Tuesday, August 25, 2015


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For a while, it was the very strange behavior of 4 fingers of the right hand suddenly rising unnecessarily and feeling proud of their own limited capacities..
  • "If I simply show myself towards a man, it just means that he is nothing in life.. I've this unlimited power of straight away bringing down the dignity of a man in front of others.. To look at me straight, he is ever afraid.. You might have heard many times, people under rage saying to their opponents, 'If you again show your finger at me...........' There, he is just referring to me alone as he is so much conscious of the damage I can do in that context.. My importance forever is great!" 
thus was saying the so called index finger at the back of a vicious smile and untold pride..
  • "Yeah!  You are right.. But, you know.. Here.. I'm too not less.. I've my own unique power with me.. Whenever a man of power decides to punish the other, he just moves me a few times towards himself.. That's enough.. It straight away creates terror in the mind of the other.. Means the man opposite is simply gone.. I help such powerful people just with such a little movement.. My use thus forever stays with the rich and Powerful!" 
were the immediate reactive Comments from the middle finger..
  • "I was listening to both of you.. Yes.. All of us have a unique role here.. I may not terrorize a man but myself forever is in different Role because of my unique nature.. Any ring to be worn in Ceremonies and in day to day matters goes over me alone.. That's why I'm specially called the ring finger.. Further in some ceremonies, a type of leaf is always tied to me.. It's a unique status for me.. I'm all by myself! What do you say?" 
were the next assertions of the so called the ring finger..
  • "OK!  I too have my point here.. Don't expect me to be small and insignificant.. You don't know my importance.. Even a child makes use of me for rest room requirements and none can say 'NO' there.. And, whenever a man starts counting, I'm always in number one position.. If more counting is on hand, one counts up to first 3 on me and then only looks at you all.. My importance stays here, forever thus!" 
were the assertions of the so called even the little finger at the back of its own pride..
  • "Now.. Look at our lazy friend here by our side.. We have our own special powers but he himself has nothing but laziness with him.. Further, he proclaims forever that we are always here to do good and nothing else.. Great preachings as usual.. 
  • But worthless by himself.. Only whenever some one works hard and wins, he simply shows up to say that the best is done.. The other man struggles and this guy simply does nothing all the time except to say in the end.. 'You did it!' What's the greatness here? Any one can say that.. Really, a waste personality by our side!"
The thumb was silently listening to all that talk but was equally silent all the time and thus was humble..

The day passed care free but the next day was the day of certain activity so to say too much activity wherein the man was straight way getting attacked as the enemy laughing at him was readying to do the max damage..

"Come on!  We should not allow this any more.. Enough is enough.. The enemy is rising.. We should put him down with one firm blow.. We have to save ourselves.. OK, now listen.. All of you curl up together and be ready.." 

were the orders of the middle finger..

"Yeah! We are all ready.. Already curled up together.. But......" 

saying thus others paused for a while looking at the thumb..

"We doubt.. We can't do anything here, unless our thumb too is with us in this.. And instead of doing that if he exists as is as we curl up.. Oh!.. No.. What message is conveyed in this process? Nothing but, straight away thumbs up to the attacker.. My God! We are gone.. We have no go here.. We've got to request our friend.. Without him......"

Just then the calm looking thumb all along, coolly embraced all of them extending itself over to them with unexplained love thus firming up their single aim conveyed thru' the message.. 

"OK! Now.. Fight, End the Evil and Establish the Right!"

The Number One Sacred Message conveyed by the Great Book Srimad Bhagavad Gita from the centuries unknown! 


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    1. Thanks Indrani.. Similar to the earlier story I brought out!

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    1. Rightly said Somali.. Precisely conveyed here the same Message! Thanks for the Comment..

  3. A great message conveyed in a simple and engaging manner... :-)

  4. Well, that's how we were ruled and oppressed for so many years... hope the lesson has now been learnt for good!! :-)
    Great post Sreedhar sir... as always...

    1. Yes, Archana.. Together we should fight and try ending the evil in the world.. Single handed the same job is impossible! Thank you for leaving such a thought provoking Comment on these Pages!

  5. Great message.Well said Sir.Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Sriram & KritHiga

    1. Thanks Sriram & Krithiga.. I'm happy about that!