Friday, September 19, 2014

The Perfect Plan!

The Little One of 3 yrs was too naughty…. He had his own ways of exploring, his own demanding Nature and his own inhibitions to keep off….. And whenever he was forced to stop his such Expression, he used to raise a cry unending till his goal was necessarily met…..

In number one attitude there were a few times some dangers, in number two there was a behavior of annoyance for outsiders and in number three the kid was not able to adapt to the usual good for him and move off from the so called 'not good'….

The elders thought of gently correcting him by various means but nothing worked…. And whenever they forced him, it used to be a big drama and a long cooling off subsequently…..

The Mother observed all this for a while but soon firmed up on the timely correction required in the Little One which she allowed up to that point of time out of her own intuition which was once again for the good of the child as none could dispute on that…. That’s how the Mothers work around us….She thought of a simple final plan…. She created the imaginary Figure of the ‘Security Uncle’ around being a constant Watcher on the child's activities…. That Uncle will accept all good but where the child was not listening to the Mom, he would come up into ‘Picture!’

So at Home the action was some one pressing the Calling Bell in intervals when the child does not heed to the good advices and when outside, a member going away to physically bring the Uncle….

And it was the Perfect Fit of the Sensitive Moment and made its own Wonders….

Soon, the child whenever showed his resistance and started on his own beyond, in no time the Unknown Uncle used to be in Action…. Appearing discretely nearer and around and monitoring the child’s activities…. No doubt to say, the Little One in no time was a boy happily doing the required for his own good….

Days passed into months and then into years….

Soon the child had grown into an young boy and in a few years later into the young adult….

Yes! He would have understood at one stage during that period that the Uncle was nothing but a fictions Character going around….

But that never disturbed him, he smiled in himself on the Trick used by his Mom, had a full Respect for the Trick and all Reverence for the Mom who used it, retained the same with him safely and used it whenever he had to deal with children who refused to listen to the good beyond and wanted their own say unlimited….

A Great Gift given to him by his Mom for his own Welfare without an iota of fear instilled at that tender age to bring out a fully Grown Personality in him who could subsequently Express himself as a Man of Action in his life amidst many Crises and a Gentle and Caring Personality around for those who badly needed the required Attention in their sensitive Moments of life….

What else one needs at such a tender age to Grow and Out Grow as a Perfect Personality of Right Expressions in later part of their life?

Hats off to all the Moms in this World who are really doing such Great Service in Upholding and Maintaining a Great Social Order around us and in our Neighborhood!