Friday, August 8, 2014

The 'Competitive Edge' in a Business Environment....

The 'Classical Example' overheard a few times (May not be the Exact)….

Two Business Tycoons from two different Countries who were in Prime Competitive Business met at an International Conference in a Forest Resort.... The Topic of discussion was “How to Compete Effectively in the International Business....”

They had a two day 'Exhaustive Seminars' on the Subject and on the third day it was totally an Outing for all the Participants…. The two men drove deep into the thick Forest Area exploring the surroundings.... But by bad luck, without their own knowledge they got lost their Way…. It was unfortunate but they kept their cool and it soon became dark.... There was no go; they had to rest in an area for the night and it was not so safe from wild animal attacks.... Thus they rested and had a little sleep but suddenly opened their eyes to a roar …. They could see a tiger at distance in that dim moon light around .... And at that moment, No escape seemed possible for both of them….

But in those tense moments too, one of them started putting on his shoes and the other could not control his laughter even in that tense context.... “You fool!” he almost admonished the other saying, “There sure is no escape for both of us.... Still you want to run and escape?”

The first one straight away replied without any hesitation.... “Yes, Dear! I also know that there is no escape now.... Anyway soon, we both are out…. But I want to turn out this last moment, let me tell you, 'The Opportunity’ to promote a 'Greater Business'.... Tomorrow when the News comes out, the World sees me 'With Shoes ON' and you 'Without!'  That way I want to show to the World that my People are always ahead of you People!”

That is how goes the Spirit of Venturing and Competing around in all Business Fields! I' ll have no time to wink even a moment else I am lost, sometimes forever…. A few times, it is just capturing 'The Right Opportunity' by using whatever gimmick or tick feasible.... 

I still remember a funny incident I came across some years ago.... At that point of time, I used to go to a gentleman for buying certain stuff in a busy Market Area.... Suddenly, for a few months, his Shop was closed and I was told that the man had a heavy loss in his Business and hence closed his shop.... I felt bad for him, thus some days had passed and on another day I again visited the area for some routine purchase.... To my surprise, I suddenly noticed the Shop open and another man there resembling the earlier Seller at the Counter.... I just casually asked him, "Is Mr......... who earlier used to sit in this Shop, your brother?" That man without hesitation said, "No...No...No, I am only that brother!" 

'Healthy Competition' is sure the True Spirit of any Business.... No one should be afraid of such a Competition.... In fact, the Competitor around me alone keeps me on my toes forever…. Thus, he / she is doing me a 'Great Service' else I would have slept off blissfully long, long ago....

That way 'Competitive Business' forever is double edged.... It keeps me live on the 'Frying Pan of Activity' eternally stopping me falling into the Direct 'Fire of Extinction!'

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