Friday, September 5, 2014

'Emptiness' in Life is forever a 'Monster' by our side!

It was the D-Day.... The gentleman Retired that Evening from the very long Service he had been into for years..... Back home in the Official Car, he was absolutely silent.... 'All family responsibilities are well discharged, children are well settled in their life, finances are never an issue and God given health is much better..... What to do with such a Set Life in front from tomorrow Morning with nothing to do?' was the question very much in his mind....  Many Offers, Suggestions and Advices were there but none could really substitute for the Original Work Life of Status, Power and Involvement that was there till that day.... All had straight away vanished at one stroke....

"Sir!  Our Company likes to Offer you an Advisory Job with your last drawn Salary for the next 2 yrs.... Our Letter of Offer is ready.... We Welcome you to Our Organization!"

“The right time for you to seriously start pursuing a Hobby of yours for which you might not have found time so far in your life!” 

“This is the time you should visit some of your distant Friends and Relatives whom you could never meet earlier due to your busy Schedules and missed all such interactions.... It keeps you really busy and happy in life!” 

“Why don’t you develop the habit of Reading and spending time in that line?  That way, you will soon find the best books around you.... It's worth doing that job compared to any other activity as here you will never come in the way of others.... Else misunderstandings will be plenty...."

“You can do a Social Service in the neighborhood or through an Institution.... That way, I am sure some Honorarium Jobs will be found around you....” 

“I tell you, God Oriented Activities and visiting the Worshiping Places are the best engagements for you at this point of time as these are the Ultimate in Life!”

The Offers, Suggestions and Advices were consolatory as none could help more than that at that point of time.... No doubt, a few sure engagements were possible with the Job of Advisory Activities at the back.... But a feeling of  'TOTALLY LOST' simply engulfed him instantly.... It means, a Chapter closed once for all for the lifetime.... The man instantly felt 5 years extra aged.....

Suddenly, the phone rang up…. It was the Distant Long Call....

"Dad!  I wanted to surprise you with this News.... I know you are retiring today and and the immediate ideal engagement for you, the right support for the little boy and mental peace for me while I am at my Work would be.......... The Right Role for you from now onwards.... Please prepare yourself.... I am sending the required Papers for you to apply for......." was the sweet voice of the daughter on Phone.... 

"Yes! The Right Activity for me right at this moment.... Subsequent to this or along with this, I try to take up an Advisory Job in my Profession and thus pass on my Learnings in my Job to the youngsters around me.... Beyond this, let me see what else interests me and ultimately I have to close all these activities thru' a God Oriented Attitude which alone safely Sails me out from this life...." was the immediate decision in his mind.... And the sober atmosphere that existed till that moment instantly became Lively and Vibrant at the back of a totally 'New Zeal' to move ahead!