Saturday, February 28, 2015


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  • God forever had imposed smooth chains of constraint called Work on all men and women and a few of them forever have an attitude of getting out of those chains to free themselves blissfully forgetting that thru' that very process they are actually getting into the tight clutches of a certain pain from the other end! 
  • Where Work is active, many will quarrel…. A few openly and the rest discretely as protecting self from questioning is an art ever practiced at work from days unknown! 
  • Work…. Some talk about it, some glorify it, some preach the good of it, some mentally worship it and the rest alone actually do it! 
  • Yes! There are too many comparisons at Work…. One of them is....‘I am punished, why not the other be too?’ 
  • Work…. People should seriously be into it and should keep up a smiling face while doing it…. But some take it lightly while getting into it and put up a stern face all along while doing it! 
  • The first sirens go off five minutes before the close of the Shift for preparation to leave from the day's Work, but the mind very often prepares an hr before those sirens…. And just when the sirens go off, a few would sure break the 100 m Walking Race Record for the day starting from their Desks!
  • When the Work concept is often fine tuned leaving the basics far behind, Work looks like an activity of more of interest than that required to be performed till the moment the Boss with all Authority suddenly takes away that particular Work and drives the man into another! 
  • A few minutes of rest in between the active Work truly look like a big blessing; the same without that active Work around invariably look too scary! 
  • The harshest words at Work especially for a young man are, “I don’t want you!” from the Boss…. And in that situation, even the most lovable parent too invariably shows the way out from home when such a man enters home!
  • Work….The man at the entry level sees it as a burden, the man at mid level sees it with a pride, the man at senior level sees in it an escape from routine and the man retired invariably sees at it as a Kingdom lost!


    1. wow,so many interesting aspects of work, and all so very true.

    2. Great post on how different people perceive 'Work'. The last point is so true that any working person can co-relate to it:

      The man at the entry level sees it (i.e. 'Work') as a burden.
      The man at mid level sees it with a pride.
      The man at senior level sees in it an escape from routine.
      The man retired invariably sees at it as a Kingdom lost!

      1. Thanks Vishal for leaving a good Comment on these Pages!