Thursday, August 27, 2015


A funny story of modern times heard by me a few years back and retold here..

"A middle aged man got fed up and could never adjust with the mixed tastes of foods of local and foreign origin served outside in the City to satisfy the taste buds of the modern younger generation acquired thru' their wide travel across the Globe.. His own kith and kin were also part of that group and beyond in a short time, developed a craving for such tastes too..

In such times, suddenly the news spread like a wild fire that a new Eatery that came up in the City was serving one of the best delicacies with a special taste and aroma developed thru' years of experimentation! The result.. Young people thronged the place in large numbers, there were long queues in front of the Eatery for a tasty bite and smelling the aroma of food served followed by lots of talk, praise etc..etc..

The gentleman too visited the place one cool evening with his children and their families rather to say was made to accompany them.. Soon they were at the Special Table with many varieties of foods spread out all round.. 

The food was served fresh and hot in sumptuous quantity, of course at relatively a high price but while eating, all praised the taste and aroma of the same saying, 

'Hmm.. Excellent, Wonderful, so tasty!' 

etc.. etc! For the first time, the gentleman too liked the food and unknowingly he said aloud to the surprise of others by his side, 'Oh! This food is really good!'

In that small Eatery, the kitchen was just a few steps away from the Dining Area with 2 Serving Personal at the counter and the Cook working behind seen well by all..

Suddenly the gentleman had a strange wish.. He was happy beyond and decided to thank the Cook for doing a good job there.. 

Accordingly, he moved to the Place while others were busy in eating, met the Cook inside and said.. 

'Thank you dear!  Even in these modern times, you could make a few of the dishes where an old timer like me too could link something to my taste buds.. This is the first time after many many days, I could relate something to my liking.. I feel really happy today!"  

The young Cook heard his praise, smiled and said, 

'Sir! Thank you very much for the praise.. But all this should go to our old Chef my Grand Father who actually is the Master Expert behind all this.. You can just meet him and convey your happiness.. Please do come with me!'  

Saying thus, the young Cook took the gentleman in where he was introduced to the aged Owner of the Eatery.. The gentleman thanked the elderly man and said, 

'It's nice to meet you! You seem to belong to my earlier generation.. Great.. I got a similar taste of delicacies of our times..'

The Old Chef smiled and said, 

'What you had eaten are the same delicacies of my younger times.. I did nothing to them except giving new names and a change to the presentation style! 

In my younger days, I used to cook these delicacies in my hotel where I was employed.. Slowly, the coming up younger generation i.e., your generation stopped liking my food and my hotel had to be closed.. Thus, I lost my value and my job.. But, I could not change myself and adapt to the new cooking.. I continued the same cooking in various small places and somehow survived.. Thus my life went on..

No doubt, subsequently my son actively got into the new cooking styles but he too became outdated in time and thus our family had a low profile for many years.. After all those years, by luck we got some money released due to a court settlement.. At once, we decided to open this small Eatery which any how was our family tradition of living and give modern youth these my old famous recipes only; that's all.. But, it just clicked! 

Today, I'm the famous Cook here, my son is the Owner and my grand son is the young Cook..  As you see now my Eatery is very special in this city with the secret actually known to our family alone!'

The gentleman thanked him again and while moving just asked, 

'You told the Truth as is.. How do you say that it's still a secret? If people come to know about this......'

The elderly Chef smiled and quipped, 

'No one goes beyond here and even if few people get doubt, they too don't bother.. They just want my food not the back ground.. That way seen it's going to be an Open Secret all the time!'"

The Post is written for the Indivine Contest as Food Tales with TinyOwl under Android and iOS links reference.

(I don't have the TinyOwl App on my phone as on date but after reading about it I'd love to have that seeing the many conveniences of it in ordering food!)

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