Monday, July 6, 2015


"I just do the Right.. When I thus do the Right, I need not be afraid of anything in the world as the Right forever protects me.. I advise every one of you know this well and further be doing the Right forever.. This alone ultimately gives us the True Peace in our life!" 

thus was speaking a man of thirties often to his people around him..

An elderly Well-wisher who all along was listening to the talk kept quite for a while and when he found some free time with the man, casually mentioned.. 

"Dear! I heard you many times talking on doing the Right.. No doubt, it's our primary duty to do that in all situations and nothing less should be done there.. But.." 

and saying thus he paused for a while..

"Sir! What's this 'but' here? You are such a wise man and you yourself have these 'ifs' and 'buts' here.. Strange! I never thought that you would speak like this!" 

shot back the man with a clear sign of surprise seen on his face..

"No dear! You are taking it wrong.. What I'm going to tell you here is....."

"Sir! I don't want to hear any thing on this.. I know what you will say.. And every elder man says that.. 'Be practical and see where it's possible to do that safely and where you may have to adjust..' This is what you are going to tell.. Isn't it?"

"Dear! That may be part of it but for a while be calm and listen to me here..

  • As I live thru' my life in this world, I should constantly remember that I have a physical body with me which necessarily needs to be protected through out the life else it would lead to a great pain to me.. Along with the body, my associated primary needs too require protection which are integrated with the body and in fact, the whole of it is called 'My Basic Living!' And it's ever my duty here to protect this 'My Basic Living' at any cost and then alone my doing the Right is looked at..
  • Primarily, I should not directly challenge the Powerful by my side as I live thru' with my Principles.. Where that appears a Challenge, it's better I accept that as my limitation at that point as I'm truly limited there and be doing my activities accordingly only thus never antagonizing the Powerful simultaneously doing the Right as much possible.. 
  • Here I should once again remember that even though I am into doing the Right most of the times, along with that a few times would sure be doing certain harmless mistakes of minor nature too unknowingly.. The Powerful by my side can easily magnify those small errors of mine to mountainous levels and bring out in time as the grave mistakes of mine against which I, with my limited Power can never contest for a life time.. 
  • So better I be practical as to err is human and small mistakes invariably flow in from my side quite often which of course, can really go unnoticed only when the Powerful next to me are not challenged in the process!"

To confirm what the elderly had said, Sloka 33 Chapter 3 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita was instantly heard being recited melodiously on the distant Loud Speakers with the meaning explained in parallel..

'sadrsam cestate svasyah prakrter jnanavan api
praktrim yanti bhutani nigrahah kim karisyati'

'Even a Knowledgeable Person acts according to His own Nature (and never does beyond); all living entities are controlled (compelled) by their own natures.. What can repression (control) accomplish (really do) in the situation?'


  1. That's such a powerful post here. Truly powerful. And, yet again, simple. We are but bound by our nature and limit to our perspectives. There isn't a right or wrong. But yes, as long as u know what u r doing.. ur conscience doesn't regret/or is guilty about it.. it's almost.. close to right.

    Thanks for sharing your words :) I love the simplicity!

    1. Thanks for leaving such an explanatory Comment on the Post.. I'm truly happy over this!

  2. The Geeta Sloka said that you need not to carry the burden of ego upon yourself. It isn't you are doing on your own will but compelled to do by your inherent nature. Inherent nature is defined in terms of three Gunas - Sattwa, Rajas & Tamas.

    If consider Geeta Chapter II Verse 16, in defining Right, it says: Bad has no existence and good never ceases to be, the reality of both has been acknowledged by the seekers of truth."

    In short, what happens happens for good only.

    1. You said it equally right Ravish! Interpretations vary and Srimad Bhagavd Gita concurs with all understandings.. That's truly the Greatness of this Sacred Book!