Wednesday, October 23, 2013

'Rational Explanations' have no Place here....

“Master! I have a doubt…. We hear about as well as we see around once in way the Great Personalities exhibiting Extra Ordinary Acts of Courage and taking up pains beyond humanly possible which hitherto no normal human had done or expressed …. How do we justify logically these happenings? To a rational mind, these happenings look strange and unbelievable…."

“My dear! I agree that such Events look strange for a rational mind as the rational minds in the world are many in number and what is experienced by one normal human being  in no time is confirmed by the next man…. Thus, normal behaviors look rational for the world….

But we should equally remember that a few Personalities in this world are different and their perception of Nature, Surroundings and Life is Unique by itself…. For these Personalities, the usual demands of body like hunger, thirst, avoiding pain, taking minimum strain, seeking comfort etc are much less felt when the inside ‘Thrust’ towards their Aim is in full swing…. Extending the Path Up, the highest Level of Living in this world i.e., the ‘Saintly Way’ will never perceive these requirements in their bodies sometimes and in such situations even Mother Nature around too adjusts Herself to accommodate the Great men’s Expressions as an exception since in those 'Great Activities' there is 'Immense Good' to the world which otherwise will never come through! That’s the reason people sometimes witness / hear about these 'Mesmerizing Acts' of Great Men….

The simplest comparative live situation to explain this Phenomenon is the case of a Parent who is attending to an urgency of his / her child with all dedication…. The parent here will not experience the feelings of any physical difficulty, pain, hunger, thirst, requirement of rest etc to a certain level all along when he / she takes care of the child in the best possible way with a one hundred percent attention on the Task in front!”

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