Thursday, April 24, 2014

The 'Golden Opportunity' in life....

“Stop the bus please!” shouted aloud the well dressed father and soon himself and his 16 yr old son with a Laptop bag got into the bus about to move…. Appeared to be truly from an Aristocratic family…..

Two seats were vacant…. The dad quickly sat in one seat and instantly reserved the front vacant one for the son who was just coming up to the place….

Meanwhile, one commuter who saw the vacant seat tried to occupy it… “No…. This is for the boy coming” the father told a bit authoritatively showing his son…. The man looked at him, wanted to say that there is no reservation of seats in a City Bus but appeared not to pickup a quarrel and thus moved on….

The father having made the boy quickly sit in the seat was telling him softly…. “Be comfortable…. It’s only a short distance…. I agree….The heat is too much…. Have this bottle of water for a while…. It will keep you cool!”

The son too was telling something softly to his dad…. And the father took a few sips of water and gave his bottle to the boy….

The Conductor came up for issue of tickets…. The dad bought 2 tickets and kept them with himself…. The bus moved…. After a few stops, the crowd suddenly increased….

“Too many people around…. These buses are always crowded….We have to travel two Stops more…. Don't worry, we will be out in 10 minutes…” The dad was telling…."Tomorrow onwards our car will be there and you will have no problem…. Actually, had the luxury AC bus come in time, we would not have had this problem…. I don't know why it did not turn up for so long!”

Soon their Stop came up…. The father made way for the son saying…. “Carry your laptop bag safely and get down!” They soon got down the bus and quickly moved towards the adjacent Posh Apartment Complex next to the Bus Stop …. And the bus moved on towards its destination….

I, who happened to be sitting a little away from the two was listening to their talk a bit and was really wondering what the father was teaching his son…. "Is he protecting the boy through all that comfort and support which could be easily provided from his end and see that his son never struggles in his life?"

As my thoughts soon ran down the memory lane, I vividly remembered the never forgotten harsh words in my ears, years and years ago when I was in the prime youth of my life…..

  • “What is this fellow doing? Where is he now? What happened to the work I asked him to finish today?” 
  • “What? I told you to go and talk to that man and tell him……… You kept quite and wasted the whole day? Who else will do this job then? I am not here to do your non sense works…..” 
  • “What’s your problem? Straight away go to the place, wait till the man turns out, talk to him and tell him strongly…..” 
  • “I don’t want to listen to any thing here…. In your age I had to take up a big responsibility of….. This is nothing for you…. Tune up yourself…….” 
  • “No one comes to your door and gives you…. You have to struggle in this world, face these difficulties and live your life…. Don’t take it easy…. You will soon be fit for nothing!’’ 
  • “My dear! The world will not listen to you… You have to tune up to the world for your safety and living…. In the process, if you have to struggle, do it… What’s the problem?’ 
  • “OK! You might have done this now, but life is not all this…. Don’t think like that and relax…. From tomorrow, the Program for you is…..” 

Indeed, very very harsh words on the face of it from a True Well Wisher and Care Taker…. Appeared to be nothing left out to say further and the Personality churned out from all directions…. The days of no choice…. But this day…. The same words ringing in the ears look so sweet, cool and refreshing…. A Great Responsibility was so well discharged…. The Right Personality was built and made to stand himself by all in the world who in time could pass on the similar messages to his own people and people around…. A blessing in disguise…. Should any Adolescent miss this one Golden Opportunity in their life by an army of protection around?