Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The 'Flight' that almost took the life, out of the Man!

It was the first Flight experience for the man who all along was very much apprehensive about the safety of Flying…. "How can I simply sit for hrs together in a totally mechanized environment suspended in mid air? I just can't imagine that!" was his constant worry in that direction.... And the very fear that all might not be well with flying was ever lurking in his mind….

But soon he had to travel and there was 'No Go' there.... And as the D-day arrived, the man became more mechanical totally losing interest in everything, moved to the Airport, checked in, got into the Aircraft, sat in his seat quietly all along observing the Co-passengers around talking cheerfully and laughing in between…. In no time, the Engines were switched on, the doors were closed and the Aircraft started taxing towards the main Runway….

As the take off preparations were on, a brief was given on the safety procedures to be followed in case of emergency….The man grew further suspicious of the reliability of the Systems around while others took the message in the right spirit….

The take off phase being over, the Aircraft soon leveled with the Seat Belt lights switched off and was at its max speed.... In some time, sumptuous refreshments and drinks were served to all passengers…. The man mechanically finished his share and was silently sitting in his seat observing the rest happily eating and chit chatting….

Soon he decided to divert his attention from the fear lurking within and taking food and beverages looked as the true savior there.... Having finished his given share, he decided to ask for additional drinks and water.... And his request was promptly attended to and he was served what he asked for.... Having finished the extra too, he in a small time again requested for water and drinks.... And he was attended to again promptly....

The journey of two hours having finished, the Aircraft started descending and the landing preparations were 'ON'.... All around were silent and the cabin crew were checking the safety precautions to be followed for safe Landing…. Soon they too were asked to go to their seats as the Aircraft started hovering over the city for landing.... There were many Aircraft around to land at that point of time and so naturally there was a queue…. An announcement was made on PAS about the queue No expressing sorry to the passengers for the delay in landing stating that it was beyond the control of Airlines….

That was all….The man heard the words 'sorry', 'landing' and 'beyond control' alone not the rest as his mind all along was totally preoccupied with the safety of flying and thus got instantly tensed up.... And it was the time, the aircraft Number came up.... the Gear was down with certain sound and vibration as the Aircraft made a turn, the cabin lights were switched off and the last crew member was rushing to her seat for final landing…. The man could no more take up the tension in him…. He just stopped the very crew member happened to be the Hostess who served him earlier rushing to her seat to enquire about the fuss around but she mistook him for asking some more drinks at that point of time and thus instantly said in a bit urgency, “Sir! I am Sorry, it's all over now! Please stay back in your seat at this moment…. I have to rush to my seat!”

That was the 'ultimate moment' in the life of the man!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post, sir. I'm sure many would relate to it.

  2. Really amusing in our times!

  3. :-) enjoyed it! a very real life experience.

  4. The feeling of facing death isn't easy. Good read sir!

    1. Thanks Indrani! You touched the point very much correctly....

  5. Nice Story. Little humour there at the end.