Saturday, October 24, 2015


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Two closest friends who were almost together from their childhood had to depart on a day to be almost permanently away from each other.. Just a few days before departing, their emotions ran high, each embraced the other tight and decided to have the best Photograph of theirs together on that occasion captured thru' the latest Digital Camera Technology.. 
  • Accordingly, they searched for well known Photo Studios in the City on the Net and selected one after seeing their ratings on the related Web Pages, explained their emotions to the Owner and requested him to take the finest Photograph of theirs together in their Studios.. 
  • Having got such a Classic Photograph, they quickly searched the Internet Web Pages and got a good Caption to the Photo which indicated the deepest Bond between them and got it written on the top of the Photo.. 
  • Further they searched for expressing their own feelings of togetherness on certain Standard Web Pages, got the best message, instantly felt to get the same written at the bottom of the Photograph where there was ample space and 
  • Finally, they registered on the Web Page for the Expert's Advice in that context who in turn asked them to add a Tail Piece to their Expression! 
The message of their togetherness bond was seen on the Photo thus..

'This Picture of Ours

  • Taken through the costliest Camera, is framed for a life time remembrance and the right Caption herein brings out the true inner feelings.... 
  • Shows invariably togetherness.. 
  • Truly depicts the lifetime smiles.. 
  • Would forever be appreciated when seen.. 
  • Would instantly bring out the old memories at gross level as soon as noticed.. 
  • May equally glow with the additional colors of surroundings.. 
  • Would stay for a generation.. and 
  • Would surely be many times commended upon!' 
  • They subsequently made 2 copies of the same and got them both framed with a Class Frame from a Standard Photo Frame Shop and each retained one such frame.. 
  • Equally it was planned to up load the Photograph on Social Network so that all friends and relations of theirs would see and appreciate the same..
One remarked, 

"My Dear!  Our bond forever is reflected through this Photograph which we both keep with us for a life time..
  • The Unique Photograph truly expresses our Friendship..  
  • Here are our phone numbers, E-mail addresses and we forever constantly would be communicating thru' these Media and thus keep up our unique togetherness for a life time.. 
  • Our smart phones forever carry this Unique Photo of ours and would be seen whenever we open our phones thus ever remembering our togetherness.. 
  • Further on our Laptops the photo of ours together with this message will appear the moment we open our Computers!  

I think this way, we are going to express the best of our togetherness for a life time!" 

The other friend instantly concurred with that with a big smile! An elderly wise man listening to that talk too, instantly remarked..

"My Dear boys! 

  • True Friendship does not lie in all these memories and other specified acts meticulously practiced thru' Digital World in each and every step of yours however great they may look.. 
  • It lies forever in one's readiness to sacrifice own for the other and this attitude prevails only when 'Love' plays major Role in your Friendship.. Such a Love between two friends forever..
  • Needs no reference for Existing, needs no briefing at any time and is forever depicted through right actions alone.. 
  • Is invariably the Togetherness and no additional expressions are needed to define 'It'.. 
  • Smiles all the time with Peace reigning in the Hearts of all.. 
  • Needs no appreciation but is ever praised upon.. 
  • When expressed, truly brings out the total of every subtlest memory gone into the sub conscious level.. 
  • Has it own unending Glow.. 
  • Is Eternal with no time limit set.. and 
  • Is just experienced; needs no additional comments! 
Tell me, presently where are you both truly in this Scenario?"