Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Before getting into the process of making use of it, let me first ponder over for a minute on what the Great Saint had said once upon a time in respect all the wealth with a person..

He took out a handful gold in one hand and handful of sand in the other, walked down to the Sacred Ganges River, threw both of them simultaneously with equal force into the waters in front and declared to the World, "Both are equal to me!"

That's the exact value the Great Philosopher had given to Gold which otherwise is so much valued in the world..

When a Great Man says something, there's an Absolute Truth in that and here too the value of Gold which is indirectly the value of money with me in this world is ultimately that alone..

But being myself a mundane personality in this world, that Original Truth may be far reaching to me immediately and in it's place the Relative Truth known to me is that my monies have a certain value for me and I should never be delinquent or negligent in its use but with a tail piece added there forever that..

  • Monies acquired in the right way either with my sweating out hard thru' my work or 
  • Got thru' the acquisition of ancestral properties or 
  • Small amounts in the form of winning thru' luck where in many collectively happily contribute their small might together to make a sizable amount that can come to me..

Alone.. And a Million Dollar can never fall in any one of the above categories as 

  • By this time I know my true worth in this world and my earnings based on my capabilities are ever limited, 
  • My ancestors are not really so rich and further whatever comes to me suddenly as huge money is already a part of my culture and so such monies are never seen as sudden monies on hand that can be spent away..
  • It ultimately means that in such a scenario, a million dollar bounty is sure an unethical money acquired which is nothing but the sum total of sweating of tens of thousands and some times lakhs of humble individuals around me.. 

Such monies at any time ever belong to those tens of thousands or lakhs of people alone.. It's just their own and no one's else..

So if I'm given this bounty, my immediate job forever is to see that the same is given back to these very owners in an approved way..i.e 

Donating to the Right Charity without an exception and nothing less of it at any time!

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  1. Super Sir. That was so generous of you. Nicely written.

    1. Thanks Arun.. All monies are sacred.. And these sacred monies are never, never from easy paths.. If so, they are sure the tainted ones alone!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jose.. A few thoughts in this direction!