest trigger of 'No Comfort' at the back of their endless enjoyments…. Finally it so happened that they were not knowing the very 'Aim' in their lives…. And the Rulers in succession with no exception too were too busy with their own plans of keeping people under their grip…. In the end, it was a situation of the best discipline seen outside, but maximum unrest inside!

The Wise people around mused….”What a Golden Opportunity was missed by all these people!  One may lead any type of life, but when one reaches a dead end in life or to nearer to that, the maximum 'Mental Peace' should be with him / her…. For this to happen, the only way in front of every one is go for somewhat lesser enjoyments in their life and care a little more for the other human being with their saved resources along with a firm belief that the Almighty is ever with them in this Noble Activity....  And nothing less of this should be thought of at any point of time in one's life!”

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