Tuesday, March 3, 2015


The man of mid thirties having fully qualified himself to drive was on road the very next day in his car all by himself of course sure, with a certain extra care and attention….

But, unfortunately too much of anything works against the original purpose and here too that single issue alone created a problem to his good driving as

  • Whenever he was a bit hesitant to over take the vehicle on his left with a limited clearance, the impatient drivers from behind invariably used to honk at him hard....
  • The same when repeated while turning left, the expert drivers behind used to shout at him to go....
  • A few times when he made a sincere attempt to cut through traffic for turning right, no doubt a little tough task for an Amateur, he invariably got stuck in the middle and had to take enough preaching from the other road users who equally got stuck because of him!

Rightly speaking, for a while that 'LURKING FEAR' alone had kept off the 'TRUE EXPERTISE' coming up in the man and his days thus were moving with a 'CERTAIN INEXPLICABLE UNEASINESS!'

But finally the D-day arrived…. Sure, a very Important day in the life of the man!

There was some serious problem at home and certain urgent works had to be attended to immediately.... No go, he had to move in his car, a bit faster, that too not a small distance and exactly through the middle of the City.... Yes... Really, a Testing Time for him!

  • The continuous overtaking of the left side traffic was in front…. Clearances were small between the close moving vehicles…. But no go....Had to push through…. Done once…. 'Strange? It  really happened! There was enough space.... A great wonder!' mused the man instantly….

And a fourth of his confidence too instantly got restored….

  • Soon a few left turns were to be made…. To Join the main stream…. Could not wait…. Just moved the vehicle in steps turning left simultaneously allowing a few vehicles to pass in front…. 'Yes!  It's not difficult; just a knack of driving!' he thought right at that moment....

By then, half of the confidence was already up in him….

  • Soon The dreaded right turn came up…. There was no go…. Pushed through a small distance…. A few on-coming vehicles were forced to stop… Further pushed through…. Some more vehicles stopped…. When the last one cleared and passed through in front, pushed through the remaining stretch and made a perfect right turn…. And under the very cover of his vehicle, a few on the left very easily could turn right with a thankful gesture to the bold man’s initiative…. 'Oh, God!  What's that I have done? Never imagined this really possible!' were the man's unexplained feelings then and there.... 

And exactly right at that moment, the other half confidence till then eagerly awaiting to take over instantly completed it's job in full making the jubilant man truly....



  1. I can truly relate to continuos honking from behind, but turned deaf to them to stay more concentrated :)

    1. Yes! It happens a few times in the beginning.... Thanks for the nice Comment!

  2. I have experienced the same. I did not touch my car for 3 months after someone scolded me on Bannerghatta road. One weekend i had to take the car out for some emergency and now i have completed 80K kms.

    1. Yes, Arun! We should somehow over come this small fear and the only way here is to go on to road with the vehicle single after being duly certified to drive!

  3. I can relate to this very well. :)
    Very well sequencing of thoughts.

    1. I feel that many will pass thru' this stage in their life in the beginning... But it's just a phase of learning....Thanks for the appreciation!