Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It is worth a 'Trial' in this direction!

I heard this story in my childhood.... 

Once a horse race was conducted between two horse owners in a peculiar way, the condition being the owner whose horse loses by trailing behind will get a prize!  May be a peculiar proposal but the problem is how to conduct the race? Both horses do not move at all when the start signal goes! As the organisers were struggling in finding a solution, a wise man gave a suggestion…. Exchange the owners of horses on the horses…. Now the race became practical and there was one winner, the other loser!

The inference here is.... I always want to win and I will do the best under the 'Ownership' feeling!

The same Concept is further stressed here …. 

Give a garden to a man and say that it is not his own, he soon turns that into a graveyard; but give him a graveyard and say that it is his own, he turns it into a garden!

It is right that we have to do the 'Best' all the time, but it is equally known that while doing in this way, we often suffer from the problems of fear, worry, anxiety and tension in us.… To say in simple words….’We are constantly stressed!’  Because of this again the 'Best' from us stops or the 'Quality' waters down.... It is truly a sad state…. Then what is the solution?

Now, for a while, why not we think the other way? i.e., If a garden is given to me, I try to maintain it in the 'Best' possible way and take care.... Here, my energies continuously go in the direction of betterment around instead of destruction and in this process definitely no stress is felt in me most of the time....

The reason behind this gain is the force of the fact in Nature that ‘Nothing belongs to me!’  As I am made of belongingness, this disowning is not easy.... But it is worth make a trial of disowning something for some time!

When a miser felt that why not he carry his gold with him when he leaves the world, some one remarked that there is no way as that melts....

The fact is that we cannot carry anything with us.... May be, a few times, what I build or accumulate here will be utilized by my own so called opponent after I leave!

If that is all my hold, why should be I so much determined in calling ‘My own’ all the time, and accumulate every where?

It is said that a cow is worshipped because it gives while living!

And where disowning starts, giving invariably follows....

We embrace Democracy with all jest and shun Dictatorship or Authoritarian Rule, because in Dictatorship the Ownership exists where as in Democracy there is no True Owner!

The understanding should be…. Let my thoughts of doing towards winning, gaining and accumulating be constantly replaced by a single thought of doing the 'Best' in the given situation and lighten the 'Rest' if not zeroed!

This way the Stress is sure 'Out' and Peace is 'In' without a say!  

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