Monday, August 18, 2014

Here, I am not the 'BOSS' all the time; sometimes a 'FRIEND' too!'

“What should we do with this Employee who started neglecting his Work and had become a headache for us.... We can't fire him so easily as he.............” thus was asking the HOD a few of his Managers on the Corrective Action required for one of his Employees….

“Sir! Earlier, I tried my best to change him when he worked for me…. He is an adamant and head strong personality… I punished him twice for his bad Conduct, neglect of Work, breaking Rules etc through issue of the Show Cause Notice, postponing the Increment and demoting to a Lower Grade…. Give him the max punishment and if Rules permit, you can send him out….” said one of them with an air of Authority clearly seen on his face….

“Sir! Promote him to a Supervisory Role and make him work under me…. I’ll straighten him in no time through his own Responsibilities and his Sub-ordinates only will make him alright….” said the second Manager with a mischievous smile on his face full with many such tricks of gameplay in his mind….

“We can always bring a Change in a person through Counseling and Training.... I am sure, I can bring this change in him but I cannot promise anything at this stage…. Sir, transfer him to me and give me full powers to question him making him not come back to you with a Complaint….” said the next who appeared Advisory but clearly seen with a stick in his hand at his back….

“Sir! All these Methods do not set right a man who decided to err…. I would like to handle his Case and make him quite a different man…. Please do transfer him to me at this moment….” said calmly the fourth Manager with a smile…

“But, you have not told me how you bring a change in him....” asked the HOD….

“In the first instance, he will be made to undergo the necessary minimum punishment as per Rules for any pending mistakes from his side…. Soon, he will be back on to his Job with part of his sins washed out but the inner the 'Sin committing tendencies' not gone and more or less remaining the same…. Here alone I should play a Greater Role…. Basically this man is intelligent, quite energetic and sharp….These qualities in an individual, turn out ‘Gold’ at Work if he minds to do so…. A false belief and a false pride in him are putting him off from giving out this Contribution…. Here I can bring a Change in him...."

“How?  Finally, it should be either through a Reward or Education…. What else?"

“Along with the two, it is the 'Human Touch' that is needed here....Every One does not want an all time Boss with him / her…. They want to see a Friend and an Equal some times in their Boss too…. This, I found never happened and will never happen in the Methods our three friends have suggested…. An unnecessary Authority puts him off easily and we as MANAGERS ARE HAPPY IN EXERCISING THAT WITHOUT OURSELVES RELINQUISHING IT WHERE IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT REQUIRED…. When I interact in this way, he will definitely notice that and will soon develop an interest to listen to me.... That alone brings the True Change in him and  makes him Useful to us or to any other Organization…. Given me a Chance, I am ready to bring this Change!”

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The ‘Right Way’ to fight out the so called ‘Our Tensions!’

  • “Now-a-days, I am constantly worried if some thing seriously goes wrong at this stage and the next moment appears totally……….”
  • “Sometimes, I can’t even think in this direction, as the fear of facing a situation like that……..”
  • “Here, the very thought itself keeps me in a state of totally disturbed mind……..”
  • “Big or small, the existing life has at least some peace of mind and at this stage simply taking this risk makes me feel…….”
  • “I can never think of being in such a situation for more than a few minutes and imagine one getting stuck there……..”
  • “Suddenly, if it happens say……, My God! What is that anyone can do…..”
  • “I am forever worried here because let us imagine if today, right at this moment……”
Thus go sometimes our Conversations whatever indicating in all, a feeling of Great Insecurity and Fair Chance of something seriously going 'Wrong' around with our 'Peace Lost' for a while….

No doubt to say that it is always the Human Nature to Doubt, Check, Make Sure and then alone Move and it is ever my Duty too be doing that in my life…. Beyond that, further living with such haunting thoughts not able to reasonably free myself for a greater time is never the Right attitude with me and it is better I soon find a True Way ‘OUT’ here….

And that Way may not the be ‘Ultimate Way’ here, as I am not Evolved to that Level at this Stage which too appears not going to happen in the ‘Known Time’ of my life…. Thus, the Righty Way here, from which ever angle I may see is…..

The ‘Happenings’ in the Universe, the ‘Great Phenomenon’ around is fully not known to me Today even thought I try making my best attempt to rationalize that through ‘Theorizing and Experimentation’ which once again is a ‘Bounden Duty’ with me at this Moment i.e., reasonably following what is Established through Known Proofs…. Beyond, the Effect of Unknown on me at this Stage can definitely be kept off by Offering a Sincere Prayer to the All Powerful, the Omniscient and the Omnipotent, of course only after the discharge of my Bounden Duties and Responsibilities as the Almighty forever expects me Approach Him through such a 'Way' always…. And right at this Moment, this Path alone gives me the ‘True Peace of Mind!'

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Have I done my 'HOME WORK' here?

At each Moment of my life, I have to constantly streamline three of the Entities with me Viz., Time, Money and Energy in the required direction very much advocated by the Learned Men of the Society.... And that direction always is either the one well Feasible for me and the one where I already Committed....

Instead, I may be constantly diverting these Entities in some other directions out of my own craze for short lived pleasures and comforts thus causing a true shortfall of these in the required direction....

When I thus start spending my Time, Money and Energy more in places not entitled for the Receipt, the Returns as per Nature will never truly be for me and soon I feel either exhausted and end up with a feeling that I was forced in that direction.... And it is definitely a Pain in that direction.... Where the supply of these three from me fall short, there again the Service and Support are straight away lost and the entitled people in that context too suffer one way or the other which is again my Pain in another direction....

This phenomenon, on the face of it may look Complex but truly becomes simple in Understanding, when I just start doing my Works more and more for Welfare and lesser and lesser for my Pleasure…. If I can do thus, definitely it is a Gain for the World as the Contributions from the Non-entitled Places are rightly diverted to the areas where they were supposed to be given and that again is my Ultimate Gain only....

And in this Sacred Process alone

  • A Duty is discharged....
  • The Justice is done....
  • The Suffering and Exploitation are brought down....
  • The Peace of Mind is ensured.... And 
  • The Almighty forever is by our side!

Friday, August 15, 2014

The True 'Freedom of Expression!'


Monday, August 11, 2014

The sure 'PIT FALLS' of a greedy life!

  • Greed invariably blocks one’s Progress and Development in life…. 

The Famous Old time Story goes.... When a Boon was offered to a man, out of greed he asked for two more Hands to work extra and one more Head to think extra with an idea that he could effectively turn out more and thus Progress doubly.... But when the Villagers saw him thus, they thought it was a Demon and instantly attacked and killed him....

  • Greed sure makes people stoop down to very low levels…. Ultimately one may sell himself under its influence….

An Old time Story heard and retold in this context….

A father had four sons.... He was a very greedy man in his life.... He thus amassed huge wealth.... With time, he became old.... Soon he was a worried man with the unending thoughts of what his sons would do with his amassed wealth after him…. And finally the day had come when he definitely had to talk about that, as his days were numbered….

No doubt, he had a meeting with his sons and discussed the issue in detail.... He expected a great answer from them on how they would improve the wealth….

The eldest said, “Father, I‘ll continue your Business and try to improve it by all means whatever!”

The father was not at all satisfied…."It is the same; all sons will do that” he commented....

The second son said, “Father, I’ll use all types of techniques to earn maximum money and thus grow our finances....”

“Great!” the father said, “Still any further possibility of improving the wealth?”

The third son said, “Father along with the above, I’ll spend very little on me and save the max.... I will not spend any money on your....... after you leave the world....” he told with a vicious smile….

The father was really happy, “The best way of making ultimately good money in this world!”

Almost satisfied, he looked at the fourth one curiously….

The fourth son bursted out, "Father, with all above, I have an additional plan.... I have connections in meat selling business.... Soon after your…….”

The father was highly excited.... He called him closer and whispered, “Better you go to the next street for selling.... You get the best price there….”

  • Greed quickly makes more enemies than the number of Rupees it brings in…. 

This is the Classic Story heard, where in the greedy man took out the Monies and Peace of mind of all the people around and when time came and his fat body had to be moved to the final destination, none of the people near by were ready help in that whatever monies were offered for the job....

  • Greed never allows one to lead a decent life…. 

The Moral Story heard and told often about the greedy fox which noticed on the way in the forest the bodies of a hunter and a tiger killed in a fight and instantly became very happy as it could feast for a week…. The fox looked out for the immediate quick eat when it found the bow tied with a nerve thread and as it took a bite at it the nerve was cut and the bent bow hit the fox making it fall down instantly....

  • Greed ultimately engulfs one's own Peace and Tranquility.... 

The Famous Story  ‘The Golden Touch’ says.... A King was gifted with a Boon where in whatever was touched by him would turn into Gold instantly.... It was highly interesting and eye catching for a while but soon ended up in total misery and despair as when the King wanted to eat his food, it turned into Gold, when he was about to drink water it turned into Gold, and when he took his little Princess daughter into his fold, she too turned into Gold…. The boon ultimately turned into a Real Curse…. Horrified at the happenings, he instantly Prayed for the reversal and total withdrawal of the said 'Boon!'

And it is ever our 'Ardent Duty' to avoid the influence of the said 'GREED' on us in our life!

Friday, August 8, 2014

The 'Competitive Edge' in a Business Environment....

The 'Classical Example' overheard a few times (May not be the Exact)….

Two Business Tycoons from two different Countries who were in Prime Competitive Business met at an International Conference in a Forest Resort.... The Topic of discussion was “How to Compete Effectively in the International Business....”

They had a two day 'Exhaustive Seminars' on the Subject and on the third day it was totally an Outing for all the Participants…. The two men drove deep into the thick Forest Area exploring the surroundings.... But by bad luck, without their own knowledge they got lost their Way…. It was unfortunate but they kept their cool and it soon became dark.... There was no go; they had to rest in an area for the night and it was not so safe from wild animal attacks.... Thus they rested and had a little sleep but suddenly opened their eyes to a roar …. They could see a tiger at distance in that dim moon light around .... And at that moment, No escape seemed possible for both of them….

But in those tense moments too, one of them started putting on his shoes and the other could not control his laughter even in that tense context.... “You fool!” he almost admonished the other saying, “There sure is no escape for both of us.... Still you want to run and escape?”

The first one straight away replied without any hesitation.... “Yes, Dear! I also know that there is no escape now.... Anyway soon, we both are out…. But I want to turn out this last moment, let me tell you, 'The Opportunity’ to promote a 'Greater Business'.... Tomorrow when the News comes out, the World sees me 'With Shoes ON' and you 'Without!'  That way I want to show to the World that my People are always ahead of you People!”

That is how goes the Spirit of Venturing and Competing around in all Business Fields! I' ll have no time to wink even a moment else I am lost, sometimes forever…. A few times, it is just capturing 'The Right Opportunity' by using whatever gimmick or tick feasible.... 

I still remember a funny incident I came across some years ago.... At that point of time, I used to go to a gentleman for buying certain stuff in a busy Market Area.... Suddenly, for a few months, his Shop was closed and I was told that the man had a heavy loss in his Business and hence closed his shop.... I felt bad for him, thus some days had passed and on another day I again visited the area for some routine purchase.... To my surprise, I suddenly noticed the Shop open and another man there resembling the earlier Seller at the Counter.... I just casually asked him, "Is Mr......... who earlier used to sit in this Shop, your brother?" That man without hesitation said, "No...No...No, I am only that brother!" 

'Healthy Competition' is sure the True Spirit of any Business.... No one should be afraid of such a Competition.... In fact, the Competitor around me alone keeps me on my toes forever…. Thus, he / she is doing me a 'Great Service' else I would have slept off blissfully long, long ago....

That way 'Competitive Business' forever is double edged.... It keeps me live on the 'Frying Pan of Activity' eternally stopping me falling into the Direct 'Fire of Extinction!'