Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The 'Reality' behind the 'Show off!'

###  “I did all types of swimming myself alone and learned a few new techniques on my own..... Trust me,  I took no help while learning all these…. Simply jump into waters and experiment was the way….. I had that type of thrust to 'experiment and learn' from childhood in all fields…. And thus swimming too was no exception…. Some how that fear was never there with me and even now it is like that… I don’t know the reason for this…. You know, In deep waters, I once tried almost Scuba diving like thing too on my own without any breathing and other supporting equipment…. Manually holding the breath for a long time, go down the waters, move hectically but majestically with various leg movements under the water, come out and get relaxed in the sunny environment…. These were my own trials a few times…..” thus was talking a man about swimming in his life…..

The listeners were few for the talk….

“It seems this guy, a few times drowned himself and was almost in helpless state, went down waters, held the breath for want of air but swallowed waters in the process, thus became partly unconscious, was brought out of waters by the passers-by, given first aid on the sunny sands and thus luckily was saved…..” heard someone whispering…..

###   “See! If a Seller is smart, I show him in no time what I am…. No one can take me for granted.... The Customer is the most important person in a Business and every Seller should remember it forever.... If the Customer goes, the Business is gone for the life time.... I used to buy from a few Sellers for quite sometime.... But slowly they started acting smart.... I found that they were constantly charging a higher price for the items they used to supply.... This must have happened earlier too but I noticed it sometime back only.... That’s all…. I just cut them off, not one but all of them…. One by one! After all it is my right and the Seller depends on my buying and I stopped going to them.... Now, they must have realized that they lost a good Customer…. I am determined to do this to any one who tries his tricks on me while buying.... These People should ever remember that the Customer is always a King….” thus was boasting a man on how in the past, he dealt with a few Sellers of bad reputation and his associated care taken in that context….

One man from the audience was murmuring, “Those smart Sellers must have already made a lifetime money from you and that was why they themselves were not interested in you subsequently!”

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