Sunday, November 1, 2015


The Little One was too active..

The Mom decided that he should be taught his Potty Training in the right time and quickly say bye to Diapers.. Surprisingly the boy never said, 'No' there and changed over from Diapers to Potty in a short time.. The Mom was very much pleased with the change at such an early age and decided to reward her boy..

She promised, 

"Dear!  You will be played daily the Cartoon movie Tom and Jerry!" on I-Pad whenever you sit on the Potty.. OK?"

The child understood nothing but in no time got attracted by the Gadget and the Bright Screen..

Later, as the movie was played, he used to finish his potty activities so nicely with a smile on his face and that had become a great habit with him..

It was Sunday Morning..

There was a long Power Shutdown for 3 hrs and the I-Pad was found dead with nil charge..

As usual the child sat on his potty and was looking at his Mom to play his favorite Movie.. Suddenly the Mom understood that she got into a fix not knowing how to amuse the child immediately..

She said, 

"Dear! Complete your Potty.. Then we'll play your Tom and Jerry.."

The boy never understood what she said but started a big cry showing at I-Pad

"That One.. That One.."

The Mom was helpless for a while and the whole activity of Emptying came to an instant halt!

But God sends help in the right time to those who truly love Him in their Hearts..

Her two Little Nephews who heard the cry of the Boy rushed to the place instantly and enquired their Mousi what had happened.. The Mom just explained the elder boy the Problem.. He instantly understood the Little One's demand and his Mousi's problem..

The next moment he said, 

"Mousi.. Take out the I-Pad.. Myself and Rahul will play Tom and Jerry in front of our Cutie!" 

Saying thus he called his younger bro and asked him to become Jerry in action himself assuming the Role of Tom..

Further, he turned to the Little One said, 

"Cutie! Now I'm Tom and Rahul is Jerry.. Look.. He's running and am chasing him.. Start.. 1.. 2..3.. Go.."

Thus the next moment, the Great Drama started just like that in front of the boy in the same place..

The Tom jumping ferociously and charging at Jerry and the Jerry tricking the Tom, escaping and running in the Static Positions..

It so happened that there both the kids played the drama so well all along shouting, jumping, crying and screaming to the extremes in no time, the Cute Little Boy got amused beyond with that Realistic Play and burst into a loud laughter saying aloud.. "Again.. Again.. Again.. " continuously..

The next moment to the relief of the Mom, the Great Task was successfully completed by her Little Boy, she instantly simultaneously clapping hard and praising aloud the 3 Kids together.. 

"Well Done!"


  1. Ha ha such a cute story. The two little boys deserve a pat on their back.

    1. Thanks Indrani.. You said it very much right.. The Little Ones forever are creative in their own way!

  2. Nice one:) kids now a days are very smart..very nice of the nephews

    1. Yes, Arun.. Kids forever come out with innovative ideas which are truly original.. Thanks for the Comment!

  3. Nice one:) kids now a days are very smart..very nice of the nephews

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    1. Thanks Archana.. Happy to know that the Post keeps Readers inspired!

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    1. Thank you very much for such a nice Comment.. Love the same!

  6. This is such a cute story. It brought a huge smile on my face :)

    1. Thanks Purba.. Happy to know that the story kept you smiling!