Monday, March 17, 2014

What is my 'True Contribution' here?

To a comment that being a Great Personality He was having a small addiction, the Great Saint said, “Let it be there in this life…. Else what is the interest for this body to continue living on this earth?”

That was the 'Simplicity' of the Master who accepted the deficiency in Him ‘AS IS’ never speaking of Himself as great….

The Contemporary Philosopher was approached by his disciples for His acceptance to form an Association of them with He, as the Head but the Great Saint refused permission for the same saying instead of good, evil may prevail around such Associations…. Subsequently, when the disciples had gone ahead with their proposal as their own Right of Expression and formed the Association, He instantly proclaimed, “As the Official Head, I hereby dissolve the Association!”

That was the 'Openness' and 'No Ownership' feeling of the Great Man as he preached the same….

Another Great Personality said…. "If all living beings of the Universe stand in a queue in the descending order as per their skills and strengths, I would like to stand behind the smallest and the weakest….”

That was the 'Humility of Expression' with the Great Man….

When I thus hear about the simple Proclamations and Assertions of the Great People, let it be.... either in accepting their own short comings, showing their 'No Possessive Attitude' or 'Worldly Interest' etc all of them ultimately leading to the Unique Way of expressing the 'Selfless Attitude', let me too contribute 'My Bit' in this direction without an exception and further be ready to do more if possible and thus be 'Blessed' in this life!

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