Friday, May 15, 2015


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Three families with their children together were out on a tour of ten days to a Picturesque Spot.... All arrangements were made for a smooth, comfortable and safe visit to the place.... A well-wisher, known to the families too was requested to accompany them for assistance and advice on the way.... Great Places, Scenic Spots, High Mountains, Rough Seas and Huge Water falls were to be visited....

All along the parents were extra careful and were checking every detail in respect of their children.... They one way or the other were constantly disciplining their children through certain questioning so that order prevailed during the visit….
  • “Is everything in order?”
  • “Did you do what I told you yesterday?”
  • “Have you taken care of that…......?”
  • "Half an hr time is given to all of you.... You should finish one round the garden and come back by........ We have to go...."
  • “I'm not seeing some of your items we brought from home.... Where did you keep them?”
  • “If you don't follow a good discipline, it's going to be a problem!”
  • “Have you read what is written in all these places?”
  • "It's not easy to come to this place once again.... Try to see all without missing anything.... It helps you a lot...."
  • “Are all of you ready to go for breakfast? You should  finish eating and be ready in 30 minutes....”
  • “The bus will not wait for you.... Be in time!”
  • “No shouting! You have to keep silence!” ETC….
In that way, half of the visit was completed.... No doubt, the children were highly disciplined, everything was in order and that truly helped the parents to manage the activities....

The well-wisher was silently observing all that disciplining for a while but at length decided to advise the parents a bit.... Accordingly on the sixth day morning, after their Breakfast when all were ready to move out, he intervened and said softly...."Dear all!  With the permission of all of you, I just wish to speak out a bit of my mind..."

All around instantly said, "Uncle!  Please do tell us.... We know you always tell the right.... No problem.... We are listening!"

The well-wisher continued, "Yeah!  All these days of our visit to this Place, you have managed the activities of our children very well and the Program went on as per the Plan.... That's really a good part of your Planning and Monitoring.... But" he paused for a while and again continued.... "I'd like to ask you one thing here.... Why have you forgotten to ask your kids some more questions too especially during such visits like these?” 

The members having been careful all along, looked at the elderly man not understanding what he was talking of….

The well-wisher smiled and said, "Dear!  You should have asked your children these questions too in addition to what you were asking them for the past 5 days....

  • Children!  How are the mountains with a number of trees around and the beautiful river flowing down in between?
  •  How do like the blue sky, with thick clouds passing so fast occasionally sending out a few drizzles? 
  • How is the sound of this huge waterfall throwing waters all round?
  • Do you like the river merging with sea at this Spot?
  • Have you noticed how beautifully the waves are rolling down towards the shore?  Do you like that sound?
  • Do you want to spend some time here?
  • Are you all happy?
  • Do you like this type of visits? 
  • Shall we come here again or go to another similar place to see all this?
  • When shall we plan our visit next time? ETC
As I noticed, these very questions were totally missing from all of you till now as you have simply forgotten the very purpose of your visit to these beautiful places with the children.... And you were only disciplining them, making them behave with your orders thus taking out the very jest of observation, expression and involvement in them instead of helping them out join Mother Nature around and communicate with Her in their own style.... And for hearing all this routine again and again, the children sure needn't have come all the way here.... Any way they are doing that at home daily, is it not?”


  1. Very nice sir :)

  2. well narrated....we often overlook things that are more important in life....the mundane seems to rule the mind.....numb the mind infact....

    1. You said it very much right, Sunaina! One should be sensitive in this approach.... Thanks for a good Comment!

  3. Beautifully written sir. We almost always never stop to smell the roses. This is a great reminder for all of us to really enjoy the present. Thank you for this wonderful post!

    1. Thanks, Vyomi! You touched the right point.... And a Right Comment on these Pages....

  4. The answers we get depend on the questions we ask. Right questions can help children to develop a proper perspective. Nice post Sir.

    1. Yes.... Somali! The Children are forever eager to find out.... And that's where their Personality partly develops.... A chance to question and right answering in time helps them a lot.... Thanks for the Comment!

  5. I always say - we must ask questions and allow healthy discussions; that's how we grow and that's how kids grow. A thought provoking read, Sir.

    1. Thank you very much for amplifying the Topic of discussion.... What you said is the 100% right way to be adapted in bringing up children.... Great Comment!