Thursday, August 22, 2013

Am I Alert Here?

Protecting my ‘Right’ in this world is ever a Sacred Activity…. One may search various ways of doing that, but all methods one adapts are always either inferior or short time lived!  Even though these appear to be fully protecting my 'Right'  for whole of my life, there is a great amount of  ‘Negativity’ in me and around, simultaneously accumulating in these approaches! And that 'Negativity' strengthened over a period of time without my knowledge does its own ultimate damage and to escape from its wrath becomes truly a difficult task....

What is this 'Negativity built up' in our lives?

As I constantly believe and depend on certain entities in my life such as money, power, groupism etc as the ones in the world that ultimately protect my 'Right', I tend to relax in respect of two aspects of living under the cover of these elements....

No one is.... I forget doing my duties in time which actions alone are indirectly protecting my 'Right' here on the earth and No two is....I start believing in the wrong and start looking out for wrong connections for rescue in case of a crisis…. And the effect of these two over a long period of time accumulate and become my right and left monsters....

It is strange that I lead so many years of my life with these two monsters around me feeling all the time that I am safe and secure…. In this mesmerized state, my ‘Rights’ are slowly lost as they would be taken away from me in time without my knowledge….

And.... Very much, there can be finally a moment when exactly the whole drama would blow up in front of me and behind the falling debris, I would see nothing but the rule of Satan….A Chained Slavery from which coming out is a Herculean Task as the History ever tells us!

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