Thursday, November 7, 2013

At Work, the attitude matters a lot!

At a Corner in an Office the conversation on phone went on thus….

“Hello! Who is this? Oh! Is it you, Sir? Good morning! I want to tell you….We have done our job the best and if there is a problem, there is always a channel for you to address the same.... Please, Sir! report the matter there and your solution will be through.... The delay may be I am sorry to say, partly because you were not available for sometime when important decisions were taken at our end.... Everything of this is minuted and the copies are available at your convenience, if you want.... We sincerely agree that it is a health problem but sorry Sir! our rules do not permit a deviation here.... Regarding your deliveries, I cannot say when because so many factors are involved now.... We are doing our job the best.... You may kindly wait for sometime more and call us back.... Hope, I  conveyed the required from my side.... Now, I have other works to attend and I have to go…. Ok! Sir! Bye….”

A few minutes later a call was there on the same phone and there was a loud shouting…. “Hey! What are you thinking of yourself? You are all such irresponsible people in your Company.... Nothing comes from you in time.... But for your payments, you always come in time! And to tell you openly, all your supplies are defective one way or the other.... You will soon lose our Order permanently if you don't change here.... Don’t disturb me any more till all of you correct yourselves and come to attention.... Damn nuisance!”

At the same time, there was a different conversation at some other point in the same Office.... “Hello! Sir! Good morning! How are you doing Sir? I just want to inform you that we have planned everything in respect of deliveries of your items in time.... There was a last minute hitch but we followed up meticulously and had seen that it never escalated beyond.... For us you are the most important person on our job and all the attention is towards taking care of your needs in time; no doubt on that!   Sir! With almost a success of 99%, the deliveries are at your door step and that 1% is due to unforeseen God given situations.... We are compensating that 1% deficiency through a concessional offer of our price to see that our Customer is always happy and satisfied!”

After a while the same phone rang up.... “Oh! Good morning! Mr. Mahesh! I am Swroop this side…. How are you? Mr Mahesh, I want to inform you this….I am happy with all your works but your deliveries are delayed.... I feel for this and even if you say it is just one mistake, I disagree because my Customer in turn is delayed.... Please try to improve here and be with us.... All your other aspects of deliveries are in order.... OK! Mr. Mahesh! I have some work now and I have to go….We meet sometime.... Bye the bye you said today is your child’s birthday! Best wishes for her and for your family.... Bye….See you!"

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