Tuesday, August 18, 2015


  • Every one knows that the 'Alarm Clock' and 'Stop Watch'  are the Prime Gadgets of Time Keepers of our life and the Boss never losing a bit of patience continuously drives the Assistants use these liberally through out their active life thus making them prosper through a good Time Management.. Which Well-wisher in our life will really do this Tiresome Task other than the close family members?
  • ‘Familiarity breeds contempt!' is the Saying and sometimes, a family too is no exception here if the situation comes up thus.. Let's feel happy that the Boss never allows this to happen so easily in the active days of our prime life! 
  • The Boss is the ‘Key Solution’ for many personal problems in life.. As the Boss takes away the Assistant from the scene, many personal problems of the Assistant get resolved automatically perfectly through the own efforts of those who anyhow would be the ultimate beneficiaries of all that.. 
  • Time is Money!’is the Precept the Assistants learn before coming to their Boss.. 'Boss is Money' is the conclusion they carry subsequent to that  for a life time.. 
  • A few Bosses go on shouting at the Assistants eternally to such a level that shouting soon makes those Assistants Experience Self denial with least effort which other wise may need years of rigorous Meditation and Penance but still not guaranteed!
  • Who else pays money and sets rights the defects of a man to the root level in this world other than the Boss?  He / she in that context, may take Work from me in return but that any how I've got to give to the world continuously if I've to live thru' my life.. 
  • Sometimes, a Boss is the Personality who promises a drop back home but drops the Assistant exactly mid way and goes right or left saying urgent work from where either the Assistant has to walk ahead to reach the destination or walk back to the original pickup point to have the usual transport and none can protest even an inch in that context there by the Assistant invariably developing the Master Skills of how to keep calm and smile in the toughest situations of life..
  • A Boss forever says.. “How can you go early?” if I'm leaving a few minutes early from the work, “Can't you wait a few minutes?” if I'm leaving on time, “You are going away so soon!” if I'm leaving after a stay of two hrs, "Welcome dear!" at this moment and "Why are you here disturbing me?" the next moment.. I agree that here, I'm continuously tossed on the frying pan but when I look back, I can see myself to be the fittest personality of my life outside!
  • All the Bosses in the field quickly form a net work and forever keep track of me on what I 'm doing bit by bit and exactly assign my position in the field as is and they never go wrong there.. Who else will take so much interest in me other than my close family members and faithful friends around me?  Sure, an important job very meticulously done!
Of course, equally an important Warning here..
  • 'Having thus understood that the Boss is an indirect Savior in life everywhere, if any Assistant at any point of time decides to go into an 'Obedient Mode' with respect to the Boss, they are very much mistaken as from the next moment, the Boss straight away makes their life surely difficult with some exceptions here and there!


  1. Bosses need to be firm but humane, Sreedhar ji. Southwest Airlines has a lovely concept here. They call it tough love!

    1. I very much agree with you Lataji.. It's just the fun part of it (posted under Humor).. Actually many times the Bosses are truly humane and always help out in a true crisis and take care of the Assistants.. Thanks for bringing out the unmentioned point to clarify further..

  2. Good read on bosses and their roles. :)